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#2116 christmas texts competition

Posted by mogiks on 18 December 2013 - 12:12 PM

Hero name: ellax

Server: US1


And my entry:

Christmas Eve: for the first time all year, the Dark Wing team room was quiet. Most of the members had returned to their families for the holiday. Sadly, one person had to stay behind to deter others from attacking, and on that day that sorry duty fell to me, Ellax. I lounged disconsolately in one of the chairs, watching my feline sidekick destroy some Hasselhoff records. Without meaning to I began to doze off.

The emergency siren jarred me awake. Red alert! I jumped up and dashed to the console; the screens before me flickered on and I was confronted with the distressed face of the mayor of Yollywood, Patrick Moss. "Ellax! Thank god someone's still there. I feared everyone would be gone for Christmas!"

"Mayor, what's happened?!"

"The Grinch has kidnapped Noelle Claus, Santa's daughter! My son Chris is distraught. Their wedding was supposed to be today! And now Santa has shut down all his toy factories and ordered all the elves and reindeer to look for his daughter. If we don't find her soon, Christmas will be cancelled!"

I noted how panicked he looked. "Mayor, don't worry," I said firmly. "I assure you everything will be alright. Leave it to me!"

20 minutes of research on the internet was all it took; these days even villains leave a trail online! "Come on, Apollo!" I said as I ran to grab my cape. My sidekick leapt eagerly to my side. "Let's go save Christmas!!"  

Within ten minutes we had reached Chez Pierre, an abandoned French restaurant on the edge of Yollywood. I now knew that this was where Noelle and the Grinch had their first date when they were teenagers! Once I had found out they'd dated, it was quite simple to deduce the Grinch's plan. Of course stopping his old love from marrying the mayor's son was his primary motive; ruining Christmas was just the icing on the cake!

After surveying the room below, Apollo and I burst through the skylight and in the ensuing confusion Apollo jumped onto the Grinch's face to block his vision while I restrained him and tied him up.  That done, I went over to release Noelle Claus, who had been gagged and tied to a chair in a corner of the room. "Are you okay?"

"I'm fine!" she said, glaring at the Grinch with hatred. "He didn't hurt me. But am I too late for the wedding?"

"Not at all. There's a car waiting to take you there outside. Go on," I said, smiling as I donned a pair of shades. "Marry Chris Moss."

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#2118 christmas texts competition

Posted by UDareUTake on 18 December 2013 - 02:38 PM

Hero : UDareUTake

Server : US1


Ancient history speaks of a great battle between the masked hero and the powerful Grinch Lord-Otila.


Otila was born in the Royal Grinch Family. In his younger days he was cast out of the family during christmas due to his inability to communicate with people and the bad habit of making rude remarks at his father the king, because of his inability to communicate properly, he was made fun by people wherever he goes, he swore to himself that he will seek revenge one day.


Days and months went past, the anger and rage within him grew stronger.


One fateful night, summoned from the pure hatred from Otila’s mind, an ancient Grinch Gowa appeared. Gowa saw the darkness in Otila and decided to help him and gave him the Dark robe of chaos. The Dark robe of chaos will transform to the owner’s most hated item and give him power of darkness, the stronger the hatred, the more powerful the robe will become.


Otila wore the Dark Robe of chaos and as Christmas is the most hated day of his life, it instantly transformed into a Santa’s outfit, giving Otila a tremendous amount of power.


With his new found power, Otila wrecked havoc  across the land, breaking apart families and destroying homes. He began his iron-fist rule on the land and on every Christmas, he will begin his rampage all over again. For years to come, Christmas became a nightmare for all, that is until the masked hero appeared.


Little is known about the masked hero, except that he was raised by the ancient mountain dragon, hailed the “Dark Wing”, due to the dark shadows it cast from its gigantic wings when flying across the land.


The masked hero travelled the lands and rallied warriors  to stand up against Otila.


On Christmas Eve, he launched an attack into Otila’s Castle, the Masked hero and the warriors made short work of Otila’s henchmen, and quickly arrived into Otila’s Chamber.


A great battle erupted between them, the fight went on for hours and finally in the end, Otila is defeated.  But before Otila can be destroyed, he cast a curse onto himself, breaking his soul into a million pieces. He screamed “ I will return to seek revenge every Christmas, One will fall but more will rise! Mark my words.. I will be back!!! ….” With that, Otila vanished, and the masked hero and the warriors claimed victory.


Knowing that Otila will return, they later form a brotherhood which is now known as Dark Wing, to protect the land from all evil, and prevent Otila from ever destroying Christmas again.


It was later revealed that the masked hero was a small boy who had his family and home destroyed by Otila many years ago, and his name was UDareUTake.


The End

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#8227 Garage Interview #11 With Dingelberry

Posted by King of Thieves on 06 September 2015 - 01:56 AM

King of Thieves:

Welcome ladies and gentlemen, to another episode of Garage Interviews Live! I'm your host, King of Thieves, here today with a special guest, and a long time hero we all know. Everyone please give a warm round of applause for the prolific Dingleberry!


(Loud Applause) 



Welcome to the show Dingleberry!



Thanks for having me.


King of Thieves:

Thank you for stopping by. I know your schedule is usually very full, so we appreciate your being able to take time out of your busy schedule to join us.


Can you tell us what servers you currently fight crime on?



I actually play on all 3 US servers! Started on US 2 to fight crime like 2 years ago


King of Thieves:

2 years? Wow! That's a long time! I imagine you've met a lot of people along the way.


Can you tell us about some of the friendships you've developed over those 2 years?



Yes, that is what I like about this game... you meet people from all over the world! Some of them are friends on social media websites. too! lol


King of Thieves:

Yes, I know what you mean. When you have around 30 members on just your team alone, it's hard not to get to know some of them. Believe me, I've tried.  :D


Can you tell us about some of the ones you've gotten to know that you particularly admire?



Hmmmm, I have gotten to know a few on my team on US3, and it's just, like, you know them forever, talk about everything, care about them like its your own family! We have so many different characters on there, it is just fun.


King of Thieves:

I know what you mean. With 30 spots on a team, personalities are varied beyond belief,...... except on that Multiple Man's team....... Talk about clone city!


So, what do you like to do when you're not fighting crime? Any hobbies? Favorite places to go? Perhaps a special lady friend? Maybe some kids?



Well besides work, I do spend a lot of time with my daughter and my little boy (terrible 2s... fun).  (lol) We do like to hang out by the pool in the summer, and the beach as well.


King of Thieves:

Ah yes. The terrible 2's. I feel your pain. My dad used to tell me insanity is hereditary. You catch it from your kids.



I think that's where I got all my grey hair from! haha


King of Thieves:

LOL. Yes, I started naming mine. They are all named after my son.


We need to take a short commercial break for our sponsors, but stay tuned. We'll be right back, with more from the illustrious Dingelberry!



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King of Thieves:

Welcome back, everyone. We're here with the leader of Silver Knights, Dingelberry! Give it up, everyone!
(Loud applause) 


Dingelberry, as veteran players, we often take newer players under our wings. Do you have any special advice for newer players? Anything that could serve to make them better heroes, or in some cases, maybe even villains?  ;)



Hero or Villain, just make sure to do all your training every day. Yes, it sounds boring, but it is very important and also use your coin wisely and buy skill points!


King of Thieves:

Yes, that's good advice. Growth is definitely the key to victory.


Speaking of new players, can you tell us any fun or humorous stories from when you 1st started as a hero? Any good anecdotes that stand out in your mind?



