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Garage Interview with CaboDean

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Posted 04 August 2022 - 04:00 PM

The Daily Forum listeners hear static from the garage and know that it means another interview will soon be starting.  This cues everyone too listen in.  


Meljer's voice can be heard adjusting the sound and asking for her cookies.


Good Morning everyone!!  Welcome to another segment on Wake Up, its all done in my garage!!


Today i have the pleasure of Interviewing a Hero that came all the way from his car.  


Please welcome our very own hero Mr. CaboDean!! plays clapping sounds





Hello Sir, can you please state your Hero's name and what server you play for our records.


My name is CaboDean, and I play US7.  I also played US6 for a while and participated in the speed server.


I find your name interesting; what inspired you to chose that name? do you mind if I call you Cabo for short?


CaboDean is silent for a long time as he stares Meljer down.  He doesn't speak and she starts to wonder if Cabo fell asleep with his eyes open.  she starts to wave her hands in front of his face. decides to eat her cookies while she waits.


Its been a nickname since I was a child and has stayed with me since.  and yes that would be great I usually go by Cabo for short.


(brushes off hands on her pants) clears throat...So..Erm....Cabo what got you into herozero?


A website called Womplay.  I was listening to a Podcast which had the creator of this website as a guest.  I decided to try it out and HeroZero was one of those games.  I started on US6 and just played around a little bit.  Once I decided to join a team I couldn't stop playing. (yes, we hook them all) When US7 was created, I decided to get in at the beginning of the server and have been playing ever since.


I see this life has hooked you, like it did a lot of us.  I was rummaging through your garbage last night and noticed you have nothing interesting in there.  


I noticed you are the leader of a very successful team in US7. How does it make you feel to be held to high standards.  Do you enjoy leadership?















I didn't expect it at all When i started the team, but i brought a couple of good heroes from US6, who brought in more good heroes, who then brought in more good heroes and it all just worked out well.  I do enjoy leadership, it definitely has its ups and downs, but my advisor team has helped me tremendously.


Meljer chuckles softly as she is one of these advisors, also a legendary hero that was brought over from US3 to play with old friends.


Wait...sorry this was about you, let the conversation go to my head for a second.


So Cabo, when you are not in hero mode what does Cabo do?  Is there hobbies or interests you would like to share with our masses?


Well, being a hero does not pay the bills so I'm usually working.  I work in construction, specifically building/ remodeling houses.


The sounds fun, did you build your own house?


No, you can see the regret in Cabo's eyes.  they clearly wish they had.  but i have done alot of the work on the interior it's a work in progress.



Well, I am glad that you have something you enjoy.

in the distance a alarm sounds. it is Meljer's lunch so she tells Cabo he can go play in the ball pit while he waits.


Welcome back to our interview, where we are still with our amazing hero, CaboDean.


Meljer is jotting down notes and her pen seems to be clogged with chip grease and is no longer working. She asks Cabo for a pen, which he produces after peeling off chewed gum...umm.. that's not mine.. must of came from the ball pit


So, Cabo when you were a newbie in this game what were some things that came easy and other things that seemed hard to understand?


The concept of the game was pretty easy to grasp, but it took more time to understand how to play the game efficiently and to learn some of the tricks that help you do better.  It also took me a while to understand why i was losing duels to heroes with less skills then i had.  That opened the door to learning SideKicks and all of their abilities.


A current list of SideKicks and their abilities can be found on the forums, 


Is there and good tricks you'd like to share to the readers?


Well, I'm sure most know them, but what helped me a lot when I was new was learning the minimum ratio you should do of energy to experience.  (500/1) on missions or motivation to skills (1/1) on work outs.


Being apart of a good team helps as well


Do you have some friends that you have made in this game?  or other heroes you have bonded with?


I think i have made a lot of in game friendships, but I haven't really talked to any heroes outside of the game.  Most of these friendships are with teammates, past and present.


Is there anyone you would like to give a shout out to?


I don't think there is anyone in particular, I've met a lot of great people, I don't want to leave anyone out.


(Meljer nods to herself, she knows she is the best player on the team and Cabo just doesn't want to draw attention to this fact)  


Fair enough, what do you enjoy most about the game, what is usually the first thing you do when you log on?


When I log on I usually start with my duels and league fights.  My favorite part of the game is the weekly tournaments.  I like that it gives you something to shoot for every week, from whichever tournament you decide to do.






Would you say your goals in the game change depending on each week?


Yes, my goals for the tournaments change each week, especially with the HeroCon.  It just depends on which one I have the best chance of placing top 10 or even winning without having to spend a bunch of donuts.


