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2018 in recolection

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Posted 29 December 2018 - 10:10 PM



¡Now that the 2018 it's over is time, to take a look! Have a drink and get ready to enjoy of the mest moments of this incredible year.


2018 in Recollection was made for the team of moderation of this community and all the images on this issue are property of Playata GmbH or made by our team. All the information providedhere is trustworthy and taken from the respective platforms related with Hero Zero: game and forum. This theme summarizes the best moments of the 2018 in a few words. ¡We hope you like!


This year nothing has changed in our forum, we have maintained the same sections and the same projects, but we will make sure to try to evolve in the next year so we can bring more users to our community.

Oooooh,new accounts that were registered in our forum in 2018. The Advent Calendar is magical, ¿not?


This year we had a total of 17 updates (They were many, right?).We do not want you to miss, so we'll tell you about the biggest changes we've made in the year 2018:

In 16/01/2018
• The new hideout room "Private Fight Club" is now available.
• It is now possible to distribute 10 skill points at once, even if 10 free skill points are available.

In 06/02/2018
• The new hideout room "Exchange Room" is now available. In the Exchange Room you can exchange Zeronite for Super Glue and vice-versa for varying exchange rates.

In 20/03/2018
• The new hideout room "Cybernetic Research Laboratory" is now available. The Research Laboratory gives you a bonus on your basic skills and attributes on newly found items.
• A new event type has been added. During those events, every day a predetermined amount of objects will be hidden throughout the game.

In 02/05/2018
• New feature "Heroism" is now available!

In 18/12/2018
• From now on, you receive bonus rewards for completing all daily Hero Distress Calls on a day.


Here you can find a list with the most impressive Heroes of our game. This does not mean that the other players are not impressive, but these are above level 400. ¡Congratulations! We look forward seeing you in 2019. Do not forget to have fun while you enjoy our game. :)

Name - Server - Level
(drinks) • PiturcaJr US2 545
spork US1 542
sirgo US1 538
hiurkl US1 528
megastar US1 519
Lacatus US2 517
Trix US2 516
vxw US1 512
Hovnar US1 511
malo US1 501
Neturalised US1 498
nebuna US2 496
FaithfulAizen US2 493
Baga US1 488
Fireball US1 488
Galatine US1 487
Wolowitz US2 483
PhoenixGold US2 481
Allthingsnice US2 477
pottyman US2 474
Prezdborz US3 473
Dida US1 470
Huskerdoo US2 467
Alix US2 466
Tsekub US3 465
tww101 US3 465
Fghtnfire US1 464
PolSol US3 461
Jaxx US2 460
windwalker US3 460
MankoNaka US2 458
leapinglizard US2 455
rockingjane US3 455
SonOfQuicksilver US2 455
Nighthowl US2 454
MortiXD US1 453
Bobmeister US1 452
JamieBell US1 452
Mystik US2 452
ShockWave US3 452
Dingelberry US3 451
ajr US2 449
Ballin US1 448
Kori US1 447
SARA90 US2 447
Meljer US3 445
Lulean US3 444
Mahhafooznit US3 444
StealthMatrix US1 443
Kinxxton US3 442
Ricky843 US2 441
Will10 US3 439
Zuzak US3 439
CaptainCaveman US1 436
Capriola US3 436
FaithfulAizen US3 436
LongHairedPisces US3 436
fullmoonkick US2 435
Guardion US1 435
Lever US3 435
twinska US2 434
sparky1 US3 433
KirktheJerk US2 432
mikeybaba US3 432
heroshen US1 430
Icey US1 430
Slappy US3 430
Alicante US3 429
Cobra69 US2 429
Peabody1 US3 429
Ahura US1 428
Benclem US3 426
TheHurricane US1 425
CombatWombat US3 424
Maniac US3 424
FallingGrace US3 423
Silver US1 423
jamila US1 422
Katinka US3 422
Stinkfist US2 422
zombie6 US2 422
NewDay US3 421
Amuk US3 419
Drinkingstein US2 419
toorloo US3 418
Flatterfurt US3 416
Inbreaddarlin US2 415
Leafhurrican1 US2 415
Noose US1 414
Wailani US2 414
Thunder15 US2 413
FaithfulAizen US1 412
EzrealStorm US2 411
JoanofArc US3 411
alfie3 US1 410
jim US3 410
Jeffrey US1 409
Luminess US1 409
Barryboom US2 408
lupit US2 408
radius US2 408
Wolf US3 408
Max841 US2 406
TrinityFaith US3 406
FlynnBynn US1 405
JoeCool US3 405
lizandbiz US2 405
Mijoba US2 405
barisboomis US3 404
Bob777 US3 404
Pippyspot US1 404
RoderickG US3 404
JohnReal US3 402
Appolo US1 401
DrFumanchu US2 401
Sinzon US3 401
ErmaEmpath US2 400
Note: this information was taken of the servers 27 of december.

¡Wow! That was fast, ¿Do not you believe it? We hope you enjoyed what we prepared for you.

2018 It was an extraordinary year and we definitely could not do it without you. Thanks to your disposition and participation in our community is that we have been able to move forward.

So, please, continue reviewing our forum in 2019 and make sure you do not forget share your thoughts with us about of Hero Zero.


Thanks for this 2018,
Your team of Hero Zero.

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