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Posted 23 March 2014 - 07:47 AM

Hello dear hero,

I'll give you some tips that may be able to serve you in the game if you are a beginner , a sketchy if you really want to put all the chances on your side in the game but this topic is mainly used to clarify some things and advice .


For starters, the basic boosters !

You are a new player, you've saved a few donuts ( ten see a little more) hop hop hop booster Mission 50% Off! And even if you do not have time to do a lot of missions, take it anyway

A boost capacity becomes 50% at level 130 very useful , given this level before your base stats are low

So settle for a boost capacity and work 25%


About your stats at the beginning of the game ..

Prefer not to strength, but the stamina for maximum

The strength can then be offset by the weapon and projectiles, this is the least important feature of the game so continually keep a relatively low strength and try to balance as and measurement stamina, the brain and intuition ( while emphasizing the stamina if possible, it will be highly useful for difficult missions because + the + battle will be long it will be to your advantage , see later in this topic)


You do not have a lot of donuts ?

So avoid using them in the flea market (which is based on your level ) so if you are level 20, do not expect to win a subject worthy of a level 100 in constantly renewing

Do not use either in the scum  but if you have a " low " level (below 100 level ) , very often you change equipment , so no need to blow a hundred donuts to win an object that will not last long ...

Keep your booster instead for mission 50% , or to give some to your team , it will be more useful.


More precisely on the toughest missions:

I advise you to use the technique of full requirement ( only have items that increase your requirement)

+ As mentioned above, the goal is to take the fight up so huge and minimal strength requirement , your chances of winning are larger because it give you more chance to dodge and critical hits

The projectiles are not recognized in the missions, you can still keep this strategy will be fully exploited if you remove your weapon ( as it causes damage and thus increases your strength )

The only drawback to this strategy is that it makes you vulnerable to attack your opponents .


Should I choose gold or experience?

Recurring question therefore adopted what choice ?

Personally I suggest you privileging experience ( but making short missions ) to level 150 then privileging gold

Yes but some people have 40 levels and less than me and beat me !

And then? stats cost a lot less expensive, so once you pass level 150 and you throw on gold with the difficult missions ( everything below) will catch up your delay in less time than it takes to say

So do not worry

PS: a ratio does not mean anything , what interest is there no only make training and no mission to have a huge ration ? no !


I do not have much time to spend on the game, where do I start?

Once again it all depends on your level :

- If you are below the 100 level , choose your missions

- If you are above the 100 level must privileging the training that become essential from level 150


Not much time and yet I see a mob that gives extremely me want to type !

A shot enough to win an object ( if indeed she is beaten ) so do not commit yourself to it , do your missions and your training will be more helpful .


What kind of stats choose?

3 choices are available to you :

- Strength and brain : the mammoth, if you dodge the opponent very little you can do very poorly

- Fitness and intuition : the vicious taunt your opponent by avoiding the maximum time

- Balancing four characteristics : the wise ( with a strength however less ) : the opponent will have to adapt to your stats and you do not take risks enormously because you do not depend on chance.

If you see that you have the stats look very strange : a lot of strength and intuition , change it soon ^ ^ and do not hesitate to carry equipment to balance negative

If you privileging the brain and the stamina it can be very interesting yet extremely risky


Probability of a fight :

Quite specific advice which is very profitable ( but it depends on the strategy of the player ) Here's mine :

If your opponent has about 15% chance to dodge , make sure you have a 30% chance to critically hit (if your strength and stamina are almost the same )

If your opponent has less status than you, you will not need to have a high % ( it is the same with strength)

Overall, wear your% critical hits should be 2 or 3 times higher in % chance and your opponent you dodge and vice versa your dodge % should be less than 2 times less than the % chance your opponent you make a critical hit

But we know hero zero is not an exact science ;)


Recent small basic things ...

- Make sure that you understand if you send a message to someone ...

- You can not enroll in just one fight if we were present in the team when the fight was triggered (if you want to leave the team for various reasons, you can still participate in combat if you return in your original team of course before the fight took place ^ ^)



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