Well, I only know that when I started, I had no idea what I was doing! I don't know what questions I asked but I'm pretty sure some of them were pretty stupid! Lol! Good thing I had Veteran players who were very patient, and they sure helped me a lot! So, to me there is nothing like a stupid question anymore. My team mates can ask whatever they want and if I don't have the answer I am sure someone on the team does! Sometimes I do get mail from players on other teams too, and I am more than happy to help them!


King of Thieves:

No mail bombs or anthrax I hope.  :P I know how those can be. I get them all the time!  :D


Can you tell us more about your teams? I see you recently got promoted to leader on one of them.



On US1 I play for team Wolfgang (Hello, Jeffrey) and I am advisor there! On US2, I play for the mighty Silver Knights, and yes, they took me in and made me their leader after seeing what success we have had on US3!




King of Thieves:

You can't argue with success! My family's still arguing with me though. Mostly over when I'm going to be successful.....  :S


Speaking of successes, can you tell us about your greatest achievement in HZ?



Well, the biggest success so far is that we currently hold 3rd in the team rankings on US3. I couldn't have done it without those awesome team mates. Personally, I set myself different goals each week, like this week I am planning to go for top 10 in honor on each server! I do set myself different goals every week like reaching 100k in honor and, and, and......


the next one would be reaching 100 Million in coins, but I might be not patient enough for that! hah!


King of Thieves:

I know what you mean. Money burns a hole in my pockets too. Brings new meaning to pants on fire.

That actually answers my next question about any future goals. So we can throw that note card away. Thanks for that. You're making my job harder. You can forget about that all you can eat buffet I offered to take you too after the show.


Let's see here...... What do you like most about crime fighting in Humphreydale?



That would be wearing a tight spandex suit.....Ooops. Did I say that out loud??? lol. No. It is most likely the people I play with, the fun chat we have, and also I do like to eat donuts. Lots of them! lol


King of Thieves:

Yes. Mmmmm.....Donuts..... Sorry. Was having a Homer moment.


Are there any team mates or other players you especially admire? If so, why is that?



Yes! I admire our Australian Super Hero Viv. She is just a lovely person to talk to. Grub is one of them as well. He's a super funny dude who likes Britney Spears. KateTheKilla, RockingJane, Matt4 for the knucklehead he is .....Too many to name. Everyone is just amazing in a different way.




King of Thieves:

As you know, there's a fairly new aspect to heroism in Humphreydale called League. Tell us, is there anything in particular you like about this new experience?



Well, I do like league, but i think it has room to improve! After you reach champion status there is actually not a lot to do anymore! So, I hope there will be a weekly tournament for league or something like that in the future, to mix things up a little bit


King of Thieves:

I feel your pain. You stated that you are in Champion League already. Do you have any tips or tricks, for our viewers who haven't reached that level yet, on how to climb that ladder?



Well, if you are lower level, it can be tough to get up to champions! So, my advice is that, if you come across a team mate, ask him or her, nicely, if they could give you a win! I do that with my team mates as well. If you get me in league, hit me up and I am happy to help! It just takes time. So be patient if you are a new player! Rewards can be pretty decent too! So don't get to frustrated.


King of Thieves:

Yes. That seems to be a regular strategy of most. Have those with extra points to spare, let you catch them with their pants down..... literally.... Kinda creepy actually.


"Can you help me out with some league points?"


"Can you take your clothes off first?"

"Uh..... I don't really like you like that......"



Ha ha! That's exactly how it works! Could you please undress for me?? Well... buy me at least a drink first . Geez!



King of Thieves:

:D As one of the more well known and successful heroes around, can you tell our viewers who might wish to emulate you, what is the secret to your success?



Fun. Have fun. That is the #1 thing!  Also, take your time to build your little guy or girl! Sure, there will be a point where you get bored. So set yourself new goals every week! I do that lately and I have more fun than I had before! It keeps the game more interesting!


King of Thieves:

Speaking of goals, many heroes long to be in a top ten team. How does it feel being the leader of a top team? Is it an easy task?



It can be frustrating at times, but it is a fun task to run a team with such awesome, dedicated players! I am actually honored to call myself leader of 2 great teams on those servers!


King of Thieves:

I can't imagine. I have a hard enough time just keeping one group of hoodlums in line. You know who you are..... 


If you don't mind, can you name up to three players next to the following descriptions? Best players, opponents you respect the most, and favorite forum members.



Excrucio is probably one of the strongest I have come across, in my time as a Hero. Kristat is a great hero on all 3 servers.


Respect the most.....Hmmmm..............


That's a good one.


Ok....... Respect the most......  I'd have to say TunaDark.


Forums..........  That would be Priscilla. She is funny.


King of Thieves:

Well, we're just about out of time. We have just enough for one final question. Can you describe HZ in just 3 words?



Absolutely awesome fun!


King of Thieves:

I absolutely agree with you. That's awesome. Well, this was a really fun interview. Please come back and visit us sometime.



Again, thank you for having me. Time to put my spandex back on and save the world!


King of Thieves:

Thanks again for joining us. I'll let you get back to fighting villains and bad guys. Besides, I'm sure I've stalled you long enough for my team to pull off that bank heist and make their get away, by now. Up, up and away! And there he goes, folks! Everyone give a round of applause to our guest, Dingleberry!


(Loud Applause)


Join us next month for another edition of Garage Interviews Live. Same bat time. Same bat channel! You all have a good night. Until next time, this is King of Thieves, signing off.



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#7751 Garage Interview #10 with Windwalker

Posted by King of Thieves on 01 August 2015 - 08:19 AM


Welcome to the show, everyone. This is Garage Interviews Live, and I'm your host, King of Thieves. Our guest today is someone everyone has heard of and many of you have been asking to appear on the show. Everyone please give a huge, welcoming round of applause for everyone's hero, the infamous WINDWALKER!   (y) 





(Loud applause)


Welcome to the show, Windwalker. You seem to be pretty popular with our viewing audience, so thank you for stopping by. How are you doing today, and can you tell our audience what servers you play on?



Nowadays I'm mainly on Us3, but I began playing HZ on US2 Feb. 2014. My character there is basically retired now, so that I can concentrate more on leading my team in US3.


I'm great by the way....



Glad to hear. 


Can you tell us how you started your career as a hero in our great town of Humphreydale?



HZ just came up as a recommended game on my fb on my feed and I was looking for something new to play so I checked it out and have been playing since.





Do you have any interesting stories from your first days as a crime fighter, back when you were still a rookie?



Nothing really interesting, I just fell in love with the game right away, worked hard on my character and was fortunate enough to have a top 10 team notice the hard work I was putting in fairly quickly. I had only been on one other team before being invited to this team, which is something I don't think many other "noobs" can say. Once on the team, I was taken under one of the advisers wings and learned a great deal, so I was very fortunate and it's one of the reasons I'm as good as I am today.



Impressive to be snatched up by a top team so quickly. I can certainly see how such good fortune could take you so far.


That said, can you tell us what, in your opinion, is your greatest achievement thus far as a crime fighter?



Oh my! I don't think I could name just one. I have done so many things that I would never have thought possible when I 1st started. I never could have even dreamed of being a leader of my own team, yet now, here I am just a year and a half later doing exactly that. Being the highest level overall in US3, being #1 in experience and honor tournies many different times, and the list goes on. I must say though that if I had to pick one I guess it would be becoming leader, because it was just given to me unexpectedly when the previous leader decided to retire, and at 1st I didn't know if I would flop. Now, with the help of a great team of advisers and a lot of hardworking team members, I have lots of confidence and no fear in leading what I consider the best team in US3!





Well said. I couldn't agree more.


