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Speed Server Rules

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Posted 28 July 2019 - 10:52 PM

Speed Server Active Period:
• You have until August 26, 2019, at 11:59:59 p.m. (UTC) to secure the top places in the ranking lists – at that time, the Speed Server will be terminated. The valid rankings will be whatever they are at that exact moment.
• Attention: Make sure that you have used all purchased donuts before the end! Donuts and items expire at the end of the Speed Server.
• Rewards earned on the Speed Server will be distributed in the form of vouchers after the end of this server.
Special Rules:
• Mission duration is reduced.
• Experience and Coin rewards are greatly increased:
-> for Missions and Training Missions
-> for Special Mission fights
-> from the daily login bonus
• The cooldown until the start of a new Special Mission in endless mode is reduced.
• The cooldown after a failed Special Mission battle is reduced.
• Training energy regenerates by 1 point every 30 seconds.
• Workout duration is reduced.
• Increased speed in Hero Hideouts for: building, expansion, unlocking construction sites, and time until maximum resource capacity is reached.
• The cost of replenishing energy is increased.
• Team expansion occurs entirely with Coins, but the costs are increased.
• Energy that can be obtained through Heroic Deeds is reduced.
• The “Mallet of Amnesia” is much more common and heavily discounted at the Second Hand Shop.
• Many items and sidekicks from past events are available at the Second Hand Shop.
• Increased Coin rewards for Heroic Deeds.
• Experience rewards from Daily Bonuses is increased.
• Energy and Training Rewards are reduced for Heroic Deeds, Daily Bonuses, and Hero Distress Calls.
• Vouchers are not available.
• Mission time is set in increments of 10 seconds instead of minutes.
• The negative effect is increased on all trophies.
• Increased rewards for daily and weekly Hero Distress Calls.
• The next 3 villains, as well as the time remaining before the Speed Server expires, can be seen where Collection Events are usually displayed.
• The first Casino event will run just like on the live server. The casino event after that is a special Speed Server Casino event with the following rules:
-> Increased chances for skill points
-> Reduced chances for Coins, Sidekicks, Energy, and Motivation Units
-> No Booster rewards
• There are no HeroCons at the start and end of the Speed Server.
-> A shortened HeroCon does not start after the last HeroCon, because otherwise you would not have enough time to pick up the reward.
• The final League season runs until the end of the Speed Server. There is no reward to pick up anymore.
• Sidekick Rewards are distributed based on the final ranking list.
• For some ranking lists, there is a prize for the top 1 and the top 100:
-> Prize for 1st place: “Bruce the Shark” Sidekick
-> Prize place 2 to 100: “Puffy the Pufferfish” Sidekick
• These ranking lists will be used for this:
-> Hero Ranking List: Level
-> Hero Ranking List: Honor
-> Superhero League at the end of the server
-> Hero Hideout Ranking List: Expansion
-> Hero Hideout Ranking List: Glory
• The members of the top five teams in the team honor ranking list will receive a special suit per rank as a reward.
• Up to 6 prizes are possible per player. The rewards are given using our voucher system.
• The voucher can be redeemed on any server.
• Rewards will be distributed after the end of the Speed Server to the players who qualified for it at the end of the server on August 26, 2019, at 11:59:59 p.m. (UTC). Qualifying players can pick up their rewards after the end of the server on the Speed Server.
Some cool additional rewards:
• All Speed Server heroes also have the chance to win some really great IRL prizes!
• we will raffle out 10 packages, each containing an inflatable donut and a cool towel.
• Each player in 1st place in each of the 5 character ranking lists wins one of these cool packages. In addition, 5 more will be raffled off.
• Each player will be credited with a “ticket” for participating in the Sweepstakes for each level reached on the Speed Server. After the end of the Speed Server, the winning tickets will be drawn from all tickets. In other words, the more levels you gain, the greater your chance at one of our heroic prizes!
• In order to participate in the raffle, players must join the newsletter in the game (via Account Settings) and thus agree to being contacted by email!
• The winners’ email addresses will be forwarded to our partner, the European Games Group, who will then contact the winners. All decisions are final.

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