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Full Moon Story

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Posted 11 August 2019 - 08:13 AM



• How are these images related?
• Using these three images, create a story.
• Your story must refer to all three images.
•Your story should be between 200-400 words.
• Publish the text in the " Forum Event" section created for this event.
•In your entry, you need to add your username and server: EXAMPLE: Nuno UK1
• Use your imagination!
•The Event will run for 10 days ;)
•Do not use multi-accounts, you will be disqualified from the Event.
•Each person can only get 1 prize, in 1 account and only in 1 server.
•Do not use illegal words, you will be disqualified.
•Copying a previous player’s story is forbidden. You will be disqualified for plagiarism without warning by the moderator team. For this reason, editing is forbidden. Please check your work before posting.
• You can only get 1 reward in the entire Event (one reward per user, only).
• There are market/server restrictions, example: if you participate in UK forum Event, you can only receive a reward on UK servers.
•Once submitted, you cannot edit your posts. Edited answers will be disqualified.
• If there is an error in the spelling of your account name or server, use the “Report” button on your post to get the attention of a moderator. Explain what needs to be changed! A moderator will then review your request and fix the mistake.
• All the participants will receive 7 days of 50% Skill Booster and 7 days of 50% Quest Booster

The timeline
• This Event will take place between the 14th of August and 23rd of August
• Event prizes will be delivered until the 31st of August.



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Posted 15 August 2019 - 01:59 AM

It was a full moon night, and young, or not so young, but still pretty spry, Ichabod (but his friends call him craine), getting off the computer after a long night of playing Hero Zero. He went to the forums and decided to read about the new competition, entitled, "Full Moon Story," however, to his dismay they were asking him to incorporate the word "Worldboss." He had never heard of it in his life, so decided to consult Google, through many hours of searching he decided that Worldboss was a fancy term for a villain. He decided that this task of writing a story connecting a full moon, Hero Zero and the word he recently added to his vocabulary, Worldboss was too tall of a task for him. Instead of writing a story, he decided to wear his pajamas inside out, you know, the way children do when hoping for a snow day, in hopes that an item selling con would still be near. He was never the superstitious type, but he knew that since there had not been an item selling con in so long, perhaps this would help. Craine decided to head to sleep, when he woke up, to his dismay, there was no announcements of an item selling con, only another announcement for a villain con - er I mean, Worldboss con.


- NewDay US3

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Posted 15 August 2019 - 02:33 AM

One evening, Catznchocolate stood in the Golden Desert watching the full moon rise behind the sphinx.  She admired the play of light and shadow created by the moonlight.  Suddenly, everything changed.  Her head started to tingle, and her limbs grew so heavy that she could no longer stand upright.

“Worldboss (Villain) in the Golden Desert!”  The news spread quickly.  The higher-level heroes began the assault as those who had not yet unlocked the zone watched in envy.  Surely such a rare event would yield special rewards.  But something was wrong.  In place of the usual villain was a creature with the body of a sphinx and the head of a gorgon.  Before the players could strike, she instantly turned each one to zeronite.  Instead of weakening, the creature gained strength with each attack.
Two hours passed and the creature neither perished nor fled.  “How do we stop this thing?” Will10 screamed right before he too was turned to zeronite.  NewDay and the lemurs made a valiant attempt to retrieve the Will10 zeronite statue, but they were not quick enough and were all transformed by the creature.
“Wake up Catz, it’s nearly time for the team fights and you’re not signed up,” said Mioniecat.  Catznchocolate opened her eyes.  It was only a dream?  But it had seemed so real – the screams of the players, the field of zeronite statues, etc.  “Hey Mionie, you’ll never believe what I dreamed last night,” she said.  After signing up for the fights, Catznchocolate logged onto the Hero Zero forum.  The following thread caught her eye.
Full moon glitch – We apologize for any inconvenience caused by the glitch last night.  We believe that we have tracked down all the zeronite statues and all players have been restored.  If you are still missing a teammate, please send a ticket to support.  FaithfulAizen
Was it only a dream?
- Catznchocolate US4

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Posted 15 August 2019 - 02:53 AM

