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whole guide on sidekicks

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Posted 08 February 2014 - 05:56 AM

I'll try to explain a little above functions pets, benefits, how to get, etc ...


there are some small doubts, I will summarize everything I've been able to discover, it is still early, also for this reason it can be helpful to other players.

The guide is separated into 5 parts:
A) Explanation and functions.
B] Questions and doubts we may have.
C) Special Abilities.
D) Experience of the pet.
- The pet you get for free at level 60, can be obtained in the same way that objects, missions, shops, duels, fighting equipment, and villains. As objects are graduates range rarity.
To put your pet first must click on the white circle that appears under the bar on our level, highlighted in red in the image below. Once the window where we have our pets opens (the first time only have one) select it and click on the Use button.



- Once we have activated our colleague, your avatar within the white circle that was displayed before, if we want to access the detailed information of our mascot, we must click on the

avatar of our colleague. A new screen with all the information appears:


Black color have the name of your pet, which can change first free, then it will cost 30 donuts.



We, Blue level, experience and attributes of our partner. These attributes will be added in the stats of our hero.



Red color have special skills that provide us with our peers, from levels 10, 20 and 30. If you leave the mouse pointer over each pet special ability, we can see what benefits to offer.



, Green have three options: rename, it is what allows us to change the name, release, is what allows us to get rid of your pet, and finally leave companion at home, which allows us to be without pet, or choose another of our pets available






Questions and doubts we may have.



- ¿How do we get the pet?


From level 60 will get a free and may be obtained in the same way that objects through missions in the store, making duels, team battles, and the villains.



- ¿How do I change the name?
In the picture above on the green table.
- ¿Do we have turned off experience pet?
No, not harm us in experience. After completing a mission will see the points add to our bar , and experience points to add to the bar of our partner.
- ¿What are the advantages ?
Definitely the best advantage that gives us is the reinforcement that gives us our stats, plus also his special abilities , will help in battle , we further reinforce the basic stats, etc ...
- ¿What improvements obtained by leveling up ?
Currently improve some attributes ( only those attributes that have , at least for now ) , and from levels 10 , 20 and 30 unlock their special abilities .
If you have for example 50 strength and 20 stamina, increase strength and endurance .
- ¿Can we change clothes, buy items or improvements ?
Currently there is nothing about it , she can not put clothes or buy upgrades.
- ¿How many types of pets there , and which of these is best ?
There are four different types of pets ( fixed) : dog, cat, monkey and robot. And season two pets ( events) : pumpkin and snowman.
Regarding the question of which is better, the difference is in the level of the character (the more you level , the stronger the pet you get ) a part of this important factor , other small difference is the same as the objects the degree of rarity : common or epic, in the absence of rare degree . ( At the moment all they get are epic tier , except that they will give away to level 60, ​​which is common grade). Even more in this influences the distribution of stats, which in the sum total of these.
- ¿What ways are there to experience for the pet ?
There are different ways in which the pet can get experience : normal missions , special missions and will also receive experience accepting completed feats that give us experience as a reward. More or less your pet will receive 20 experience per 1,000 to get our character . With this relationship , it will cost 5,000 experience points received with the character, so that your pet will get 100 experience points.
special Abilities
This has cost me a lot more, according to the patch notes say, there are a total of 18 special abilities for our pets.
Level 10:
1 - Coscorrón -> Stun your opponent during a round.
You have 20% chance to stun
your opponent during a round. It may occur
once in each contest.
2 - constant drops -> Cause damage to the opponent for several rounds.
You have a 40% chance in 4 rounds of any additional damages up to 45% of current hit. May occur several times in each fight.
3 - Do not hurt either -> Reduce critical damage received.
You have a 20% chance of reducing
critical damage your opponent by 40%.
May occur only once in each contest.
4 - So no -> Allows counterattack after a critical hit.
Allows a fast break after a critical hit.
You have a 45% chance of receiving another blow after you have beaten your opponent critically. May occur only once in each contest.
Explanation for this ability: It is that you have a 45% strike two blows after being critically hit the opponent.
5 - Me First -> increased opportunities to tee off.
Have 40% more likely to strike first.
Level 20:
1 - Find the stick -> Increases damage from projectiles.
Damage caused by your missiles
increased by 10%.
2 - Twice as strong -> Increase your core strength.
Your basic strength increase 10%.
3 - Bodyguard -> Decreases probabibilidad receiving critical hits.
The probability that you contricante propine
a critical hit is reduced by 5%.
4 - Four eyes -> Increase your basic intuition.
Your basic intuition will increase by 10%.