Are there any heroes you admire, who's example perhaps helped shape the hero you are today?



Some of the Heroes I admire would be KKJN, PiturcaJr., Xandernighthawk, LeapingLizard, ErmaEmpath, and yourself (FumaHanzo) from US2. I also admire Texasred, Priscilla, Polsol, Shockwave, and a few others from US3 for all their hard work and commitment. Not only that, but most of these heroes have no problem going above and beyond and are willing to give advice or a helping hand to others whenever needed.



Wow! Thank you very much. I'll take that as a compliment of the highest order coming from you. Hold on a second. Give me a moment to compose myself. I think I'm blushing a little.



You deserve it! Not easy taking a new team and making it number one in an established server in what? 6 months or so?


I'll be looking for that check in my mailbox in the coming weeks.  ;)



Well, you might be looking for a long time. But enough about me. I already had my interview. I think our audience really want to hear about you.


So, can you tell us a bit about yourself? What does our hero, Windwalker, like to do when he isn't running about saving the day? Any hobbies? Maybe a love interest? I'm sure all the ladies want to know if their hero is available.



I enjoy reading, playing cards, and watching movies. I have a 15 year old daughter who also keeps me busy. I was single up until recently and actually found the girl of my dreams right here in HZ. So, sorry ladies, unfortunately you'll have to find yourself another hero.



Wow! Hero and heroine romance! I'm sure hearts are breaking all across the country right now, especially after hearing about what a loving father you are. Sorry ladies. But if it's any consolation, I do know a villain who's free.  


Do you have any tips for rookie heroes; any advice that can help them be the best crime fighters they can be?



My advice is to work hard, do all your training and as much energy as you can everyday. Try to find yourself a good team and STICK WITH IT! Don't be a team hopper. Also, try to find someone willing to help you and guide you. Having someone to help you can make a big difference. I know it did for me. Don't waste coins on clothes and items so much, but use them on buying stat points instead. In the beginning any items you buy are useless within a day, whereas the stat points are there permanently.



That really is good advice, especially in this fashion conscious world today. We have a whole show called "Super Fashions" geared only to that. Whoever the producer of that show is should really be ashamed of himself. 


I've noticed all the veteran players keep a sidekick around. Batman has Robin. Captain America has Bucky. Superman has..... Wait..... Who wrote my note cards?  Nevermind about Superman. Who's your favorite sidekick and what's your favorite skill they use? 



Ahh! Here we go again with the favorites. Once again, I don't think I can't pick just one. It also doesn't help that I have 1 SK for duels and missions, but then I have another just for team battles. My top 3 favorite SK's are Slimer, The Minion, and The Wolf. (The newest one.) As far as favorite moves, I am partial to Cheating Death on my duel/mission SK. I think that most people would agree that it's a game changer at times. As far as my fight SK for when I'm fighting other teams, Cockered Up and 2 are better than 1 are pretty much a tie for me. If I absolutely HAD to pick between 1 or the other it would be Cockered Up. Having the trophy minus points reduced by 15% is HUGE when your team has 5 trophies.





We have to take a short commercial break and then we'll be right back with our guest, the infamous Windwalker, everyone!




Tonight's Garage Interviews Live is brought to you by:




Play Now @  http://www.operationxgame.com/




Welcome back, everyone. This is Garage Interviews Live. I'm your host, King of Thieves, here with our special guest, the one, the only, Windwalker!





As you know, League battles have fairly recently been added to the "things to do list" about town. I was wondering, what do you like most about this new aspect of crime fighting?



I love the basic skills boost of course, but I also enjoy all the coins I get from each individual fight.



More coin is always a good thing. I know I like a pocket full of cash.


Do you have any advice for our viewers on how to climb the ladder, so to speak, when it comes to League battles?



I am currently in 1st and don't really see any major benefit other than bragging rights for it, so when I see a team member who is lower and needs help rising in the league I will usually strip down and give them league points so they can enjoy the benefits of being in the champion league also.





Ah! Ever the selfless hero, always willing to help those in need! What a guy! 


Can you name up to 3 players for each of the following categories?


a ) Based solely on their ability, which heroes do you think are the best.


b ) Which opponents do you respect the most.


c ) Who are your favorite forum members, if you're following the forums. Because you ARE following the forums, right?



A.) Operation Redwings, Gar, Shockwave


B.) PolSol, Danny13, Priscilla


C.) King of Thieves (I swear I'm not just trying to suck up!), Priscilla, and Leaping Lizard



HA! HA!  (lol)  I'll have that bribe money for you after the show.


Everyone knows you're one of the best heroes in HZ. Would you care to share with us the secret of your success?



Not much of a secret. It's lots of hard work, doing training and energy everyday, but it's also having a great team that also works hard and does what is asked of them. Without that we wouldn't hold the trophies that I use to help get me where I am.



Speaking of teams, your team is one of the top teams around. Can you tell us a little about what it's like leading such a great group of heroes?



Absolutely AWESOME!! I couldn't ask for a better team of advisers and heroes!! Like I said earlier, when I 1st took over this team, I was just kind of thrown into it and had no clue what I was doing, but with the help of my advisers and some veteran players, I have learned a lot and couldn't imagine leading any other team. We are now like a well-oiled machine. All I need to do is simply ask and this team knows what it needs to do. They are all awesome and I couldn't ask for a better group of heroes!





Always good to have a good group of people behind you.


Can you sum up Hero Zero in 3 words for our audience?



Again with the limitations....lol!



Sorry. The producers tell me our sponsors afford us only so much time per show. Otherwise, it would start cutting into my paycheck. Hold on a second..... The producers just informed me I'm not getting paid. Wait. Wha? That can't be right!  And they call me the villain?   :S 


Anyway, back to the question. 



If I must keep it to 3 words, I guess it would be, "Lots of Fun!!!"



That's definitely better than, "Who's paying me?"   :huh: 


Lastly, Hero Zero is known for making lasting friendships. Can you tell us about some of the ones you've made here and what they mean to you?



I've made friends not only with members of my team, but also members of other teams. It's actually what keeps this game fun and exciting for me, because I will transfer leadership and go visiting those teams. Danny13 from Fuzzy Gummies is one of the teams that not only I, but Operationredwings, and KirktheJerk like to stop in and visit now and then. We are welcomed there with open arms and always have a good time. Speaking of Kirk and Operation, they are 2 of the people on my team that I have established great relationships with, and I am grateful to HZ for that. There are also others that I would consider calling friends, but the list would be kind of long and my fingers would cramp.



I can certainly understand that. Not to mention, I imagine fighting bad guys would be kind of tough with cramped hands.


Again, thanks so much for stopping in and sharing a bit of yourself with us Windwalker. It was truly a pleasure.



Pleasure was all mine! I can check another box off on my bucket list!  :)



I'm glad we could help you out with that. There's donuts in the back if you're hungry. I think they're strawberry frosting. I know these shows can get long sometimes. Also, I'll meet you in the parking lot once I'm through wrapping things up with the producers. That way I can give you that bribe money we discussed before the show for making me look good. So don't take off before I get out there.



Great! I love the strawberry ones.


I gotta admit for a villain you seem to be pretty honorable in paying your debts.



You haven't seen how small your check is yet.   ;) 


Everyone, give it up for Windwalker!



(Loud applause)


Well, that's all the time we have for today's show, folks. Be sure to return next month when we interview another great hero from HZ! Same Bat Time. Same Bat Channel!


This is King of Thieves signing off!