                In a dark and stormy night, the full moon arose, and all the game realms went insane. World bosses started showing up all around the world. In panic, all the heroes started hitting the bosses to take them down, but they were only tickled by the attacks. The center of this chaos, started on US4, where the powerful evil spider world boss began creating a new machine. This machine powered from lunar power, so when the moon went full, it created millions of minions that the spider could command. She scattered all those minions around the entire world, to cause chaos. The angel and the boy have known the spider for many centuries and knew her since she was a little baby spider. They have always been able to control her but this time they were unable to stop her from causing all this chaos. Panicked, the boy and the angel ran to the city of Yokio to find out their emergency golden kettle, which creates the most calming and relaxing tea in all of Hero Zero. The angel and the boy brewed the tea as quickly as possible in the golden kettle and flavored it with some chamomile, for extra calming power. They decided to tell the wise cat named Cleo, to deliver it to the spider, since they couldn’t get in her castle as easily as little slick Cleo could. Within the next 5 minutes, the full moon turned into a cashew. The angel and the boy ran to the spider’s castle to see what has happened, and they found the spider holding flowers in her big comfy chair and relaxing. The machine that created all the bosses had broken into pieces and the villains around the world had all disappeared. The spider boss had turned back into her normal self after she had tasted the tea. She woke up and rewarded the two heroes with twenty donuts each for calming her down. The two heroes hugged her and thanked her for her generosity. The spider went back to being her lovely self and brewing tea for all the heroes around the world, like she Always did, and the two heroes returned to their team, to prepare for other world bosses that may appear around the world.



-  Astral US4 

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Posted 15 August 2019 - 03:32 AM

Once upon a time there was a team on us4, it consisted of a Queen who clear the entire floor. Her royal sassiness was known throughout all the other game relms, but here she was Always. Now Always likes TEA. And she entrusted the tea aquistion to her lovely house slave Astral. NOW Astral was a lazy slave and demanded a steed to ride upon. Lord was the chief merchandising officer and bought him a donkey to ride named HeroShima. This appeased the house slave and he then lured Rex to the party. The queen of hearts Always, then demanded more TEA, so Becks and Faith encouraged Lord to issue punishments with his pink riding crop aquired during the amazing casino that is also known as the motivation units supply of death. Leoheart had been quietly grinding in the dark back corner of the clubhouse and had overtaken the Queen in levels and won donuts as an offering for the team to have with their tea. GrieF was busy.......taking a time out from his DJ skills and SpeedDemon was awefully quiet in the back corner near Leoheart. All was well in the relm, until Bionicle spilt the queens TEA, and then it was on for young and old. Everyone start to fight and punch each other. The chaos rippled through the lands and looked a lot like the hero zero logo. The fight continued through the afternoon until the full moon rose up high in the sky and everyone fell asleep. Worldboss Waterinn came into the clubhouse and quietly cleaned up the mess, placing a blanket over each team mate and giving them a gentle kiss on the forehead.


lord US4

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Posted 15 August 2019 - 07:22 AM

The full moon was high in the sky and all the creatures of the night were creeping throughout the many worlds of HeroZero. The mystical moonbeams danced across the lands and were sending the entire community into a crazed frenzy, and the much feared world boss was concocting her evil scheme to dominate all of the servers in existence. She had been quietly awaiting the full moon and now that it has arrived she has pounced on her opportunity to execute her evil masterplan. She zeroes in on Lord and whacks him over the head with a club and drags him back to her secret lair where she locks him in a dungeon never to be seen again. She pulls her majestic red cape around her as she runs back out into the brightly lit night, looking for the creatures she can recruit to join her in her quest for world domination. She then happens upon her most trusted henchman Astral (who has an interesting new steed), whom she enlists to guard the entrance to her secret lair. As she ventures out further into the night she is greeted by the angelic Faith, who volunteers to fly her where ever she desires. *Rubbing her evil hands together*, she asks to be flown to the HeroZero water supply, where she sprinkles mind control dissolvable powder, and convinces everyone across the lands to make her their ultimate ruler. Those who adored her, did so happily, while those who didn’t, did so through her mind control and were forced to conform.

