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#1 Dove



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Posted 10 February 2020 - 12:04 AM

Here are a few ideas that i came up with while playing the game i don't know if you can do any of these but i would love to see them in the game



1. Change the fighting animations give us something new because those old animation personally for me are getting boring, here's an idea if a person has missiles he takes them out of a pocket or something and throws them to the enemy. Add more dodging animations more critical animations and give the sidekick some animations too. When you are fighting someone animate it so that when you take a certain amount of damage it looks like your armor is bruised or damaged and the person has scratches on himself or something.

2. make it so that villains give the best item not to the top 1 but to the top 3 because it is way too hard for a lower level player to get that item unless he spends a lot of donuts and donuts are valuable and some people can't buy them

3. Add more new enemies to the fighting missions.

4. In fighting missions add a background depending in which zone you are

5. Make heroic sense last for 2 hours or at least 1.5 hours

6. Add more new outfits

7. Make new backgrounds, keep the classic style but give us something new

8. Make characters more customizable 

9. Add more special missions

10. Add more villains



I had more ideas a week ago but i forgot them.

Hope you can make something in the list happen i would be really happy

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#2 FaithfulAizen


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Posted 10 February 2020 - 01:30 AM

Hello thank you all for these awesome ideas but for number 5 if you go to your boosters it gives you option to extend to the heroic sense for however long you want. I hope that helps you Dove

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