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Stop the player loss

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Posted 17 March 2023 - 10:25 AM

Hello Guys,


i am a german player from the german forum.. Sadly the german forum is dead and no moderator does his homework. 

The problem with Hero Zero is that more and more players quit and no new players follow.
We need to change that.
My suggestion is that the marketing strategy needs to be changed..
Of course, the official TikTok channel is a step in the right direction, but these videos are really bad and only scare people away.
Platforms like Twitch and Youtube are getting bigger and bigger and have more viewers.
Hero Zero has to take advantage of that.
That's why I suggest Hero Zero find partners who stream on Youtube and Twitch.
One Streamer for Youtube and one Streamer for Twitch.
It is important that the streamers have a certain range. I think 300k subscribers would be acceptable.
To do this, the link must be reintroduced to invite new friends into the game.
There used to be one.
It is also important that these are not just one-off advertising streams, but long-term ones.
For example, a deal could look like this: Streamer X must make 5 streams per month over Hero Zero with a length of at least 2 hours. For this, Streamer X gets the sum Y.

The advantage is that new players start. New players also mean more revenue and more revenue mean more budget for future updates and events.

For this I would try to use quite several languages. For example, a German streamer could stream on Youtube and an English streamer on Twitch. In this way, you reach a larger number of people and animate several international servers.

A message to the moderators: Please forward this suggestion to the board. Our forum doesn't do that.. But I care about the player's future.
Currently it looks like the game has to be turned off at some point

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