Always ~ US4

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Posted 15 August 2019 - 07:48 PM

Welcome to WRFF: Riff Raff News!
I'm Craine, you're investigative-eye reporter.
We bring you to a horrific scene in the Big Crumble where a fifty-foot giant plumber sporting a voluminous mustache, a pair of threadbare overalls and very little else is exhibiting more than mayhem. Shop windows have been shattered, cars trampled, water mains have burst and Ethyl Girdletight's Bundt cake has flattened. This cannot be tolerated! What can be done?
At last, help has arrived! Here comes the Riff Raff mobile, an early model pinto with more Bondo than horsepower. As the car stops I can see numerous heroes pouring out not unlike a Hannah-Barberra version of a clown circus.
NewDay takes the lead and confused the overgrown lummox with a set of dog-eared flashcards while Catznchocolate and Mioniecat open fire with matching mother of pearl handled bazookas which seem to be firing aunt Matilda's meatloaf. Will10 is dispatching his feral lemur squadron while Peeper takes the minutes and handles the scorecards. This is multitasking at it's finest, folks!
Oh no! The bazookas have little effect, but the flashcards have the giant's attention as he begins to count on his fingers. The lemurs have clambered all over him and have begun to bite!
Shredded back hair and denim threads are littering the street as the plumber emits an awful cry of anguish which, to this reporter, sounds like Gomer Pyle gargling into a megaphone.
The giant has fallen face first onto the street. He is down! And his tattered overalls have slid down to his ankles leaving a truly horrific sight. Cover the eyes of the kids at home who are watching this! Our news helicopter closes in and I can just make out a tattoo upon his hindquarters which reads "World Boss" and is emblazoned with what appears to be a likeness of Wilford Bromley choking.
Peeper has the score at 1 - 0. The night is saved with the estimated property damage of $597.32.
So, that's it folks. It has been a harrowing evening and this reporter will always remember this as the first night that he has seen two full moons!

Craine US3
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Posted 15 August 2019 - 08:53 PM

It was a summer day like any other. We were free that day from our work - "herozero" job in our town - we saved cats and found lost glasses. The only small (maybe a little bigger) difference was that later in the evening my friend and I went to a rock concert. Late evening more precisely. Said and done, we prepared our black and slightly worn time shirts, black pants with chains and crocodile leather boots. We got to the concert and it was already dark outside. The band's soloist that evening sang about 4-5 songs and suddenly fell on the floor. A macabre laugh was heard from behind the scenes and then there was silence. The darkness outside slowly begins to become whitish due to the full moon. My friend and I usually have a backpack with the ones needed for our herozero job and when the full moon shows up in its entirety I saw what I never wanted to happen behind the scenes there is a Worldboss trying to steal the guitar from the soloist rock. Now, being with the equipment in our backpack, we quickly jumped over the fences and armed with our tennis balls plus a belt of my father I managed to immobilize the Worldboss and recover the guitar. The soloist quickly recovered and thanked us from his soul, and as a reward he offered us 2 free tickets to their next concert.
That was an ordinary day :).

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Posted 15 August 2019 - 11:06 PM

A gentle breeze was swirling over the rooftop as the latest recruit from the Hero Zero hero for hire agency squatted behind a venting pipe. Exhausted, battered, filthy and with a rancid smell appearing from his tights, This night was not turning out at all what he was expecting it to be. Memories of the young, clueless upstart full of motivation that joined the academy yesterday spring to his mind, a bitter smile creeping onto his lips. 
Some time passed as he crouches there, a wretched thing, the wind whipping the shreds of tattered cloth still hanging from his shoulders, what is left of his standard issue Hero Zero Agency cape slapping against his face, mocking him, taunting him. 
Eventually, his mind turned onto the events of the night, and as the trauma of each memory slowly begins to elicit its response, the broken man loses what little rationality he has left. Falling to his knees, he throws back his head and shrieks at the sky, the full moon staring down at him as if it were trying to pull all of his pain and anguish, all of the suffering he's endured tonight towards it, the only intelligible words he's spoken in hours coming after many minutes; his voice but a hoarse whisper. "Why send us up against the Worldboss on my first night?". 
As yet more memories of the evening come to him he collapses to the floor, unconscious, all energy completely spent.
Fumanchoo US4

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Posted 19 August 2019 - 01:32 AM

"Beware when the moon turns full--50 years of anger will be released," the wizened man wearing a NASA ID whispered as I toured Houston's Johnson Space Center.  "I was here for all 6 manned Moon landings and the things I witnessed on the unreleased videos still terrify me," he said.


