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Garage Interview Snoop US8

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Posted 07 January 2023 - 01:49 AM










Good Morning, This is Meljer coming at you from the top of Mount Yollywood!!  Today we have a special treat for all you wild hero's out there, but first a word from our sponsor..


**Hello heroes, just a friendly reminder to use those Codes for New Years before they expire at the end of the month.  Also whoever left their dragon tied up next to my car last night you owe me a new car!! On another note the night watchman at the Downtown Casino left the door open and alot of lady bugs escaped, i hope you all had a chance to catch some. You are listening to 99.2HzQ**




(grabs microphone away from our sponsor)


well, now that we established those codes that will expire the end of January, lets welcome our special guest.  


(Guest walks down the hall and we can see he is excited to be here, comes into the room and takes a seat)


good morning and welcome to the HZ radio, can you please tell our audience your name and the servers you play?


Hello! I am Snoop!  I play on us5, us6, us7 (right now retired there) and us8!



That sounds like a lot of work, how do you manage to keep a steady pace? 

(please tell us your secrets)


Well, I switch from one server to the other! It's multitasking! Haha! It's fun really!


when you are not playing a hero in the night what does a snoop do?


When I am not a hero I read, walk, have fun playing other games! Retro GAMES! The old school games are specially fun!


what types of games do you enjoy (mmorg, simulation, rpg,)??


Mainly adventure, RPG's, and collation games!


(takes notes so she can find other games to play)


how did you first come to hero zero?


I was playing on Facebook in the beginning! However I moved to a site called Kongregate since it is an awesome gaming platform!  Then after Flash endedI moved to the Hero Zero site!


i heard that it was, i never tried it personally...**offers snoop pop corn**


Thank you kindly, meljer!


Did your friends play the game or did you see it in a advertisement?


I saw some ads on Youtube! I said why not try it myself? I have been hooked since!


lol and now you got the bug!!!


Fo shizzle!


what do you remember from your NOOB days. what did you find hard to learn?


IN the noob days I had hard to figure out what to do exactly to be better in the game!

For example: I didn't know that STATS is king in this game! I just farmed every resource I could get! It was satisfying to see that after each level I got bigger! Also a lot of people helped me be the hero I am today


there are many different strategies and builds in the way of stats (i myself have a wide range in my games) ***tucks top secret strategy guide into snoop's jacket and winks**



Yes, there are  a lot of strategies in terms of stats!


what do you find best in the game?


I like the farming aspect of the game!


such as?


Coins, XP, free skill points!


(and the rare pink donuts) that pop up ;) 


At higher levels you get more and more! Yes! That is awesome! You do a mission +1 Donut


do you enjoy the casino then?


Yes, I have a favorite casino however! MU ones! I like training a lot!


oh yes, though not many will agree they like all those MUs..but they do build you up


Yes, those MU's are vital for your avatar's strength! I mean overall stats! Well, I personally like to get a lot of MUs! But everyone has her/his favorite stuff in the game! Casino, events etc! It is very important to build up those free skill points! The ones you don't have to buy, but you get from dailies and weeklies!


***commercial*** do you need to build muscle...are your arms flabbier then Jell-O in the wind...well look no more then your very own casino** yes you heard me right for a mere 19.95 plus S&H you can get your very own casino...but wait act now and we will throw in another casino at no additional charge just pay the s&H....(disclaimer, does not guarantee a casino...will only be delivered to Atlantis)


**The ON AIR light comes back on and snoop and Mel are enjoying some hot chocolate and cookies**


Welcome back to your on air 99.2HzQ, we are interviewing Snoop...


So Snoop would you say your MUs then and getting strong is your main goal then?


Yes! Level is fun, but when I don't have time for Energy spending I would rather train and get those stats up!


In your opinion what is your greatest accomplishment so far?


My greatest accomplishment so far is having friends in the game who help me and the team to progress! I mean this game is social!


speaking of friends...have you bonded and made friends you wish to mention?


Well, there are a lot of people and I am afraid I will forgot to mention some, so I won't! All I can say is from which teams!


