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How To Prepare For HeroCons

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Posted 01 February 2019 - 09:27 PM

HeroCon Help


Everyone has their own personal way to prepare for HeroCons; However there are some ways that players have figured out that helps them get ready.  below i will add some of the HeroCons and what can be done to help yourself, as well as help your team become great!


(Epic = 9 pts; Rare = 6 pts; Common = 1 pt):
- Prepare by storing items immediately until you've filled all your storage with items. Epic items get the most points in the HeroCon, so focus on collecting/storing epic items. Items with a gold square around them are worth the base points (epic, rare, or common) + 3 added points, so those are also good to store. Another good thing to store are missiles, as you can use almost all the missiles...when you have 10 or less missiles, save it to sell
- If you earn a special item in your heroic deeds (clipboard) that you don't need for your Hero, keep it stored there and don't redeem it until this HeroCon starts.
-Once this Herocon starts, make it a point to buy all the items in the second hand shop to then resell, use the free refresh and buy all the items again to resell.
-If real life is busy, batteries are your friend  ;)   At the very least, when you log on during this herocon, use your batteries to help contribute. (your Team will thank you for any little bit)
-For us that basically pay rent to live on HeroZero, make it a point to store up your energy that you are awarded as an achievement. When this Herocon is going on, redeem that energy and use it up.
-Villain: fight the villain to earn the extra energy
-Hero Distress Calls: If you see an HDC that awards energy, make it a point to complete it and use the energy. If you do not have an HDC that awards energy, use your one free refresh to see if you can get one.
-Save your coin and use it during this Herocon. Skill points get more expensive fast, so be strategic and buy skill points during this particular task.
-Duels and league fights will give you more coin you can then buy skill points with.
-Special missions will also give you more coin.
-Complete missions that give you the most coin per energy point.
-Sell common items to earn more coin to buy more skill points (save your rare and epic items for that Herocon)
-Attack the villain to earn coin and to earn energy to earn more coin, then buy skill points
** Do NOT upgrade the Hideout Base during this event. It will disable your ability to collect coins during the upgrade. Upgrade anything else in the Hideout.



(+1 for every Glory point you win in attacks on other hideouts)
-Make sure you have 2 attack-o-bot factories 
-The higher level your fighting bot improvement (max level 25) is, the less attack-o-bots you’ll need to have and the more successful you’ll be in gaining glory. 
-The higher level your Robot Warehouse (max level 10) is, the more attack & defense bots you can store.
-For those of you logging on once a day,  do all your attack bots when you're on and then please have some producing when you log off.
-For those of you who call this a second home, attack when those bots are ready. Be sure to use the slider/arrows to adjust the amount of bots you're attacking. Not every opponent will require the max amount of bots you have ready for attack. (you can refresh every 10 minutes)
-Be sure to use your free refresh if your next opponent is a sure loss. Still got a bad opponent? You can fight 1 bot. It will waste that 1 bot and you'll lose that battle, but the next battle might be a sure win, so it's worth it if you're on and wanting to get in as many fights as possible.
(Win fight = 3 points; Lose fight = 1 point)
-Choose fighting missions that cost the least amount of energy.
-Choose easier fighting missions as you get 3 points for a win & 1 point for a loss
-Fight the villain to earn more energy to do more fighting missions.
-Buy energy and use it ALL up.
-Look in the clipboard, sewing machine, and hero hideout "pieces of equipment" for stored energy.
-When this Herocon is NOT actively going on, make it a point to get all your missions back to the start point. This will make the first level equivalent to the level you are on.
-Try, try, and try again... 
-If you only log on once a day, please do as many special missions as you can at that time.
-If you have this as your second address, try and hit once an hour.
(Win Duel = 3 points; Lost Duel = 1 points)
-As a team, we will try and get the +20 courage for duels so we can do more duels. To help us get and keep trophys that help us with this HeroCon, check in each day to report to attacks.
-You get more points for winning, so go to the hero ranking list, and choose people that are easy to win.
-You can also find opponents to win against by going to Duels & Leagues and then clicking on "Display Duel Attack History" (the fist) to find people you won against in past attacks.
-Equip yourself with your strongest sidekick & missiles
-Duel as often as you can
(20 points for each epic mod; 10 points for each rare mod; 3 points for each common mod)
-It takes 12 hours to produce a modification. When you log on, collect your previous mod and start a new one.
-More points are given for rare and epic modifications. If you only have common to choose from, use your free refresh to try for a rare or epic mod. 
-If you only log on once a day, collect your mod and set a new one
-If you are a go getter, set those alarms and collect your mod and start a new one every 12 hours.
A great way to prepare for this HeroCon is to try to produce an epic when the HeroCon isn't ongoing and then don't claim it until this HeroCon actually starts. This does mean you won't be able to produce mods when the HeroCon isn't ongoing, 
(1 point for each new Sidekick level)
- To get most points, make sure you are leveling up sidekick that requires the least amount of XP to level up. (Pretty easy as sidekicks with lower levels will level up faster.)
- Focus on doing missions that reward the most XP. Also be sure to collect XP from your hideout.
- When this HeroCon is not happening, you can prepare for this HC by getting your non-level 30 sidekicks just to the edge of leveling up. Leaving them so all they need is a bit of work to get them to level up quickly during the next HC.
-1 point for every energy consumed during time missions, so be sure to use all your energy each day.
-Choose time missions that give the least amount of energy.
-If you have energy vouchers, now's the time to use them.
-If you have stored energy, you can redeem it to get more time missions.
-Fight the villain to get extra energy to do more time missions.
-You get one point per attack and a bonus of five points if the villain is defeated
-Even if you can’t stay and attack the villain, get a hit in just in case he is defeated
-You should always have the 25% mission booster on, but if you have ten donuts saved, get the 50% booster...you’ll be able to hit the villain more often
-Save your batteries and use them on the villain
-Utilize the “Villain Alert System” if your team has a group on FB, or someone intrusted you with their number to text them be sure to let them know.
If you have any other tips please post them in the comments

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Posted 01 February 2019 - 10:33 PM

Here is an example for the selling stuff


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Posted 04 February 2019 - 05:11 PM

Hideout fights: Be sure to use the slider when choosing your fight - If you leave it maxed to the left, you use max bots for the fight.  Many don't need that.  Slide to the right to lower the number of bots used, and only use the amount you need to win.

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