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Garage Interview with Tidalwave

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Posted 26 June 2022 - 11:24 PM

::Walks in the room and dusts off microphone::


Welcome to Garage Interview, Where our broadcast can be heard around the world!!

today we have a fine young hero with us and they have agreed to give us an exclusive interview, so tune on in and lets meet the man behind the hero our friend TIdalWave!!!!

::In walks Tidalwave::

Hello and Welcome Mr. TW, can i call you TW?

Of course. All my friends do.

::Tidalwave shakes my hand and we sit:::

Good Afternoon TW How are you? I hope you found your way to our secret headquarters sufficiently. Can you please let our audience know your hero name and which servers you fight to protect?

Hi I'm doing great! Thanks for having me.
My name is Tidalwave and I spend all my time on US6 but I have also started a hero on US7.

O-Wow, that is amazing taking on two servers fighting the good fight!


Looking good TW, i also notice you are top 10 in your server, that is a huge congratulations!! (cake)

Thank you!

Now TW were are all wondering when did you decide to become a hero?

I started in July of 2021. Actually, my first Hero Zero anniversary is right around the corner! I first found it on Womplay. I got free crypto for trying out games. Most of the time I would download the game, get my crypto, and delete the games afterwards. But I got hooked pretty quick on Hero Zero and got some of my friends and family into it so we all started a team together.

Well im glad that you continue to inspire young heroes and Happy Anniversary, i hope you are here for the long haul. This game will pull you in, at first it might seem simple, but it keeps us coming back, i myself have been playing since 2014. B)

Do you still remember the first days as a “noob” in Hero Zero?

Haha yes of course. I was getting my butt kicked by everyone. I thought I would never be able to beat anyone good.

Speaking of duels i noticed you are pretty strong, ::secretly wonders if TW can beat her in US7::


What do you like the most in the game?

I like the fact that you've never really got this game figured out. There is always some tweak, or trick, or combination of things you never tried before that gives you a small advantage. Then you have the team bonuses like the workshops and bases in your hideouts where what you do helps your teammates as well. There is always something to focus on.

Do you have particular goals to achieve in the game?

As a team leader I think there is only really one goal...to be the best. I am a very competitive person by nature so seeing my teams name on top of the honor list has always been the endgame for me. We come in first all the time in herocon and we are the best dueling team in the server so in a lot of ways we have already done it but the top two teams in honor have a lot of players who have been playing for a long time. They're tough to beat.

::Goes to Check out TidalWaves team::


In your opinion, what was your greatest achievement in HZ so far?

Coming in first in any of the tournaments is awesome. The herocon solo trophy alluded me for quite a while so I was pretty pumped when I finally got it. I don't think I have won first in a skill points tourney yet but I have come close a bunch of times.

Hero Zero creates friendships. Have you created any kind of friendship with another player? Who and how?

Well as I said, I started this team with friends and family. My wife Roguewave, son Fallingstar, co-worker Nordy, and friend Eric2112 are all on team Matchgrade. But yeah, you meet a lot of interesting people along the way as well. Thats why I havent done much on the new server. I enjoy playing with the members of my team and if they were not all going to go I didn't want to either.

Who's your favorite Hero? Why? (e.g. Batman, Super-Man)

I always like Spider-Man and Batman. Spider-Man was funny. I loved how he would talk crap to the villains while he strung them up with some smart-ass note for the police. Batman was the guy that no crook wanted to get caught by because they knew they weren't going to jail without a trip to the woodshed

Which are your tips for beginners?

I would say try not to leave anything on the table at the end of the day. Use all your energy and motivation, and try to work towards the heroism goals and season points. The season bonuses help a lot and many players buy their way through it with donuts. So if you're not one of them you have to earn them the old fashioned way.

Is there any player you look up to, that you admire? And if so, who is it and why?

We have a lot of great players and they all have different qualities. That's what makes a great team. Hoainamc4 and Majestic have come a long way since joining the team and improve every day. We have players like Puboh, Diago, and Faketaxi who are always online grinding it out. Diago has also stepped in and helped players get the most out of their heroes which is a big help. I don't think Chaucao has missed a day of work since joining lol. Everyone brings something different to the table.

Would you like to send a message to the community of Hero Zero?

If you are on US6 and are looking for a laid back team that likes to have fun look us up. We have some openings.

How does it feel to be a leader of one of the best teams in the entire server? Is it an easy task? (For team leaders TOP 10 )

Its definitely surreal sometimes. We started with 4 players and now we are competing with the same teams that were at the top when we started so this team has really grown a lot. I'd like to think its because everyone here has a great attitude. We don't like drama. At the end of the day it's just a game and it's supposed to be fun. Most of us all have full time jobs as civilians so for everyone to find the time to be great heroes as well is amazing.

Have you ever won a weekly tournament? In what category? Was it worth the effort?

Yeah I've won quite a few solo tournaments in herocon and maybe xp but I havent taken first in a skill points tournament yet. Its worth the effort if you're competing against the right person lol. Some heroes are much more fun to beat than others. I think seeing the team at the top is much more rewarding than the solo's. When everyone comes together and pulls off a last minute victory its really rewarding.

Do you have a hobby you want to share with us?

When I'm not playing Hero Zero I am playing guitar. Actually the team name Matchgrade was the name of a band that Eric2112 and I used to play together in and we still write music under that name. You can check some of it out on Spotify!

What is your nickname in the game? Why choose this for your hero?

Tidalwave? Honestly, that was the first hero sounding name that popped into my head when i created my character but over the last year I have tried to collect as much as I could to put a look to the name. Thats why I have the flowing water suit and my shark sidekick.

You played against a villain? What is your best position to qualify?

I have won a bunch of villain attacks and I have landed the final blow on several as well but I've never done both on the same attack. That would be cool! Come to think of it, I have fought a lot more heroes in this game than I have villains lol.

What's your favorite sidekick ?

My shark, just because he really fits the Tidalwave theme but i like the looks of a lot of them like Bones and Crowley. I think I am going to start a collection of water creatures.

What is your favorite sidekick's capacity/skill ?

I try to keep my intuition really high. So anything that allows me to attack twice or avoid an attack is gold.

What is the first thing are you doing when you connect on the game ? Why ?

The first thing I do is check to see what my heroism goals are and where I can get the most season points. Then I try to help my team in herocon. Its all about the bonuses!

Well thank you TidalWave for that amazing interview! I hope you encourage your friends to come into our station and give us a little interview sometime. ;)

Thanks! It was a lot of fun.

Well folks This is GIL (Garage Interview Live) and we are signing off, please enjoy our interviews and if you would like to participate please message your local broadcasting team and we will get it done (smug)
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