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#2122 christmas texts competition

Posted by LOGGEDin on 19 December 2013 - 06:17 PM

Hero name: LOGGEDin

Server: US1



"Meh, just another month without any holiday lying ahead of us", I thought to myself as I ripped off the November sheet of my calendar.

But suddenly a picture flahed before my eyes - a fir tree with strange ornaments on it. Shiny, coloured glass balls, bent sticks with red and white lines, and thin stripes of metallic foil, accompanied by stars that looked like being made of straw, and wooden figurines with bird wings playing on strange flutes. There also were burning candles on every twig, giving the tree a homely glow.

Over all it looked very festive, but I had no idea where this image came from, because I was sure I had never seen anything like that before. So I didn't really pay much attention to it and went on with preparing Yoyodyne's annual financial statements over the next few weeks.

But then, on December 19th, I found some strange expenses. "Candy canes". "Spices for hot wine". "Gingerbread". "Speculoos". I didn't know what to make out of that, so I tried to find background info on who bought these, when, and for which department. It seemed as if everything lead to one well hidden section on the Yoyodyne servers, and it was password protected.

 - You are not logged in -   I was told when I tried opening it.

"Don't be silly, system, of course I am! I'm the one and only LOGGEDin there is!", I screamed out in anger, waving around my ID in front of the webcam.

Suddenly, the folders opened. I couldn't believe what I found: Yoyodyne had erased a whole festive season called Christmas out of everyone's memory! I can't explain how they did it, but obviously they wanted to keep the merriment to a small circle of selected important persons.

I couldn't let that go on!

Luckily, everything anyone could need for preparing a christmassy home was right at hand - recipes, crafting instructions, pictures, stories, even music! I simply packed all the data from the hidden folders into one big self executing file and put it in every Yoyodyne employee's account, so they would find it right in the morning when starting their computer.

And this is how I saved christmas(.exe) for everyone.

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#9540 Swarm aka Donut Hogs

Posted by Mommy on 04 January 2016 - 05:52 AM

Hello HZ Gang, :) 


Let me start with a bit about my personal thoughts on HZ:


Although I am incredibly active and enjoy playing aggressively, I see this fighting strategy game as exactly that... a strategic fighting game lol. That means I do not get upset when people attack me (its a fighting game) and I quite literally congratulate those who out-wit me (its a strategy game). I am a cheerful player :) lol I have been known to send apology letters to the people I farm, and I have even helped people who are not on my team, simply because they were "close" and needed a boost (shhh dont tell Swarm haha ). However, mostly, I enjoy the fun that I have with my teammates. 


I am an active Swarm member, but I also have many chatty friends in various other teams. I have been told that we have been dubbed, "donut hogs" because of our top 10 honor placements over the last few months. I must admit that I laughed and I will not deny that there was a small zing of pride racing through me at the thought of being noticed.


However, I do want to apologize if any players are personally offended by this. Let me explain a bit...


As many other teams know, it is no easy matter to get players into the top 10 ranks AND stay there throughout the week. This is very much a group effort. The strategy of losing/gaining honor is no secret. Helping out a teammate by giving them honor is also not a new strategy lol. What we are doing is neither cheating nor selfish. On the contrary, what we are doing is actually a lot of work and a whole lot of teamwork.


Some people see us as being selfish, but I see it as simply playing the game. Hero Zero offers a weekly contest. So each week we work really hard to help each other out. Many of our players give up their own chances of winning to help out a teammate. That is definitely not selfish. Many of our team members communicate all week long, working out the math, and coming up with new ways of helping our teammates to gain. From our point of view, we are simply playing the game by the rules that were created. The only reason we end up with so many players in the tournaments is because we work hard for it as a team. We are not trying to take away your donuts. We are trying to help our friends. To be fair, doesn't it make more sense to help out your teammate than it does to help out non teammates? lol Seriously, think about it for a minute. lol Its not personal. Its just fun.


This post is not meant to sound angry or boastful! On the contrary, I am trying to point out that we have no secret strategy. We have no secret stash of unlimited donuts. We dont have evil plans to dominate the server. lol We do NOT think we are better than anyone. We dont want to take donuts away from anyone. We simply have a team that communicates and works together and we have more fun competing in the weekly honor tournament than we do in the team rankings. I even congratulate other teams for their accomplishments (many of you can attest to this). 


And one more thing that helps... we really do like each other. We strive to be a team of friends. I suppose that could be our secret weapon! :)


Feel free to comment on this. I am not trying to stir up trouble :)  I really am just trying to share my point of view :)




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#4242 Your christmas tree

Posted by RemyEtienneLeBeau on 16 December 2014 - 11:51 AM

Here it is...



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#18183 Garage Interview #20 with EzrealStorm

Posted by LevelHunter on 07 November 2017 - 08:19 PM

This week I found one of our promising youngsters: EzrealStorm in his swimming suit 
Why did you choose this nickname for your hero?
Few years ago a friend started calling me Storm for some reason and it stuck with me so I named my hero out of a character from a video game named “Ezreal“ who was my favorite and then just added Storm at the end  :P 
On which servers do you play? 
I play on all 3 US servers but I spend most of my time in US2 
How did you discover the HeroZero-game?
I discovered HeroZero through friends when I was in middle school because everyone in my school would be playing and they lured me to it a few years ago. 
How long do you already fight for justice at HeroZero? 
I’ve been playing in US2 for over 1 year but I was playing in GR servers when I was in middle school. So I’d say a few years. 
Do you still remember the first days as a newbee in Hero Zero?  Do you have some tips for beginners?
Oh god… Yes I remember them very well unfortunately  :D I remember how I would never do training and ignore it completely.. Do your training people! 
What is your favorite skill-distribution?
I like dodging everyone so intuition is my favorite skill.
What is your favorite sidekick? Do you give them names? and what sidekick-skills do you prefer?
My favorite sidekick is Paul the fish, I love giving them names. Every sidekick of mine that I use has a name that means something. I LOVE giving my sidekicks Rainbow glitter power, Horribly glib and of course. Swift fins. 
How often do you visit the forum? 
Every day when I come online to save the world I take a glance at it. 
What do you like most in game? Do you have any specific goals in the game?
I love how I get to make friends all the time in this game, it is really what makes the game really fun. One of my goals is to get a blue stat which is 20.000 + in 1 skill! 
What does your team mean to you in HeroZero? You are advisor at Solo Hog on US3 and Dark Mayhem in US2. 
My team means everything. I love them in both servers. Everyone is playing as a group and we all help each other which I think is what makes a team very loved and we always have very cool chats  
Have you made friends here? And what do you like about them? 
I’ve made a lot of friends in this game. I love how I can keep on making more and how we all play together every day. (Shout out to Allthingsnice) 
Are there any opponents you respect? 
Yes, I respect everyone. Even my worst enemy, one of my favorite opponents is FaithfulAizen the cat lady that I talk to everyday.
Is there any special moment in your career as a hero you would like to share with us? 
Oh yes. The time I reached Superhero league, it made me really happy, 2/10/17! 
What do you think about HeroCon? Did it improve teamwork? And what is your opinion about the Hideout?
I think HeroCon got all the members of teams closer together and made them work together to achieve a goal which is very fun and amazing. The hideout is my specialty, It’s one of my favorite things about the game. After all the updates we had about it I think it finally is perfect. 
I’m sure you've fought against a Villain... what was your best finishing position?
Rank: 1 and I’ve gotten last hit multiple times! 
Do you want to talk a bit about the life you lead when you're not being a Hero? Maybe about hobbys, family?
I am a high school student who moved to Canada from Greece 2 years ago and loves playing all sports and herozero, my family is very small but hardworking, I have an older brother who is in college right now.
Thanks for your insights Ezreal, this is LevelHunter signing off.
~ originally made by SabiLilli

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#9320 Patch notes 2015-12-15

Posted by Regnor on 15 December 2015 - 07:05 AM

The following changes were deployed today (2015-12-15):
New Features
Heroic deeds
• 204 new heroic deeds have been added to the game.
• League heroic deeds have been added to the heroic deed overview.
• The exclamation mark on the heroic deed note block does not flash anymore, if you have looked at a completed heroic deed, but haven't collected the reward yet.


