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Garage Interview #19 with Data

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Posted 19 September 2017 - 01:20 PM

Interview Part I:

Hello community, 

welcome to another interview in our stinky garage. I am your reporter today and my guest here is Data. 



• Hi, how are you? Can you give us your username and the servers where

you are playing?

Hi.  I am Data and the Leader of The Lawn Chair Gang on US3.





• Do you want to talk a little bit about yourself, about the life when you are not working as a hero?

I am back in Denver in my old house with friends that I am teaching to play Hero Zero.

It is part of our regular schedule now.


• When did you start to play Hero Zero?

It was November 2014. Today is July 13th, 2017 and I logged in day

772 so I have missed a few days. (It is also my brother's birthday

but do not tell anyone.) 


•  :X How did you start playing Hero Zero? Through friends? Publicity?


My brother Dogberry found the game and said it was OK for me to play.


• Do you still remind the first days as a “noob” in Hero Zero?


Oh yes! It was a big event. I got kicked out of a team for not

playing for three days  during Christmas! My brother got VERY angry

and started a new team just for me. He got the whole team we were on

to come join us except for one player and the Leader that kicked me

out. HAHA!  That is how Shakespeares Revival got started.  That was

great. We were both brand new still and had to learn a lot fast!

Lots of mistakes with lots of hard lessons as players and leaders.

Great excitement though so we cut and paste the first twelve or so

hours of our new team chat into a file. That is fun to read and

makes me shake my head.  What were we thinking doing that thing?  Why

did we all say that other thing was so important? Those naive ideas

are really laughable!  But also kind of sweet when there is so much

celebration over a handful of donuts.  “Ah, to  be young again!”


• What do you like the most in the game?


Math is my specialty. The calculations for planning strategy and

odds are my bread and butter. Then teaching new players how to plan

in advance and maximize their numbers is really great.  Watching

Heroes think several steps ahead and get the rewards is great but

when the light goes on above their heads like “EUREKA I get it” is

the best!


• Do you have particular goals to achieve in the game?


I was the Leader of Shakes off and on. Dogberry and I traded spots

now and then. Now I run our second team The Lawn Chair Gang.  I took

over as Leader when it was abandoned. So we want to get both teams

into the top ten even though it is getting really crowded up there!

For me I want my 10,000's before level 325 with only 25% boosters.  I

am also well on my way to saving enough for the 100 million Shopping

Spree. After that Dog and I want a third team to rotate protection

and trophies. But if anyone is tired and does not want to lead a

team anymore, let me know. We are ready!


• In your opinion, what was your greatest achievement in HZ so far?


There are several that I get a kick out of.  I got my 9,000's by

level 300 with 50% boosters.  Now I am only using 25% skill boosters

and getting my 9,000's all over again very soon.  But most of all it

was being persistent enough to get Leadership of The Lawn Chair Gang.

I think grabbing an empty team that was 100% expanded with over

140,000 honor was unheard of. On top of that we are maintaining

really well with mostly new players and sacrificing ourselves to

protect Shakes as often as possible. That is some number juggling!


• Hero Zero creates friendships. Have you created any kind of

friendship with another player? Who and how?


I have a quote from Data in TNG in my description.  “I have many

human friends.  I would be pleased to count you among them.”

Dogberry is my brother and best friend  and the game is great for us!

When I was living with him in Florida we would be online in different

rooms but still go and high-five each other when we won a team fight

or did something big. We are mathletes like that.  :D Created

friendships have been terrific  too.  Nobody is better than Faith

though! HAHA!  I know everyone in the forum knows FaithfulAizen and

knows that I am right!  But there are others that I know like 

Priscilla who said we should do this interview. I know I can always

talk to her and trust her. There are other Leaders I know I can

trust too.  That is a comfort. Everyone on Shakes has always been

very supportive and encouraging. I do miss seeing MightyMo and

Matrix and Marmelada and ALL of them everyday but, The Lawn Chair Gang

is getting to be a true gang too.  I do count them among my friends.


• Who's your favorite Hero? Why? (e.g. Batman, Super-Man)


There are so many. From Iron Man to Samurai Jack to Batman to even

Data. Heroes get things done. They can be self reliant but also

smart enough to work with a team for the right things.


• Which are your tips for beginners?


