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CRISIS CRUSADERS - World Tour and Recruiting Info

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Posted 30 August 2018 - 12:26 PM

Hello,  this is my 'Everything You Might Want to Know about the Crisis Crusaders, brought to you by Precision"   I'm going to share some things about my Team and yes we are looking to get some Fantastic new faces to join us in play here on Hero Zero!  Also, Happy Birthday to the Crisis Crusaders, we are now 1 year Old as a Team!


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We started 12 months and 14 days ago, with an idea to put together a Team of Heroes and Heroines that were joined by a passion and love of Comic Books, Superheroes in Movies and TV, and general skills in overall 'Geek Fu' topics, such as Star Wars, Star Trek, D&D, as well as some friendly banter, some tossing about of puns, some incredible discussions of comic artistry, and even thoughts on topics like POKEMON, Plushie Animals, Jet Packs and Frisbee Golf.   Those first 5 teammates slowly gathered others that felt the same as we played the HEROZERO game, and for being only 1 year old, I think we are doing well. But to move forward we need other like-minded Heroes and Heroines to join us.


The Hard facts,  We are currently ranked 50th overall, but have pushed to level 41 for a while among all Teams,  but this summer was a tough time for retaining Members. With some of our team leaving to join the Armed Forces, one to join the Merchant Marine, and some that had health issues arise.   Some we suspect may have been abducted by aliens or gone deep deep deep undercover to unmask some villainous plot.  But for whatever reason, we dropped a chunk of good people, so to continue moving forward, I thought it was time to say Hello to the new, and veteran Heroes and Heroines out there, and let the Good People know that we are recruiting,  We still have a good solid core of Heroes and Heroines that play each day.  We have some good bonuses, especially for being such a young Team.


Facilities- Level 50
Quarters Level 22
Popularity Level 40
Motivation Level 40

Currently our Average Hero/Heroine Level is 216

We are 84% Expanded and have won 50% of our Team Battles.

We have ranked in the TOP 40 Teams in 47 of 53 weeks in HeroCon.


 I know I'm not getting a paycheck to play Hero Zero.   But I do play, for fun!  I like the game, and the spirit of being fledgling Heroes and Heroines that grow in their abilities and confidence, all while sporting some pretty funky and cool equipment and sidekicks.  and I like being a bit competitive.  Now, I personally think I have a really great group of Teammates.   We can joke a bit, all friendly, but all of our Team "likes" to play.  So there is no worry about shouting rules at people all the time.  So, that's what I ask.  If you enjoy the game... PLAY IT!  Train as much as you can,  join the Team in 'TEAM SPAR BATTLES" to hone your skills and increase our recognition and earn some trophies; and also get into our "GANGBUSTING: so we can get some of the Organised Crime mopped up.  Participate in HeroCon as best you can.   While some may shine in some events more than other HeroCon challenges, every bit of assistance helps the Team as a whole earn some pretty cool bonuses some weeks.   We have even nabbed a trophy on three occasions.     If you want to play quietly and just be surrounded by good people as teammates.  Then you can just do that also. Not everyone is bombastic in Chat.


You are wanting to know our Rules?

Pretty much as I said,  the CRISIS CRUSADERS play out of a love of being the Good Guys; because we like the idea of ordinary people becoming something more, something greater through their exploits and doing the right things,  simply because "It is the right thing to do". Spidey had it right, with Great Power comes great responsibility. And cool repartee,and laying some smack down on criminals!


So no bootcamp mentality here, no threats to toss anyone off the Team for missing a day or two, or even three. Heroes and Heroines don't need to get issued 'demerits' for having a civilian life in their Secret Identity.   However we do 'ask' that if you expect to be gone for multiple days, that you drop a note to one of the Core members.   Just so we don't sit around worrying about you if your face doesn't show for 5 days.  If we have any RULES, it is only one,  I do ask that our Heroes not engage each other in Duels or League battles, as that can only end in the outcome of one of our Team losing some ranking in one way or another;  which weakens us all as a whole.   That's probably the only "rule"  I have.