• All heroes who reached at least level 50 are now able to multitask.
• Multitasking allows you to do missions, training and special missions at the same time.
• Once unlocked, alll heroes can try out the multitasking feature 5 days for free.
• All heroes, who have reached at least level 50 on the day of the implementation of the feature, get an additional tryout day for every 10th level they reached after level 50.
• After the free days run out, the multitasking feature can either be renewed for 9 donuts for 7 days, or it can be unlocked permanently for 99 donuts.


• Several small improvements have been applied.


• The member list of a team can now be sorted by coin donations.
• Emoticons can now be deactivated in the team chat.


The whole Hero Zero and Playata team wishes you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. Stay heroic during the turn of the year and enjoy your time!

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#7009 Garage Interview # 9 With Fuma Hanzo

Posted by Jagan on 04 July 2015 - 12:47 PM

Today we meet with a self-professed villain.  Most of our heroes try to do good but Fuma’s motivations may not be so altruistic.
Hi how are you, today Fuma? Can you start by giving us your user name and the servers you play on?
Good day, Jagan! I'm doing well, all things considered. Sorry I was late to this interview. I had to escape some kidnappers first. It was terrible. They had me in handcuffs in the back of their car with funny red and blue lights on the top. I'm ok now though. You wouldn't happen to have a lock pick, would you? No? Dang it. To answer your question, most know me as Fuma Hanzo, but I have a nearly unlimited supply of aliases. I have a couple stunt doubles on US1 and US3, but they're mainly there so no one steals my identity. You can never have enough precautions these days, when it comes to identity theft. Mostly though, I make my home in US2.
Well, we are delighted you made it to the interview this morning!
Thank you. Me too. They said they were going to throw me in a cell and throw away the key.
Lucky for us that did not happen! Would you like to talk a bit about yourself? Your life when you are not working as a superhero slash villain?
Sure! I always like to talk about myself. I'm narcissistic like that. Well, when I'm not out committing crimes, I like reading books and writing. Mostly my studies revolve around world religious beliefs and cultures, but I also enjoy science and psychology. When I'm not doing that, I play a lot of poker and strategy games.
I also own a moving company, but it's really just a front to launder my illegally acquired funds.
Uh oh! So tell us how did you start playing Hero Zero?
Well, I was originally in another world that was destroyed by Evil Aliens. I was sailing through the black void of space when I heard a beacon from some of the other refugees from my old planet. Originally, I tried to ignore it, but then more and more beacons kept coming in over the computer's systems and eventually, after a couple months of trying to ignore them, I realized they wouldn't stop until I finally answered the call. So I headed to this new planet that my computers listed as US2. After checking it out for a bit, I realized my fellow refugees were right and this was a suitable planet for us to make our new home. So voila! Here I've been ever since.
Do you have any stories to tell of your first days Humphreydale?
Well, I was just looking around one day and suddenly this guy in bad clown makeup started making trouble for all the citizens. Ordinarily, I wouldn't have bothered, but I noticed he was holding a big bag of coins. So I socked him in the jaw. He just stood there laughing at me, so I kept hitting him. That's when I noticed I wasn't the only one. Everyone in the neighborhood seemed to be hitting him. There was this one guy who was hitting him more than everyone else, but he just wasn't going down. Several times he shoved me to the ground, but I kept getting back up. After the last time, I hit him with a trash can lid and he finally went down for the count. It was crazy, but his belt fell off and landed right in my hands along with the bag full of coins. It was Ironic, actually. That was the 1st time I had ever fought a villain on this world. Usually I am the villain. Since then, I've discovered villains are a regular nuisance in these parts.
Do you have particular goals you would like to achieve in the game?
Well, currently I lead Villains Inc. and what we've accomplished already has been pretty amazing. But as far as future goals are concerned, we'd like to take down Yoyodyne Corp. and replace them with Villains Inc. as the dominant criminal empire in Humphreydale. After that, we'll make our move to take over the world. MUHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!
In your opinion, what is your greatest achievement in HZ so far?
Aside from catching the Moderating Bandit in the forums and acquiring her stockpile of toilet paper? I'd have to say showing players that they don't have to join a top team in order to be in one. My team, Villains Inc, started a good 9 months or more after the server had started. Most of the top teams were well established already and had a virtual lock on the top spots. Like all new, fledgling teams, we started from the bottom. (Now the whole team's here.) It may seem like a daunting task to compete with the big boys when you first start out, but now we're the 2nd strongest team on our server and the 1st in honor. I hope we can stand as an example to other new players and teams that all it takes is a dedicated and loyal group of players working together to make the impossible possible.
Certainly a worthy goal.  And along those lines, are there any tips you would give a beginner?
Don't rub your eyes while eating hot wings? Don't put the shampoo in the same vicinity as your wife's Nair? Oh wait........... You mean to become stronger, don't you? My bad. I think the best thing someone can do is find every way possible to gather coins. Coin is king. And forget about index. A lot of folks seem to think that the stronger your toon is per level, the better they are doing. So I see heroes not levelling and only doing training in order to make their index higher. All this does is limit your growth. I'm not saying level as fast as you can. Coin is still king. But here, power is all that matters. It doesn't matter if your index is 1 million if that guy who started after you and and has an index of 100 is so much higher level than you that you're losing to him anyway. There's a lot to be gained in levelling. Aside from the free sp gained in the process, gear for higher levels can make a huge difference. I remember when I used the Hammer of Amnesia, my stats were minimal. Many lower levels were able to take me down easy. But all I had to do was have my missiles equipped for missions and lower level players who attacked me while I did missions would fall to one hit, my missiles were that powerful compared to them. There's a lot of misconceptions in this game that a lot of folks fall victim to. Index is one of the biggest.
EDIT* A lot of folks seem to think that the stronger their toon is per level, the better they are doing.
Are there any players that you particularly admire or opponents that you respect?
There are two women on my team, ErmaEmpath and MankoNakadashi that I respect highly. These two women do so much to help the team succeed and rarely take any credit or or recognition. I like to call Erma our team mom and Manko our Pepper Potts. Those two do so much to help keep things running smoothly and organized. But several of our teammates are truly worthy players. Nater, Strykz and IMG are all solid players who make up the backbone of our team. Outside of our team, I really like Chinaal and Photographer. They're both great fun. I recommend either of their teams to aspiring heroes with a rough edge.
Being one of the top players on the server and certainly, arguably the most strategic, what would you say is the secret to your success?
Other than my debonair charm and undeniable good looks? I'm modest too, by the way. The secret to my success is my team. I get a lot of credit, but the truth is, I'm just 1 of 30 people.  If anything, I'm just the head cheerleader. The key is getting a team to work together and enjoy being there. They have to root for each other's successes as if those successes were their own. They have to all have a vested interest in each other's success. There's nothing like watching the whole team come together to help just one of them achieve a victory in the honor tourney or reach a heroic deed. And when they see this happen, and know that same backing is there for each and every one of them, they will all pull together to make it happen for one another. Very recently, I made first place 3 out of 4 weeks in a row in the honor tourney. Without my team and my allies, there's no way I could have accomplished such a feat.
And now for the question I always ask at the end of the interview- what is your favourite word? No swearing!
My favorite word? Hmm. That's a tough one. There's so many. Pirate, Booty, Rogue, Villain, Ninja, Toilet Paper........... But I guess if I could only pick one, then it would have to be Freedom.  :)
That concludes our interview and I thank you for taking time away from your busy schedule of villainy to be here.
Any time. I'm always happy to help, especially if it means helping myself to your coin purse.  Well, since we're done here, I guess I'll be going. If you see two men in matching blue uniforms asking questions about me, I was NEVER here. You don't know me and have NEVER seen me before. Thanks!
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#26663 December ideas and suggestions

Posted by Laxos on 03 December 2023 - 02:17 AM

Idea: Have workbots be able to work on one room together.