**knows he wants to say meljer but knows everyone else will be jealous** lol


All of them have  contribution!  Rowdy Rebels, Double Resistance so far!


outside the game do you have any heroes like spiderman...batman...


Yes, Spiderman! I like the word play of his love interest! Mary Jane who is like a drug, like MaryJane, Marijuana!


what power would you want if you could be a superhero?


My superpower? Hmm!  Probably making people stop being sick! Like a doctor, but a love doctor!


That is a interesting choice, Which are your tips for beginners?


Make sure you do your dailies! Energy, Training, Duels, League fights!


Describe HZ in 3 words


Awesome, addicting, entertaining!


Is there any special moment in your career as a hero you would like to share with us?


Yes, having people by my side! Even those on the opposing team! You know who you are, ehem, RR!


Would you like to send a message to the community of Hero Zero?


Have fun with the game, thank you for your awesomeness! I appreciate everyone from the community! I hope everyone will stay healthy and have a nice life from the community!


so lets have a little chat, away from the mic, **turns offf sound so they can have a privateish conversation** so i heard rumors that you left a top team so that you can create a team. not only is that team surviving it is top 3 now because you believed in your teammates and you guys are striving just like the rest of the teams


Yes, we created a team if I can call it by name! To be honest QUEEN OFSPADES created it! I joined after a day of creation! IN the first or so week we were only 2! Now we have 15 members!







its amazing that you guys have gotten into the top 3 so fast, its nice to have friendly competition in a game like this.





Server US^









Thank you, meljer! We are like the noob version of RR! We try to be the best and not be intimidated by other teams who think they can defeat us!


Do you enjoy being a advisor or leader in your teams?


Yes! Very much! Otherwise this game would be dead for me! Everyone has her/his own contribution to the team and it is appreciated!


What is the most strange, funny or in your opinion the best name you have named a pet (and why?!)


Roxette! As a pet it is funny since it's in fact a bands name! A rock band's name! Also Best name!


goes back through notes...you enjoy music..do you listen to music when you play?


I enjoy most genres! 


Have you ever won a weekly tournament? In what category? Was it worth the effort?


I have never won a weekly tournament! I was top 3 on us6 in the xp tour! On us8 I barely get to top 100! lol It was worth the effort! I like donuts!


Do you have a hobby you want to share with us?


Yes, mostly gaming! Get in the top and having fun with it!


What is your nickname in the game? Why choose this for your hero?


In the Hero Zero game I am Snoop! Like the real Snoop I like rap, hip-hop! I also like the gangster mentality! That is "on our own we are strong, as a pack we are almost unbeatable!"


You played against a villain? What is your best position to qualify?


Yes, I played against a VILLAIN! I was top 3 once!


What's your favorite sidekick ?


I like the Marie sidekick ! 



(mildly wonders if Snoop let out all the lady bugs from the casino!!)


What is your favorite sidekick's capacity/skill ?


Festive Fireworks!


What is your favorite items ?


I favor items with stamina and intuitions!


ok, that is all the questions i have for you. is there anything you would like to ask me, or mention if not we would like to take a pic of your hero for our herostagram page.


I would like to ask you, how did you become so powerful?


(makes sure mic is off and leans in to tell Snoop her secret)

I am very competitive and do everything  i can to get strong.  i use each server as a learning stone to know what i need to do better that perhaps i didn't do correctly in the previous one, for instance the MUS i would just do them to get them done, i didn't pay attention to  the rewards, so now i am careful and do the ones that are important. also my husband plays and he is better then me so i have the at competition of me needed to be better then him, we just wont tell him he is better at the game...might go to his head lol




In closing i want to thank you snoop for coming onto the radio with us and agreeing to do our interview, i hope you enjoyed yourself and as a token of appreciation i will tell you when you leave the building go to your left as there is a dragon to your left


Thank you for having me here! It was fun!  I will become one! Get ready for a sequel: SNOOP DRAGON!



Snoop's herostagram Photos.









Well there goes another amazing player!!! I want to thank our guest as well as our listeners for tuning into 99.2HzQ, have an amazing day!!!! :) 

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