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ideas to improve the game

ideas to improve the game

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Posted 23 May 2023 - 09:26 PM

Good afternoon, I have several proposals.


The first is that the zeronite and glue mines make them produce twice as many resources, since at level 30 they give 30k of glue and 63k of zeronite, it is very little for the high level of the players, since to me It requires 10 million glue to go up 1 room to level 30 of any kind and 22 million zeronite to give 30k x 5 min. They barely reach 150k every 12 hours, very little.


The 2nd idea is similar, the resources they give in the passes are very little 18k of glue and 45k of zeronita very little they should do as they did with the gold that they give these resources to each different hero that depends on the level of the hero raise those resources from the passes


the 3rd idea is to create 1 fitness room with the creation of the sense of fitness 39 you train they go fast if they create 1 fitness room it would be like this for each level of that room it increases 1 fitness point it can reach level 20 or 25 so players will spend and recharge donuts to do all the training buying sense of fitness and it generates more profit to the game


the 4th idea is to give a little more things to the cups, that is, the motivation instead of giving 5 training that gives 7 the energy instead of 20 gives 25 energy the 5th idea is to create 1 pet with accumulation But instead of subtracting 15% from the penance given by the trophies, they should be 20% or 25%, so team battles would be more interesting since the heroes would come out with more power.


The 6th idea, the work bots reach 90% speed. of the rooms should put it at level 25 and that they reach 95% speed of the rooms because 1 room spends up to 1 month to build them and increasing the work bots lasts less construction time


I hope you please apply some of these ideas that are very hello good

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