Plan ahead.  I know you do not know what you are planning for yet but

just think things through by being observant.  Ask and listen.  Do

not ask and shrug.  Until you hit level 60 you can almost run around

like a kid in a candy store. Almost!  Always think of The Force and

look for balance.  Train the most expensive and buy the least.  Then

make them cost the same. Balance in Basic skill levels is a neat

trick. Save those donuts!!! You NEED Multitasking very very badly!!!

 Dogberry has preached from day one to  Train & Spend! I stand by

that.  It's even a motto on our Facebook Group page. Training is

free stats and playing for coins instead of XP buys stats faster than

finding them in higher level gear. You can cruise to level 100 just

playing for coins and doing your training and getting a rhythm.

Watch for when you want to finish certain Deeds ahead of time. Plan

for those rewards.  When you get into sidekicks, train for the next

one you are going to keep while finishing the one you have.

Otherwise you will be way out of balance over and over and playing

catch up with your stats rather than being in charge of them.  I

could write a lot more!  Most of all do not jump teams.  I understand

needing a change for all sorts of reasons but this is not leapfrog.

If you need a real change or real help, come on over. Otherwise stay

put.  Be a Hero.  Do not be a  **** - well if you know Wil

Wheaton's number one rule for table top games then you know what not

to be.


• Describe HZ in 3 words.


Creative Statistical Probability


• Is there any player you look up to, that you admire? And if so, who

is it and why?


My brother is the best. Dogberry found this game for me and made a

team just for me. He always protects me and picks me up. Not just

in the game. That is the way it has always been. I try to do the

same for anyone I know.


• Name up to three players next to the following descriptions:

a) Best players (exclusively based on their ability as players, not

their personality etc.):


 PolSol, Shockwave, Meljer (I know your name!  HAHA!) As a bonus,

because she is one, Priscilla. I believe she can do anything she

chooses to.  I think she holds back or at least relaxes for the most

part. I swear she has so much in reserve that she could conquer the

whole server as her own team if she wished it.  If I had any of these

Heroes for one month we would change the layout of the whole thing.

I have the math to prove it if any of them want to try it!


b ) Opponents you respect the most:


Respect is an interesting word.  It can cover a lot of reasons.

Everyone I talk about in this whole interview has my respect for one

reason or another. So we kind of cover that.  How about target,

since you use the word opponent? Game target. Right now it is

Danny13.  I have to chase him down statistically and then his team

too! See? Always planning ahead.  :P


c) Favourite forum members (if you are following the forum):


Well YOU do really well you know!  But Faith, Priscilla and Mommy.

And to everyone who works as a Moderator or in any capacity for the

forum, THANKS!  You are appreciated!  (There is another lesson for

noobs.  Always know which side your bread is buttered on!)


• You are one of the top players of Hero Zero. What is the secret of

your success? 


At this moment I am #67 right behind my brother at #66.  We ping-pong

a lot and yo-yo and jump rope and Jimmy crack corn and, wait …  OK,

secret. Right. The same way to get to Broadway.  Practice,

practice, practice! HAHA! OK, sorry. Serious.  It gets redundant

but does not diminish in truth, Train and Spend!  Augment that by

getting all the free boosters you can, like in League Champion and

joining a team and such. Then the regular dueling for Honor and

other status measurements will follow naturally. Save coins for

Heroic Deeds Shopping rewards, but spend some on yourself every

week. Overall it is like Woody Allen said, “Eighty percent of

success is showing up.” Show up. Do it again.

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Posted 19 September 2017 - 01:30 PM

Interview Part II:


• Would you like to send a message to the community of Hero Zero?


Yes, and cover a few bases. This message is for new and old Heroes.

Wherever you are, the game can seem like a task rather than an

opportunity. I get that. This is a game and games NEED to be fun!  Do

not get discouraged by lack of knowledge or get bored by accumulating

it. Either way, there are people who need you to pursue. It is okay

if you prefer something else or are tired but, do not lie. Do not lie

to the people who are serious or to yourself. Some people hate

asparagus (pick a noun!) at first and then start growing it out of a

desire for it.  Then decide to retire.  Games can work that way,.too.

“Oh, I did that. Been there! Done that. Whatever.” That can be said

if you  tried it for two days or two years. It does not take into

account the others around you   and the impact you have made whether

tiny or huge.  I'm trying to plan ahead for the next sentence in my

head and I keep hearing Yoda.  “Do or do not.”  In this case there is

a “try” but it should be a try without boasting. (I know, I know.

