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HeroZero -getting started -

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Posted 18 September 2012 - 07:35 AM

The SUper-SLim Hero Manual of Quickness.

More efficient than dispersing game info through FAQ list in the long run.

The Manual will give you a quick idea of Hero Life
The Basic FAQ appendix will address the most common misc. questions
In-depth information will be externalized on the wiki.

1. So you wanna be a hero? Introduction.

Scope of the game:
Everyone's a hero, even though you might not look it!
In HeroZero you build your hero from infancy, using energy, time, training and courage to acquire better items, coins, skills and, of course, honor.

This game offers a mix of idle and active aspects. you can progress without playing constantly, you will progress more if you play more, to a certain degree.
For many, this mix is ideal. for others - there are other games to play.
Herozero gives you a good deal of choice just how much you want to get involved.

It grows more complex as you unlock new areas and game facets, especially team play.

Strategy demands are mild - you can do pretty well playing "dumb" - but playing smart
will get you ahead faster. A lot of strategy is "behind the scenes"
- especially when concerned with inter-team play.

There are no features of the game reserved to pay-to-play heroes. Ingame- currency donuts are found
easily enough by all players, and some of the top levels still havent spent a Kred.
The advantages to cash players are minimal, and very expensive.
One exception:
Since the game focuses a lot on good communities/teams, the really strong pay options are the bigger later upgrades that only benefit your team, so costs can also be shared.

The game has a large international following, with us/kongregate being only the most recent addition.
Devs react to user demands and there's are bi-weekly maintenance/update schedule.

2. First steps

Luckily, there's not much you can do wrong during the early levels. 1-20 go by pretty fast.
Skill pretty much as you want, your stats will likely change most by way of gear you find...
and since you level fast, it becomes dated fast (fashion trends :) ).
So dont go buying new stuff every single level or refreshing your shop all the time.

Don't go spending your donuts until you understand the game better.
things you can't go wrong on: 50% mission booster, an paying for the 3rd or 4th daily energy refill.
probably a waste: finishing misions early, buying items with nuts

The first few levels also dont give you a million things to do - new zones, villains, special missions, teamplay etc
are still waiting for you. though you can duel and train, even after you run out of energy.

Ask a lot of questions and dont be afraid to chat ppl up. theres a nice helpful community.
dont hop teams too much. teams invest in their HQ and usually dislike being used as stepping stones.
if you feel you've outgrown your team or need to try a new one - leave them a donation b4 you go :)

more on early strats and donuts: see (other articles)

3. Your Hero
aka: just what the world's been waiting for...

Your hero is your ultimate engine of honor, which is what we al fight for in the end
(besides mom, donuts and cranberry apple pie).

you can change your hero's look at any time and add a personal description.
in HeroZero, many paths lead to honor. of course, it can only be won in battle
- be it team honor or individual honor.
in order to get ahead, you can make your hero use
-time - 24h available per day)
- training units (10 per day, refreshes at midnight PST, unused units dont carry over)
- courage (replenishes constantly at a rate of 1 point / 3 minutes, but capped at 100 max), replenishes at refresh.
- energy (100 units available per day. refreshes midnite PST)

the quality of your hero is determined by level rank and stats,

- experience: you gain experience by completing missions, special missions, hero deeds or fighting villains.
each level costs 384exp more than the last.

4. Your Team
aka, the true chosen ones.
as opposed to: imposters, bad guys (every other team, except yours)

Your team is where most of the cool stuff happens, and you fight over who does the dishes in team chat.
your team provides you with the most valuable of bonuses:
companionship -> more reason to play, additional exp returns per mission (pop upgrades) more coins per mission or work hours (motivation) more stats (facility) and... even moer members (quarters)

each of the upgrades cost donations, and prices grow fast, so good teams need to pull together.

5. Stuff to do:

Honor is determined by how often you attack / get attacked, and who your opponents are.
You may test your strength against any other hero up to three times a day - more if both of you use the counterattack options.
6. Shopping Guide
7. Donuts.
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Posted 27 June 2015 - 07:32 AM

thanks for all this i think newbies should read this before start

I also have a team and i leader of my team i always want good of my members thus i help them at every moment, so they can level up faster i always guide them and i invite newbies

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Posted 27 June 2015 - 02:23 PM

Hey Ahmedabrar, if you made a post then shortly thereafter, think of something you need to add in, just hit edit and continue your original post. 

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Posted 28 June 2015 - 07:46 AM

Thx jagan i will remember this

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