How will this work: When you try to upgrade a room it could ask you how many robots you want it to use (this is if you have bot the 2nd one) and then the wait time could go down by either 50% since 2 workbots are working on it or like 30%>

why do we need this idea: I think its a quality update so people don't have to wait weeks for a single level of an upgrade.


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#2120 christmas texts competition

Posted by FroggyFresh on 19 December 2013 - 01:07 AM

Hero name: FroggyFresh

Server: US2


On a Chilly christmas Eve, a bunch of villains, Were up to no good. Theses villains were running around robbing convenient stores and gas stations, as well as stealing presents and lighting fires to Christmas trees. many citizens were terrified of these, sinister Villains. Children were scared to play outside. As FroggyFresh Was walking the streets of Humpreydale, He knew that these disastrous events were taking place, Because he had just helped Mr. And Mrs. Mackeral, Another trampoline incident. He saw them pushing over trash cans and busting windows and tearing down Christmas decor. This was the last straw, FroggyFresh was angered, you don't like him when he's angry; He turns into FrogMan. Frogman was ready to show these clowns what the real christmas spirit was about. He got his hindlegs ready and Sprang into action kicking one of the hooligans in the face. one down 4 to go. Froggy was outnumbered, and theres wasn't another hero in sight. the others were off helping santa clause with something. WACK WACK WACK WACK..froggy had been spanked with an epic riding crop.. Aargh,,,, froggy falls to the floor in pain. It was the bully he kicked in the face. "did ya think it would be that easy taking down a champ like me?" While on the ground froggy looked at the bully and said, "You're not a champ, Champs don't goaraound ruining christmas for innocent Civillians" the villians started to laugh at froggy and mock him. That was it. He shot out his long stick tongue, wrapped it around the skinniest bully he saw and knocked him into the rest of the bullies. one of them stood up in pain he took out a geranade and threw it towards froggy, But this grenade was no ordinary grenade. ti had flies inside of it. FLIES. Frogmans only weakness. he had to stop and eat some. Then the bully got ontop of him and started hitting him. Bad idea. Froggy jumped up and landed backwards so that the bully would be squashed. the other 3 were out. it finally came downn to froggy and one of the last bullies. this one had a BlowDryer. he started using it against forggy and He was getting weak from the heat. There was only one thing left to do, froggy didnt want to resort to this, but he injected some boosts, a skill booster, Now froggy isn't the type of person to encourage the use of steroids, but he had to, to save chritsmas. After he had injected the steroids he fealt so much better. he straight punched the buly in the face. Then he started to cry. and froggy said, come with me. im taking you to jail. the bully gave in and got on forggy's back when froggy was goign away with the villain, he noticed all the neighborhood kids came outside and started playing, some residents were redecorating, and some were greatful. 

                                                  THE END

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#2349 how can i see if i am a good player

Posted by incredible9 on 08 February 2014 - 05:06 AM

Add all you stats and divide them with your level.

For example me:

1776 + 1870 + 1659 + 2344 = 7649 / (my level) 175 = 43.70857143

Now this is how to now:

10-20 Very very bad (Delete account) sad.png
20-30 Bad, needs training unsure.png
30-40 Good but needs work blink.png
40-50 You are OK. mellow.png
50-60 Good work! wink.png
65-80 Amazing! biggrin.png
80-90 One day you will reach the top! ohmy.png
90+ You are a real Superhero! wub.png

Let me see your results smile.png 


Please Like!!!

credit = komnino5



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#19614 free refreshes for missions

Posted by meljer on 01 July 2018 - 05:21 PM

we are all having fun with these free refresh missions from this soccer event, but once the even is over then so are those refreshes.  Then we will be back to having to spend 9 donuts for a refresh if we really want to stick to the best possible xp missions


so a proposal that i wanted to share with everyone is perhaps 1 free mission refresh a day. we have one free refresh for the shop, league and other things.  why not one free refresh for the missions.  then if we choose to use donuts to refresh again that is on us, or if you are feeling really nice what about doing what is done in the league, a free refresh then every so often use a t.v to refresh, it helps everyone. and encourages everyone to play more efficiently 


thank you for listening to my rambling

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#17539 Herocon quickly becoming a bad joke

Posted by goofoff1 on 04 October 2017 - 09:35 PM

Ok this is getting to be stupid.. we had special missions which has been posted several times that everyone hates. Then glory, now back to special missions? 


Herocon started off as a new idea that got teams working together to help each other and the team earn points and get a team bonus... now its become the thing everyone groans about.. you cant blame teammates for not getting points in special missions as many are stuck on levels that are nearly impossible until they gain several levels. 


Why are we getting the same ones over and over? I know the rotation got messed up when the whole bot thing came up and cheaters brought it to a grinding halt... (which i still say was handled poorly by HZ there should have been no Herocon rather than changed midweek) But we are several weeks past that and we should have cleared the rotation by now. 


It looks like the two Herocons that make people spend the most donuts are Special Missions and Glory we dont see the ones that donuts dont help that often (AKA SPEND COINS) because you cant buy coins with donuts. I urge everyone to not spend a single donut on Herocon this week to force their hand and make them stop with the special mission Herocon... And Levelhunter I would love to hear why we are stuck on 2 Herocons rather than a large rotation as it started out if there is a reason other than to make people spend donuts.

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#912 On-going New Villain/Items/Outfits/Sets/Bonuses!

Posted by UDareUTake on 19 February 2013 - 09:59 AM

Hi Guys,


This thread will be dedicated to posting new items/outfits/sets/bonuses suggestions for Hero Zero,


Welcome any feedbacks or suggestions to improve!




Full Sets will now consists of Gadget and Weapon!


*Special set missiles(stronger than normal missiles) could be added too

(Does not affect set bonus), given as a bonus to the top 10+last hit heroes for villains.

So those in top 10/last hit will get 1 item +1 set of missiles




Possible bonuses from Full set items

Bonuses will comprise of 4 (+) *See below for examples


+% Coins Earned from Mission/Work/Duels

+% Strength

+% Stamina

+% Brain

+% Intuition



Next upcoming event will be ST PATRICK'S DAYso come and support me and bring this into the game!




Potential Bonus

+++% Coins Earned from Mission/Work/Duels

+% Intuition




New Villain sets!





**Gadget/Weapon will be added soon**


Potential Bonus

++% Brain

++% Intuition











**Gadget/Weapon will be added soon**


Potential Bonus

++% Strength

++% Stamina




New Villain!