I'm a Star Trek character but I have balance with the Force as well

as future temperance and respect Star Wars equally!)  If this game is

not for you, say so!  Turn in your coins and donuts and we will

salute you for not accepting a shower curtain as a cape.  Turn in your

millions and we will accept your needing to move on.  Both gifts in

exit are fair. Being honest is all that is expected. A fun game

needs people who will be upfront.  “Yuck! Bye!”  Is as good as, “Wow!

I am here to stay.”  Or, “This is my swansong.  Good   night.”  HAHA!

Be serious about how you play!  :P  You never know who you might meet

and the effect you have on them. Priorities change for all of us.  Be



• Have some curious anecdote related to the game you want to tell us?


I saw someone on the 16th Street Mall a couple months ago that was

buried in his   device, in his hands. He had just shouted, “Are you

nuts! I had 2,000 on him!”  “It's a fluke!  Hit him again!”  I

shouted back.  I do not talk out loud like that. That was weird for

me. I just know how probability is too unfortunate sometimes. He

yelled back he  would do it and kept yelling at the thing in his

hands!  I walked away. We saw each other later and he recognized me

and asked, “Do you play?”  THAT is a big question in Denver but it

turned out he was a Hero Zero guy and my wild shout was right.  It was

a freakish Duel. He is on a server in Brazil so I did not get to

invite him to my teams but that was great! And it is true. In a freak

Duel you do not understand, hit them again!


• How does it feel to be a leader of one of the best teams in the

entire server? Is it an easy task? 


I was the Leader of a Top 10 team with Shakespeares Revival and I

will be again with The Lawn Chair Gang. It is always an absolute

scary honor!  I do it willingly and gladly. A trusted Advisor is an

absolute necessity.  It is not always easy so it is best to be wise

and ask an Advisor for help and ask for advice from others too. So

noobs that think they should be an Advisor for acting like a cheer

leader and being loud should shut up! They have no idea how it FEELS,

to the point of your question, to be making decisions for others.  It

has nothing to do with yelling/typing about team spirit or coins or

even donuts. It has to do with relationship and trust! New players

should know that they need to ask questions and know that we do too

because you can never stop learning. A leader is learning how to be a

Hero for Heroes! Pass me and every leader the Pepto and Seltzer!

Being a leader churns the stomach!  I will still do it tomorrow and

the next day and on and on.  :)




• Have you ever won a weekly tournament? In what category? Was it

worth the effort?


Not yet. I will plan on getting the #1 in Experience when I spend

100,000,000 coins as long as someone else does not do it in the same

week! I will do it early in the week and put my Lab of Knowledge

back in my Hideout with a Generator in case I have to fight for it.


• Do you have a hobby you want to share with us?


Anything math. Text books, games, puzzles, art, old math books,

methodology, you name it.  Godel, Escher, Bach is my favorite book.

MIT has a course on that book and there are free videos of the

classes online if anyone wants to go through it with me again!  I

have read it cover to cover twice so far.


• You played against a villain? What is your best position to qualify?


I have the winning strike once and got 4th place once.  That is

tempting to spend donuts on but I will not do it.  I know that has

been discussed and I see it as a personal choice and not a mandate

either way.  :)

• What is your advice to newbies?


I have put in some good newbie stuff here so this is one extra thing

that I have shared      with my teams.  A Leader's secret.  SHH!!  Ask for

BATTERIES!!  When I got LCG as  Leader I opened the doors for anyone

to join.  Lots of brand new Heroes walked in with no invite

necessary.  Many never came back and got booted. Others stayed and

worried!  “How do I not get kicked out? I do not want to get kicked

out but I may not       play as much as you!” I told them honestly, “Ask

for batteries!”  You will make sure that I see your name and remember

it.  Dog and I do not treat our teams and Heroes like I was treated

and three days is a nice extended weekend, not a reason to get the

boot. But, to be fair to everyone on the team, grace only goes so

far. So, make yourself  known!  Talk.  Ask questions. Announce your

absence ahead if you can or explain later if you cannot. And asking

for batteries shows ACTIVITY beyond just being present. It is a

great measuring device. You should have seen all the Battery Requests

I got that day!  :-D

And I am not the biggest or most experienced Leader but I have

learned from some of the best so here is advice for them too.  A good

Advisor will help you with this idea. Instigate activity without

being a bully. Most of us know that. I did it with newbies and

batteries. Some do it with contests in the team. I know the Llamas

family does in  house contests with prizes! I know that Dog and Faith

even got together from having a fun bet. Biggest Loser (of Honor)

won. It was Faith, of course! There are lots of ways to encourage

rather than punish. Mine still works when I announce, “I am weeding

The Lawn on Monday!”  My mailbox always gets crammed with Battery

Requests!  HA!