"What things?" I asked.


All I understood from his fearful reply was "Worldboss...Full Moon after Apollo 11 anniversary...destruction."


After returning home, my ears rang with his words, and I waited for August 15, the first Full Moon following the 50th anniversary of Apollo 11's landing.


I used my telescope nightly and on August 13, I saw a flash and a streak rise from the Moon.  I thought it could be a comet, but the streak arced over and behind the Moon.  I trained my telescope to the opposite side of the Moon and 30 seconds later, the streak reappeared, rose above the horizon, flattened out and turned into a dot.


I called Jeff, he wired his laptop to my telescope and we watched it grow before daylight.  The next night it was larger.  One number-crunching hour later, Jeff said, "It'll land in Paris tomorrow night, during the Full Moon."


I got on the HeroZero team chat, notified my team and we booked flights for Paris, geared up and waited for the inevitable.


After sunset, as the Full Moon was rising above the iFail Tower, a streak flashed across the night sky, and someTHING landed on the plaza before us.  It rose from a roughly spherical mass like a Transformer to sport two arms and legs.  On its "chest" three craters looked like eyes and a mouth.  The Moon creature thundered, "I am Worldboss.  I control everything on the Moon, and soon here as well," and it began flailing its arms, demolishing cars, trees, buildings.


We threw everything against it, but its powerful blows thwarted our attacks.  Other heroes appeared and joined in, tirelessly weakening the creature.


As it looked like Worldboss would escape defeat, donut consumption increased, and with seconds left, Worldboss let out a roar of defeat and launched itself into the sky, enabling CaptainAmerica to get one final strike on it before it disappeared into space.  In its wake, an Ironic Helmet fell down and Cap snatched it up, saying, "Yes!"  Others received pieces of epic Moon Gear or Moon Minion sidekicks to train.


Scrambler, US4

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Posted 20 August 2019 - 04:47 PM

“On the night of the full moon, we will rise and nothing will stand in the way of success.” – Yours truly, Worldboss


I saw that note tucked under the windshield wiper of my trusty hero-mobile, as I left the drycleaners with my wardrobe of hero outfits. “Worldboss,” I said to myself. Who is that?


I took the note back to my herozero team and we collectively put our heads together to figure it out. None of us had heard of this villain before.


Soon the full moon was upon us and we eagerly laid in wait to see who would appear, when suddenly an aroma of yeast came wafting through the night. Noses at attention, we followed the smell to our local bakery.


At the bakery, we discovered freshly baked doughnuts being displayed in the windows. Intrigued and slightly hungry, we went inside to see what was going on. To our surprise, the nametag of the baker read “Worldboss.” We pulled our weapons to defend our city. The baker turned to look at us and said the weapons were unnecessary, as he had just bought the shop and his recipe for doughnuts needed no utensils, as they melted in your mouth. He then shared that that he was having a 5 for 1 sale, and we should load up and help make his business a success.


We left full, and ready to fight another day.




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Posted 20 August 2019 - 05:05 PM

On a cloudy summer evening, the Hero Zero heroes gathered in their clubhouse. They are worried. They cannot sleep and no longer want to eat. The big danger lies in the Worldboss. He comes back more and more often in the village of Humphreydale and holds everyone in his power. Nobody dares to go outside as soon as they hear him coming or know that he is around.


The Worldboss is a big, always hungry giant with shoe size 50. He will knock anyone who comes his way.


The heroes made a plan. The Worldboss may be a tough guy, but there is one thing that he loves: salted popcorn. Every day a large pan of corn is put on the fire in the clubhouse. If the Worldboss were to threaten them, they still have their secret weapon.