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#5140 Garage Interview #6- OperationRedwings

Posted by AngelicaSynn on 04 April 2015 - 04:42 AM

Cub Reporter AngelicaSynn, here with this months Garage Interview
This month, we're speaking with OperationRedwings.  She's a top 10 finisher in a recent Weekly Tournament in the Experience category.
• Hi, how are you? Can you give us your username and the servers where you are playing?
Good Afternoon, My Username is Operationredwings, and I am currently playing on the US3 server
• Do you want to talk a little bit about yourself, about the life when you are not working as a hero? 
When I am not playing the game I am reading, writing and talking with friends. I graduated college with a B.S., A.S. and a medical assistant cert. 
• When did you start to play Hero Zero?
I started playing Hero Zero in the middle of September 2014. I began on US2, but everyone was way ahead of me in levels that once US3 opened up I started a clean slate, and have been playing ever since
• How did you start playing Hero Zero? Through friends? Publicity?
I had a great friend that I met through a different game, they soon told me about Hero Zero, and at first I was not sure it was a game for me, but I soon became addicted, as a lot of us do. 
• Do you still remember your first days as a “noob” in Hero Zero?
Yes, I remember my first few days, it was incredible the time it took to handle all of the energy and training, and then to come to a server where people knew one another from different servers, you felt a little lost, but you make friends in the game, and form bonds.  Though I do remember as a “noob” I made lots of mistakes and I got chewed out by one I did once. 
• What do you like the most in the game?
I enjoy the tourney a lot, it gives you something to do when you are not focused on your energy or training, I enjoy the chats in my team, they are epic to say the least.  I have made a lot of bonds with people in this game. The competition gives you a thrill, and you will not get bored easily.
• Do you have particular goals to achieve in the game?
My main goal at this point is to get to Level 300, which is close.  Also hitting 100k in honor would be nice also.  i would also say a goal of mine is to always do my best in the game.
• In your opinion, what was your greatest achievement in HZ so far?
My greatest achievement in the game so far. (lol) that is a tough one.  I would have to say that would be everything up to this point. I mean, I never expected to be in a top team, let alone its leader. I was astounded that someone would mentor me in the game, and show me with patience how to play, thus giving me the momentum needed to continue.
• Hero Zero creates friendships. Have you created any kind of friendship with another player? Who and how?
Of course I made bonds with people in the game, how could you not. Windwalker is amongst the first I bonded with, he was there for me when I needed advice..(which was a lot). But there are a lot of others that I have come to enjoy chatting with.
(The Valorous Vagrants Team)
Texasred, kirkthejerk, ledge64, Howl, Ari and windwalker all have been there for a chat and you can count on them to leave you smiling.
• Which are your tips for beginners?
-Don’t throw donuts at a villain, he is selfish and will just eat them for himself.
-Take your time and do not rush
-Do not listen to rumors before you know the facts
-Try your best and don’t let anyone tell you that you can't
• Name up to three players next to the following descriptions:
Best players (exclusively based on their ability as players, not their personality etc.): 
Texasred, Windwalker
Players you respect the most:
Windwalker, texasred, grub 
Favorite forum members (if you are following the forum):
AngelicaSynn, grub, littleone
(blushing slightly, with a grin)
• How does it feel to be a leader of one of the best teams in the entire server? Is it an easy task?
Being leader of a top team is rough sometimes, as you have to make difficult decisions, but its worth it to see that your team stands behind you and approves those decisions.  Letting people go for inactivity is hard, as you have bonded with them, but them you bring someone new into the team and they blow your mind.
I feel that a leader is only as strong as his/her team, and even though they are the leader and set the parameters, it’s the members in the team that come together to make the team one worth supporting and helping, without the members then the leader would be nothing
I enjoy being a leader in a top team, as I also enjoy all my members
• What is the most strange, funny or in your opinion the best name you have named a pet (and why?!) ?
The funniest thing I think I named my SK would be Alfalfa after the Little Rascals, he is a cat Sidekick... I also named a owl (hOOters) and a robot (waddles) for the fun of it
• Have you ever won a weekly tournament? In what category? Was it worth the effort?
I have won in the tournament several times in honor, in the beginning I did it just to see how strong I was, but now I do it because it is fun to see how much honor I can gain. 
I have also did the xp one but top 5 I believe...
• You've played against a villain? What was your best position to qualify?
Yes I have played against the villain on many occasions, it gets frustrating though sitting there for 3 hours and then the villain flees... lol
I have been first a few times doing the villain, but it is hardly necessary to be first, and a lot of people throw donuts now to get 1st. 
If I may, when I first began this server, I was wanting to compete so much that I won against a villain by throwing donuts, I think that would have been the most (duh) moment because I got so many emails asking me if I was crazy..lol
• What's your favorite sidekick ?
My favorite Sidekick would have to be Watson the cat (named Shadow)
• What is your favorite sidekick's capacity/skill ?
My favorite Sidekick’s skills are headbutt, cockered-up and two are better then 1. And he has all the attributes.
• What is the first thing are you doing when you connect on the game ? Why ?
When I first log on I check to see if I have any mail, and then head to begin my energy/training. I do that first because I know once I enter the team chat I will be sidetracked with all the fun. (lol) we can get into some awesome fun in there and the energy lay forgotten and you wonder how it got so late and you still have 3 refreshes to do in energy.
Thank you for sharing your insights into the game, OperationRedwings...
This is Cub Reporter, AngelicaSynn... Signing off, for now.
                                                                 ***BREAKING NEWS***
OperationRedWings is also current WT (Honor) Winner!! Congratulations, OperationRedwings!

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#4569 Garage Interview #4 - Kristat