5 - Cunning Chico -> Increase your basic brain.
Your basic brain will increase by 10%.
6 - jogging partner -> Increase your basic restencia.
Your basic strength increased by 10%.
7 - Eagle Eye -> Increase the security of your shots hit.
The chances that an opponent avoid your punches will be reduced by 5%.
Level 30 :
1 -Revenge ! -> You can return the critical damage received .
You have 30 % chance of producing
immediately 50% of the damage taken after a
Crit . May occur only once in combat.
2 -A guard ! - > You can prevent an attack.
You have 20 % chance to avoid a blow. Once each may occur in combat.
3 - Full Impact -> Your critical strikes cause more damage.
You have a 30 % chance that your
Crit produce 50 % more damage. may
occur only once in each bout .
4 - Twice is better - > it can attack twice .
You have a 25% chance to attack twice consecutively . May occur only once in each contest .
5 - a whisker -> stand the final blow .
If your opponent propine you a winning blow your hit points will be 1, and continue the fight. May occur only once in each contest .
6 - Eye for eye , tooth for tooth -> You can return the damage received .
You have a 15 % chance of producing an immediate damage received 25 % of the damage after a stroke .



Experience the pet to climb the highest level (30).


29 -> 1.750

28 -> 1.700
27 -> 1.650
26 -> 1.600
25 -> 1.550
24 -> 1.500
23 -> 1.450
22 -> 1.400
21 -> 1.350
20 -> 1.300
19 -> 1.250
18 -> 1.200
17 -> 1.150
16 -> 1.100
15 -> 1.050
14 -> 1.000
13 ->   950
12 ->   900
11 ->   850
10 ->   800
9   ->   750
8   ->   700
7   ->   650
6   ->   600
5   ->   550
4   ->   500
3   ->   450
2   ->   400
1   ->   350
As we can see, the experience required to level up increases 50 by 50 each level we climb. A total of 30,450 experience points on the pet is needed to reach the maximum level (30) this amounts to a total of 1,522,500 experience points for your character. 10-20 days you can get easily.
credit = danielrisa

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Posted 30 July 2015 - 12:36 AM

Can anyone give a detail list o.o   ;)

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Posted 30 July 2015 - 01:24 AM

Can anyone give a detail list o.o   ;)

  There have been many updates since this post. A detail list would be nice to see for current SideKicks..

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Posted 30 July 2015 - 12:51 PM

  There have been many updates since this post. A detail list would be nice to see for current SideKicks..


Feel free to create one ;)

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Posted 30 July 2015 - 08:54 PM

Feel free to create one ;)


I actually am as I have time. Just have a lot on my plate atm.

I'm bringing sexy back!

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Posted 04 May 2016 - 04:10 PM

my mascot is lvl 30 and has the bullseye ability. Is there a special trick to activate this? (think)   Other abilities have a yellow square around them, but bullseye does not.  :S

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Posted 05 May 2016 - 04:40 AM

my mascot is lvl 30 and has the bullseye ability. Is there a special trick to activate this? (think)   Other abilities have a yellow square around them, but bullseye does not.  :S


This ability only has a chance (30%) to activate when you deal a critical hit to your opponent (controlled by how much more brain power you have from your opponent), and when it does you will deal a noticeable amount (an extra 50% will be added to your crit hit) of extra damage to your opponent. So it's basically a super critical hit power up! Perfect for those with high brain power.  (nerd)

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Posted 17 May 2016 - 04:59 PM

Thank you to everyone who has worked on these tips. Another important thing to remember is that by collecting as many sidekicks as possible, you will also complete heroic deeds. there are deeds for your total number of sidekicks as well as the different types of sidekicks you have. When i first started the game, my mentor said "never let a sidekick pass by" and i think that was truly good advice. expensive... but good. ;)



Your sidekick is not finished once you reach level 30! You need to customize it to fit your needs. You will need a sidekick with cockered up as the 2nd skill, to be used for team fights. You will also want a strong sidekick WITHOUT cockered up, to be used for individual fights. Once a sidekick reaches level 30, you may 'steal' one skill from another sidekick. The second sidekick must have leveled up to unlock the skill you want. For example, if you want to steal 'cockered up' you need to level that sidekick to level 20 so you can steal that second skill. you will have to pay the current donut fee, and the sidekick you are stealing from will be lost forever. The sidekick with the new skill will reset to level 0, but it will be reset to your current level (it will be stronger than before). It is far easier to keep the sidekick with a 3rd skill that you like already. You wont have to level the second sidekick up as high (the one you steal from). 


When you are ready to replace a skill on your sidekick, do NOT do so until you have another strong sidekick to use while you are leveling up the one who will get the new skill. It will take you time to level it back up, so be sure to have a backup sidekick to use in the mean time!!! 

Edited by Mommy, 17 May 2016 - 05:08 PM.

Have fun! Its a game! :D

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