• What's your favorite sidekick ?


All of mine are named after people and things from Star Trek: TNG.

My latest favorite is “Exoxomp.” The robots that Data almost

sacrificed his career for.


• What is yout favorite items ?


A matching suit is great!  Until it is not and Mods start to work

better on new gear. Sad time to break up a matched set!  But, I love

the Little Shop of Horrors Audrey plant and I am still looking for

the Hammer of Amnesia. I can not afford to go digging for it!


• What is your favorite sidekick's capacity/skill ?


Cheating Death is the top for me.  I understand the efficacy of the

others but I have seen SOOO many duels and even entire Team fights

won by 1 point due to that skill to make it my favorite.


• What is the first thing are you doing when you connect on the game ? Why ?


Straight to the Second Hand Shop. Double check that I have sold off

everything I do not need to put in the storage closet for a HeroCon

or because it might become a set. (Or save for Halloween or

Christmas, etc! )  Then I go to my Hero page to see if I have

positive skill points that I have not applied. I should have cleaned

both of those things    up as a chore the night before so I check it for

sure.  Back in the Shop, apply any gear that helps and check New

Goods (BEFORE and after you click on it) for the RARE time it has

something positive. VERY rare but you have to do it!  The rest is

advice.  If you are new it is okay to buy a negative item if it can

take Modifications and you have that    built in your Hideout.  It will

immediately become a big positive with a Mod. Then check if you have

a piece in inventory to wash.  Maybe it is way out of balance so you

have    not applied it yet until it is not so disruptive. Then look at

your stats and cost of each to  decide which to train and get that

started.  Go to the Hideout and collect everything. We will come

back to it in a minute.  Go to your Distress Calls and look for which

one has the rewards you can plan to use. If you can not use more

training in the next    couple days do not stress about getting that

one.  If you accomplish it by chance later on that is fine.  It

counts on your Heroic Deed check list.  Chose one but first click on

Hero Air to see if there is an Heroic Deed ready to pop. Maybe it is

49 out of 50 or positive gear.  If the reward is something you can

use, do that one before the Distress Call selection.  Start that too

if you have Multitasking.  SAVE those donuts if you do  not!!! Then

go back to the Hideout and work your plan there.  Build or Upgrade a

steady step by step design.  Now let it all cook and read your mail.

Do it all again. Success is great. Do it again.


• and the last question: What do you like

the most in the hideout?


I have been around long enough to remember when it was just “Work.”

Now it can bankrupt you instead of making free coins for you, like it

should. So, the best thing is to get the Brokerage Center to level

10 as quick as possible without sacrificing everything else along the

way. That is the key to getting it back to being profitable work

again. Once you can get it to level 10 and everything in balance

again it is the best thing. Have the Base upgraded as necessary with

a Generator on it, of course! Since it is like Multitasking and you

no longer have to Start work before you log off or feed it donuts to

run for several hours it has improved.  Now it makes money all the

time. I think this is reflective of most Super Heroes we know from

fiction. The alter ego that has a bankroll of money or “Work” and

makes money on the side.  It makes good sense with the whole plot or

story line. Also happens in the real world like in sports where

someone like Peyton Manning owns a ton of Papa John's pizza places

while he does his heroic sports stuff.  Go Broncos!




Thank you Data for your great answers. It was a pleasure for me to interview you.

Until next time!

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Posted 19 September 2017 - 09:02 PM

Wooo amazing data!  :)  ;)  (heart)  (heart)

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Aizen is the best

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Posted 19 September 2017 - 10:09 PM

Great stuff, Bro!  Caught your typo of Exocomp! :P  Well said all around.  Looks like you've been listening to all my preaching too. :D  Train & Spend!

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Love and Joy, all year 'round,



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Posted 20 September 2017 - 03:56 AM

There are some very good information in there!
Nice interview, love it!

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Posted 20 September 2017 - 09:56 AM

Very nice interview Data, and way to be our favorite Mighty hero!


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