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[FAQ] Guide for beginner users

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Posted 08 February 2014 - 04:39 AM

I’m presenting here FAQ about the main features in the game. I hope that it will
help beginners to successfully start playing Hero Zero.

1. What is the impact on your character have skills?

Strength - is responsible for the damage done to ask your character. 1 strength = 1 damage.

Condition - It affects our points of strength and determines how long you can survive in fight. 1 point = 10 condition

Intelligence - Increases chance to inflict critical damage to our opponents

Intuition - Increases your chance to avoid the blows inflicted by heroes.

2. Costs of the skills:

At the beginning skill point costs 5 coins. And next …

5 coins

+1=6  coins

+2=8  coins

+3=11  coins

+4=15  coins


3. How I should expand my skills?

It depends on personal preference. We have specialization in one or more skills, but it has got advantages and disadvantages. The easiest way to expand is expand your character in a sustainable manner.

4. When the Second-Hand Shop is offering a new items?

Every day after moonlight you can refresh your Shop for free, but only one time. Next times costs 1 donut.

5. What are the levels in fight missions?

Fight missions offer better bonuses in the form of gold and experience in less time. There are three levels of difficulty: Easy,Medium, Hard

Easy: Opponent skills are an average of 77.5% of our skills.

Medium: Opponent skills are an average of 85% of our skills.

Hard: Opponent skills are an average of 94% of our skills.

6.How I can boost my energy?

If you finished 100 (without trophy) energy you have got 2 options:The first option is wait to moonlight , when your energy will regenerate automatically.The second option is add 50 energy, using 2 donuts or some coins.  This option you can do  4 times per a day.

7.What is the training?

When you are doing training, you can select skill, what do you want to train. Each training is adding to “Training belt” next point. When you done your training, your skill expanded by 5 points.  Every day we have got 10 points of training. But when your team has got trophy with training, every trophy adds 5 points to training points.

8.Purple and blue items? What’s that?


Purple – Items called “Epic” these items are of high quality with relatively usually high values bonuses. Max. 4 kind of skills

Blue – Items called “Rare” these are the items with lower values than  Epic items, but they are better than the Ordinary items. Max. 3 kinds of skills.

9.What is the missile equipped?

Slot remains locked for players to level  10. When you reach level 10, we have the option to purchase 100 missile equipped. This weapon increases the damage.

10.What is the ranking?

Ranking shows the current location of players and teams. For every winning battle against another player we get the honor, which allows us to climb higher in the ranking.

11.Why buy donuts?

HZ Game is a free browser game.  Despite this, of
course, there are different costs for servers, development of the game, etc.  The main advantage of buy donuts is to support developers that will provide us with a pleasant and long-lasting game. Of
course, we as players also including use by being able to purchase booster, team expand, shorten the mission, or the buying energy.

12.Teams and Team Battles.

In the game, you can join or create your own team which allows us to play with other players. The team also brings benefits through the development of features that give us a bonus in the form of more energy, increase our statistics, or more gold and experience. In addition, the team wins trophies that bring additional benefits to the members of the team and the team fights.



Thx for your attention.


credit = darkshovel

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Posted 09 February 2014 - 04:53 AM

not condition, but stamina. Just saying. 


As for donuts, i would add, that main reason to buy them, is for expanding team. for buying boosters, there should be enough ingame ones. 


As it was often suggested with what should the donuts used on, it's mostly on one thing -  mission booster. And even that depends on how much you play, of course. But if you play enough, that's the best buy

Work booster is absolutely useless, in my opinion, since another 25% is just not enough coins to make it worth it.

Skills booster, if considering buying it, better wait till you have a lot of skill points, I agree with thoughts that it's not worth buying until you have at least 1000 for each skill, without influence of clothes and team. But i'll leave that for anyone to consider.


All shop activities asking for donuts - not worth it. rewards for heroic deeds are just not enough to compensate waste of donutes on shop, whether it's renewing or washing or buying things. Except for missiles. Mostly, that's the only thing you should think about buying there, but if you are lucky, you can have some for free in special missions. And don't forget to be greedy, don't wear them all the time. Missiles don't grow on trees. Well, most of them don't.


Energy refill is a harder question. But mostly, i agree with people on the fact, that first 2 or even 3 refills should be made for coins. That leaves yuo a fourth one. Since it costs a lot, mostly, it's like paying to get additional experience. So, if you have some donuts you don't know what to do with, and want to do something, that can be your choice.


Well, everything else for donuts, like heroic senses doesn't really gives anything much worth of wasting our precious donuts. So, the last thing that really can and should be considering when buying donuts, is upgrading team. Since you can donate only those donuts, that you paid for, not those you got free from game, if you want to upgrade team, that's your only choice.

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