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suggestion team Mission

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#1 Deki



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Posted 26 September 2012 - 03:54 AM

Right now I really think there should be more potential for player interaction in game, and one idea I had was to have group quests that superteams could embark on weekly to promote player activity.

The Idea would be to have quests that require multiple people to complete, while hopefully making it so that even heroes in the lower level ranges could help their team. Each sub-mission would become harder and harder to complete, but with better rewards.

Prizes could be the usuals(Gold, exp, items, rarely doughnuts) for the player or team, or could perhaps unlock features for the team, or even provide temporary bonuses that last until the team is eligible to do another team mission.

Ideas for team missions or objectives could be:
  • Defeat X [Difficulty] Enemies - The team would have to beat X Enemies that would be generated like regular mission enemies of the same level.
  • Defeat Villain - The team would have to fight a (much weaker) version of a global villain
  • Do [Action] - The team would have to complete a time based mission X amount of times.
  • Find X - The team would have to do time based missions with a random chance of triggering success

An example of a team mission would be:

Mission 1) Fight off 50 easy Bad-men (Reward: A medium amount of gold per participant)
Mission 2) Find the Bad-Cave(3% chance to find per mission) (Reward: Level adjusted cape for each participant)
Mission 3) Fight off 100 Medium Robb'ns (Reward: + 3% stats for all team members for 1 week)
Mission 4) Destroy the Badmobile (100 actions taken) (Reward: +25 energy for 1 week)
Mission 5) Chase off the Joker (Villain) (Reward: 20 team doughnuts, 1 doughnut per participant)
Mission 6) Find Hidden Message (1% chance to find) (Reward: Large amount of experience)
Mission 7) Confiscate loot and escape (300 actions taken) (Reward: Bonus gold/item find for 1 week)

I'd be interested in knowning people's opinions on this.
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Posted 26 September 2012 - 11:15 AM

I wonder if making trophies a really rare prize would be a good way to get more trophies into the game. Not saying that the trophies should or shouldn't happen but I really like the idea of team missions. Thanks for the suggestion.

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