Posted by AngelicaSynn on 07 February 2015 - 09:18 AM

Hello and welcome!
AngelicaSynn here. As one of the forums moderators, I have been asked to contribute to the Garage Interview series.
I chose to interview Kristat. She is leader of a currently TOP10 team, the Drunken Degenerates.
Kristat, How are you today? I want to thank you for agreeing to participate.
I'm doing fine. Thanks for asking.
So, to get right to business, What is your user name and on what servers do you currently play?
I currently play on US1, US2, and US3, although there was a brief stint on UK1 and FR5. My username is Kristat across all three servers.
Do you want to tell us a little about your life when not paying the game?
There's not much to tell. I'm a college student studying biology. My parents are amazing people who let me mooch off of them, so  I'm not working right now. 
And how long have you played HeroZero?
I began playing on US1 in September of 2012, and I started on the other two on the days they came out. That's over two years of HZ.
How did you start playing Hero Zero? Through friends? Publicity?
I actually saw my brother playing the game on Kongregate one day. I think it was advertised as one of the hot new games or something. Anyway, I liked the silly outfits and the missions, so I made my own account. 
Do you still remember your days as a noob player in HeroZero?
Oh definitely... I was a hopeless noob when I began playing on US1. I regularly skipped training and usually only did a few missions a day. It took ages for me to improve.  I'm surprised my team put up with me.
What do you like the most in the game?
The fourth energy refill. When I've reached that, I know that sleep is only an hour away.  :lol:
Do you have particular goals to achieve in the game?
Honestly, I try not to think too far ahead because most things in the game take so long to accomplish. My main goal right now is probably to reach 10k stats in each category. Or maybe get to level 400. 
In your opinion, what is your greatest achievement in Hero Zero so far?
My greatest achievement is definitely keeping my team together this long. The top ten on US2 has gone through so many changes since the server opened, and I'm proud to say that our team has stuck together despite all the craziness.
Thanks for everything, guys. You're the best.
So... Hero Zero creates friendships. Have you created any kind of friendship with other players? Who and how?
Well obviously, teams are usually where friendships form. After spending so much time chatting with people and plotting revenge on your "enemies", you're bound to become friends.
Who's your favorite superhero? Why? (e.g. Batman, Super-Man)
Hugh Jackman. I mean...Wolverine. Need I say more?
Any tips for new players?
First, find a team that you get along with. Being alone is no fun at all.  Never skip training. Do as many missions as possible. Duel often. These are just basic things. There's so much more to being a good hero, so don't be afraid to ask more experienced players about their strategies. Many of them are friendly and eager to share.
Would you name up to three players that you feel answer to the following descriptions:
Best players (exclusively based on their ability as players, not their personality etc.)
PiturcaJrKkjn, and GipsyGunner are the best.
Opponents you respect the most:
Piturca, because he's gotten to the point where he's practically untouchable.  Kkjn is also a good opponent but an even better friend. Seriously, the guy is super cool.  I'm also very impressed by xDogmeatx, who's managed to become one of the top levels on the server despite joining rather late compared to the rest of us.
Favourite forum members? (if you are following the forum)
To be honest, I don't  follow the forums too closely, but from what I've seen, it seems like lucyliu is one of the most helpful members (outside of the mod staff, of course).
How does it feel to be a leader of one of the best teams in the entire server? Is it an easy task?
It's amazing. Their dedication astounds me. I mean, these people play at work, during class, and at all hours of the night. They come in when they're exhausted, sick, or drunk. They even play while their families or significant others watch them in disapproval.  I'm thankful to everyone who's stuck with us for this long, and I'm so proud of everything they've accomplished.  As for the difficulty of running the team, I rely so heavily on my advisors that you could say they're the ones in charge.
Have you ever won a weekly tournament? In what category? Was it worth the effort?
I've participated in both the experience and honor categories and gotten rank one in both, although not on every server. It does takes a lot of time, but the free donuts are worth it.  :lol:
In your long career, I'm sure you have played against a villain? What is your best qualifying position?
Yes, definitely...  I've gotten rank one and last hit a few times, although that may never happen again on US2. Thanks, new players. You guys keep doing what you're doing.
On a lighter note, What's your favorite sidekick and what is your favorite sidekick's capacity/skill ?
Out of the ones that I actually own, I like the goat the most, but I would love to get my hands on an owl. Cheating Death, hands down. It's a real game changer for those close duels and team fights.
And finally, What is the first thing  you do when you connect on the game? Why?
I usually train first because it doesn't take  much brain power, meaning I can focus on my messages and team chat. If nothing requires immediate attention, I'll do my initial five duels.
Thank you for your time today, Kristat. You've been quite helpful and entertaining.
If you need anything more from me, please let me know. I'm looking forward to seeing the interview in the forums.
For Team US, I'm your roving reporter, AngelicaSynn.

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#18584 The future of Hero Hideouts

Posted by Dr. Fumanchu on 28 December 2017 - 06:35 AM

So the problem with hero hideouts is that we are essentially all working toward the same hideout (when finished my hideout will look like everyone's).. However I didn't come to complain without offering a resolution to this issue.


The solution to this is to offer more rooms then there is space for, in this way players will be forced to choose which rooms they want to include at the expense of not including other rooms.


What translates to in game would be a series of rooms that occupy an entire level. Call them Super rooms. Since they are massive they should offer massive benefits. This is a list of some super rooms I would like to see:


Donut factory: A whole level dedicated to making the delectable pastries utilizing grandmas secret recipe....  grandma was a little loony about serving size and her recipe only yields 1-2 donuts a day.

I am the maker of music, the dreamer of dreams!


Donut Vault: A massive monument to hoarding donuts...Grandpa was equally secretive about hoarding grandmas donuts. Utilizing his blueprints you have constructed a vault that cryogenically stores donuts  indefinitely and through quantum entanglement/spooky action at a distance your donuts gain 8% interest monthly. (put your donuts here so that you don''t accidentally use them) gringotts vault 713


Artificial Intelligence Surveillance Computer: Don't ask where it comes from and we won't tell you that its alien technology. Every hideout needs a surveillance computer to direct the best use of your hero's most precious commodity ...time.  Once per day activate heroic sense for 5-30 minutes. Open the pod bay doors Hal!


Temporal Laser: It takes an entire day to charge the huge capacitors, but when ready the temporal laser can be fired at a room within your hideout advancing its production and/or construction an entire day. 1.21 gigawatts?! Great Scott!


Personal trainer: A valuable asset to every hero, your personal trainer improves the quality of training while decreasing the amount of time needed to train. Effect: gain 20% more skill points from training while reducing training time by 20%. Note you need 1 personal trainer for each skill (Strength, Stamina, Brains, Intuition),...Do. Or do not. There is no try


Simulacrum: Hero's cannot be at two places at the same time....or can they? Laboratory geniuses used both android and cloning technologies to create the simulacrum a nearly exact duplicate of your hero that completes missions at half your normal speed. The only question remaining is which one of you is the evil twin?  Jim, I think I liked him with a beard better.



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#17856 Herocon History

Posted by centella on 21 October 2017 - 06:45 PM

HeroCon Tournament #1:(selling as much items as possible)
HeroCon Tournament #2: (doing as much missions as possible)
HeroCon Tournament #3: (using as much energy as possible)
HeroCon Tournament #4: (buying as much skillpoints as possible)
HeroCon Tournament #5: (gaining as much glorypoints as possible)
HeroCon Tournament #6: (doing as much fighting missions as possible)
HeroCon Tournament #7: (winning as much special mission fights as possible)
HeroCon Tournament #8: (gaining as much glorypoints as possible)
HeroCon Tournament #9: (selling as much items as possible)
HeroCon Tournament #10: (winning as much duels as possible)
HeroCon Tournament #11: [CANCELLED!] (produce as much robots as possible)
HeroCon Tournament #12: (doing as much fighting missions as possible)
HeroCon Tournament #13: (winning as much special mission fights as possible)
HeroCon Tournament #14: (doing as much missions as possible)
HeroCon Tournament #15: (selling as much items as possible)
HeroCon Tournament #16: (gaining as much glorypoints as possible)
HeroCon Tournament #17: (using as much energy as possible)
HeroCon Tournament #18: (winning as much special mission fights as possible)
HeroCon Tournament #19: (gaining as much glorypoints as possible)
HeroCon Tournament #20: (winning as much special mission fights as possible)
HeroCon Tournament #21: (selling as much items as possible)
HeroCon Tournament #22: (buying as much skillpoints as possible)
HeroCon Tournament #23: (points for making mods in the hideout's workshop)
HeroCon Tournament #24: (points for attacks on villains)
HeroCon Tournament #25: (winning as much duels as possible)
HeroCon Tournament #26: (buying as much skillpoints as possible)
HeroCon Tournament #27: (winning as much special mission fights as possible)
HeroCon Tournament #28: (points for attacks on villains)
HeroCon Tournament #29: (gaining as much glorypoints as possible)
HeroCon Tournament #30: (using as much energy in Time Missions as possible)
HeroCon Tournament #31: (points for attacks on villains)
HeroCon Tournament #32: (buying as much skillpoints as possible)
HeroCon Tournament #33: (selling as much items as possible)


selling as much items as possible = 5 times
winning as much special mission fights as possible = 5 times
gaining as much glorypoints as possible = 5 times
doing as much missions as possible = 2 times
using as much energy as possible = 2 times
buying as much skillpoints as possible = 4 times
doing as much fighting missions as possible = 2 times
winning as much duels as possible = 2 times
produce as much robots as possible = failed experiment
points for making mods in the hideout's workshop = Once
points for attacks on villains = 3 times
using as much energy in Time Missions as possible = Once


Please, do not post............ I want to be able to add each week what the new weekly herocon is and avoid "quoting the first post"

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