So, that's pretty much it.  We welcome heroes of good nature and fun attitude that sincerely want a good Team to play with, to grow together and accomplish things as a Team.  Level 15 and above are very much welcomed to send a note.  We ask that your HEROZERO player also has some Honor earned to show that you know about Duels and League points, and our more experienced Teammates are eager and happy to share tips and info about accomplishing things within the game, so glad to help new players to learn the ropes.  For new recruits that have plenty of Experience already and just wanted a good new Team to play with, an equally warm welcome.  We know that some Teams have dwindled to becoming little more than an echo chamber when you come around to play, so if you are coming over to the Crisis Crusaders, please feel welcome to join into all the chat and activities.  While we may not have a rip-roaring conversation going every minute of every day, we are always friendly and willing to start a chat.  We would love to have you play each day, but even I, Master of Geek Fu, have missed some days of play, now and then, since I started playing HeroZero; but I do try to be online at "least" 3 times each day, so I will usually send a reply back within a few hours.  We do mainly have an English speaking Team.  Not because of any bias against the heroes and heroines of other nations, but simply that the conversations and communication work best when we can all communicate clearly and jokes definitely work better when coming across on a similar cultural background.  So what are you waiting for??  ALLONS~Y and GERONIMO !! 





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Posted 02 October 2018 - 04:02 PM

So from time to time, I think; there is rarely any additional information about what Teams 'do'  while they are training, between Fight Missions, or practicing their witty "one-liners" to respond to grunted gibberish from the mouths of Evil-Doers.   Now we do all the previous things in the 'CRISIS CRUSADERS"  but we also have some other things that can happen fairly often during a HEROZERO day.    One of the big things is my leanings toward getting to know the 'Heroes and Heroines in my Team better  ---- as Heroes.   So with that comes the   "RANDOM QUESTION OF THE WEEK"   (sometimes supplemented by  'Random Question of the Day' if the mood strikes me hahaha )   ----  Now I never badger my Teammates to respond, but it seems that some just enjoy the questions and it can start some really enjoyable and informative info about the members of my Team.


This weeks 'RANDOM QUESTION OF THE WEEK' seemed to really explode into some great chat, so the thought hit me to share the concept here.  While I still want to promote the CRISIS CRUSADERS as the bombastic, ever-lovin', High energy Action Squad of future covers of TIME MAGAZINE,  overall I really enjoy the HEROZERO game, so I want to share things that help my Teammates to enjoy it more.  So here was our Random Question of the Week,  for this week.     


WHAT TV SHOWS Did you feel were Cancelled Much too Soon?    And this Question has gotten more responses than even last weeks question of "IF A SUPERHERO ACTION Movie was being filmed about Your Team,   What Actor Would portray your HERO/HEROINE"  ( By the way,  for me the actor would be Michael Cera or a Hybrid of Michael Cera and Jesse Eisenberg) so for this week I of course had thoughts running around in my head, and my personal list off shows that were cancelled too soon, adds a few lamented shows and some guilty pleasures,  First being FIREFLY, then the fantastic ALMOST HUMAN, then a guilty pleasure in the show called 'Psych', then after discussion, I also remembered' KINDRED: The Embraced' and 'Jericho' as going away much too soon for my tastes.


So, feel free to throw a little love to the CRISIS CRUSADERS, but what about You,  the TEAM Forums is directed to be about TEAMS, and this is what our Team does,  so I hope placing a Random Question of the Week wasn't overboard, and I am curious about others takes on a response.

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Posted 18 May 2019 - 10:15 PM

Greetings fellow crime-fighters.  Crisis Crusaders is still active in US3, and we have room for a few good heroes/heroines to join our ranks.

In the 8-1/2 months since our last stats update, we've gained members, and unfortunately, like most teams out there, have lost a few in the process.  Team Leadership is now in my capable hands during the absence of Precision, while we await his return.


We've risen 13 notches in the team rankings to where we currently reside in 37th place.

Our team expansion numbers remain as they were in the initial post, at 84% expanded.

Our Average Hero/Heroine Level is now 220.

We've won 47% of our Team Battles.

We've won 57% of our Gang Battles.

In HeroCon, we usually rank in the top 20 or 25.

See the initial post for a more detailed introduction of our team.  If you're currently in a team and having more fun than a human being should be allowed to have, fantastic, stay where you are.  If not, and you like what you're reading in this forum thread and are interested in joining a great group of like-minded individuals, drop me or any of the advisors a line.  We'd love to hear from you.

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