This evening there are large footsteps around the building. Then the doorbell rings. Everyone crawls away. The team leader collects all baked popcorn and puts it in a garbage bag. He walks upstairs and opens the window above the door. The garbage bag is thrown out. But before he does this, he sprinkles some poison over the popcorn. He quickly closes the window and hides.


The Worldboss smells the popcorn, takes the bag and runs away. Nice, he thinks. He walks out of town on the way to the forest. He sits down under a tree and eats his belly full of popcorn. Then he becomes nauseous and starts vomiting. Green gunk with pieces of popcorn. His stomach is empty, but he remains nauseous.


To calm his stomach, he eats some nettles. It helps and he falls asleep. He wakes up the next morning. He starts again with the popcorn bag. This time he gets itching everywhere. He decides to run into the river and is caught by a group of hungry crocodiles.

A hero in a hot air balloon saw it happen and informs all residents of Humphreydale. They lived happily ever after.



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Posted 22 August 2019 - 08:00 AM

That moon. Round, like a Zero. That moon! The same one we see all around the World. The moon and the stars are the same ones we see and yet, common ground has not been found out. Perhaps that moon will be the World Boss. The equator maker, equation answer, and equal place when we do define some ground to be common.


Perhaps. I wonder.


I must find out if we need it and if it can be true that a World must have a Bossy satellite, or any common ground, in order to exist on its own accord. This needs an answer!


I have no idea even if there is an idea that becomes an answer but, I need to try. I will. I will try!


I flew to the Moon with my suit of Heroic gear and stood there, looking back. There were no answers found from that perspective. It was perplexing from that angle, standing still. I moved around! I tried more points of view. I put myself in orbit with all kinds of tools, gadgets and armaments. There was no end. No answer. I knew I needed help.


I declared myself Leader, in my own effort, as a further test of my demand that it's worth while to seek a solution! I heard no echo. No response that proved there is an answer! Indeed, there is no World Boss, an orbiting Leader, or a possible end to inflationary existence. I saw an abysmal result. I needed more help! I needed Faith.


That primal realization demanded another Hero! And, not just one! All of them! I already knew I was willing to lead. Then I must do it now! Find all the Heroes right away!


In this search I saw that the Moon was full and only served as a reflection. The World must also be full of Heroes like me! I will find them. I will welcome them. I will lead them as long as I can! There is an answer to be found by a Team of Heroes. I am not alone. That is the only answer.


I'm tired and could use some Energy. A donut sounds perfect, right about now.


Love & Joy, all year 'round to every Hero everywhere! WE, meaning, YOU are ALL that good.




Shakespeares Revival

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Love and Joy, all year 'round,



#14 Kiraisgod



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Posted 22 August 2019 - 09:21 PM

On a full moon night in the world of Hero Zero.A hero who calls himself Masquerade was in disguise as a scientist named Dr. Johns. He was waiting up top the mountain of Switzerland to meet with the world boss known as, The Quantum Physicist to find out his evil plan. Masquerade had been waiting a half hour for his arrival but he does not know how much more he can take. He was freezing to near death and the cold soda he had been drinking probably wasn't any help. As Masquerade was about to give up, The Quantum Physicist finally arrives. "Sorry I am late Dr. Johns I had to do last minute change to my plans. As I found someone is posing as my partner." The worldboss said as he pointed a laser gun at him. Masquerade was steeping back from him and asked "How did you know?" The worldboss chuckled "There were a bunch of soda bottles on the way up here. Which I thought was odd since Dr. Johns hates soda." He then brings the laser gun closer to Masquerade's face. "Now soda addict, do you have any last words?" Masquerade then gave out a smirk and said "You haven't won just yet." He then quickly brings out a soda bottle to flick the laser gun away. Afterwards Masquerade then lands a few punches on the villain. The worldboss then tried to land punches onto the hero however, he dodged every hit and kicked the worldboss onto the ground. "I won, villain!" Shortly after Masquerade threw The Quantum Physicist in jail and enjoyed the rest of his night drinking soda.


Masquerade - US4


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