Do you enjoy the seasons, If you could create one season what would you name it and what Sidekick would you like to see?


I do enjoy the seasons, they give you some good things, especially at your earlier levels, and a nice skill boost.  I'd probably name a Season (The Season of the Extra Terrestrial)  so the Sidekick could be an Alien





I like the sound of a little alien!!  (waves frantically at her boss!!!  Hey this is a good idea!!)


So I have to ask what kind of Hero/ Villain do you like on the big screen?


My favorite superhero is Spider-Man.  I think his abilities are cool, (superhero has spider abilities, can shoot webs out of his hands "who wouldnt like that") he was the first Superhero i learned about.


I agree Spider-Man is a good hero, I just saw the newest movie they just put out. 


Cabo, would you recommend this game to others? If so what is one sentence you could sum this game up in?


I would say HeroZero is a great way to play a competitive game and meet cool people, But i wouldn't recommend this game to anyone who doesn't have the time for it, as it takes time to be competitive.


Who would you say the top 3 players are in your current servers, as well as Opponents you respect the most..(and any favorite forums members)??


For the top 3 players in US7 I'd probably have to agree with the honor standings


1. Fuman

2. Dinz

3. Windwalker




Though 1 and 2 might be a toss-up.  I respect most of my opponents, but specifically I've got respect for ZrowHerow and Zelda because I've had some friendly competition with them.  I also have respect for Fuman for what he accomplishes on the servers he plays.  I only go to the forums for specific information so I don't know that I have any favorite members.  (Meljer hangs her head sadly and puts away her "best friends forever bracelets away)


Pfft...We all know i am your favorite ;) 


If you could add or change one thing in the game what would it be?


(Cabo adjusts in his seat nervously) Luckily you're not my opponent,  (lol) ,

If I could change one thing, I would like to see less HeroCons that can be won with donuts.  I would just like to see an even playing field for everyone in the HeroCon every week.


I can amend to this i would enjoy one HeroCon where donuts did not influence the outcome. (Meljer inserts that there is a list where players can suggest HeroCon ideas in the forums)


Yes, that would be nice.  :) 


Being leader of a top team must be stressful, what are your main concerns when picking out applicants?


I look for people who are actively playing and team oriented.  I want heroes who are willing to contribute to the team and help keep us on top.  We have also kept a drama free team and that is another aspect in deciding new members.


What is the best name you have given your SideKick?


My SideKicks are typically named after TV or Movie characters.  I've got my team fight SideKick named Professor Chaos from South Park and my regular SideKick is named Turd Ferguson, which came from Burt Reynolds on SNL.








Those are funny names, mine are loosely based on if they have good skills so i remember which ones i want to level. Say they have a good level 20 skill then they might be named (LvL20)


Would you like to send a message to the HeroZero community?


The only thing i really have to say is keep playing, Keep trying to get better and keep the game competitive, Friendly and fair.


What is your Favorite Sidekick and Ability?


I like Orion because i think he looks cool and he's got my favorite ability because i like to run a low brain build, but i also really like the abilities that allow you a high chance to stun your opponent multiple times.  Currently i have Tail Strike, Macho Attitude and Cocooned which also works well with the low brain build.






What about outfits, do you have any favorites?


I have been wearing the Number 1 team outfit from the beginning of the server.  and whipstitching it when needed.  I think it looks cool and it's kind of like bragging rights.  :D  (grin) 




LoL, i have mine on US3, i missed US7 by a couple days.  (angry) .  Do you think they will retro it to me now that i am on a number 1 team?


They should, lol, you have done enough to earn it.


(wipes tear from eye) Thanks, What is the best you have done against a villain?


I've been first on attacks once and I've gotten final hit 8 times.  


Do you think the skill points and experience tournaments are worth trying for weekly?


The donuts and Skill point rewards are worth it, but the outfit items are not once you get past a certain level.


My boss thinks i tied you in that chair in order to get a interview so for the record i have to ask, Did i force you to do this interview)


LOL, no you didn't, I thought it would be fun.


Do you have any questions for me?


I don't think I have any questions, none so i can think of.


Well thank you Cabo for taking the day to come to my garage and be put on the spot to answer my aggressive questioning so that we can see what makes you a great hero.


Thank you for having me, it was fun. :)


I want to sign off saying thank you to our heroes who continue to fight for justice and if anyone wants to have an opportunity to have their interview done please send me a message.




more static is heard as meljer is signs off, in the background you hear meljer untying Cabo.  The static cuts out and we have dead air.





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