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Fun power this weekend!

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Posted 18 November 2017 - 03:11 PM

I don't think so...Any business with a good marketing team do not try to hide their deals.. Why would you hide a deal like I stated above? That is crazy. If you want to make money, any logical mind would say posting the sale would get people to buy it. That is what marketing is all about. Most stores put out what is called a loss leader? That tactic of sale or style of selling has been around for years. And they have also perfected it. And that isn't even the style of marketing used here. As the donuts are a virtual item. It doesn't really cost them any real physical labor or money to issue you out 1 dount any more than it would to issue you out 100000000000000000000000000000 donuts. And it would cost them the same amount. However it would change the game dynamics for you.

Anyway you sight no examples of why most companies would want to hide their sales. As I stated before most of the grocery stores in my area have always posted sales. Have Newspaper advertisements mailed out flyers,coupons inside their stores... Why hide it? If you hide the sale the customer does not feel like they are getting a value. In fact most stores advertise a savings or a sale or provide coupons to sometimes make you think you are saving or think you are getting a deal when sometimes those deals or sales aren't really better or saving you all that much. But it is the perceived benefit that draws the consumer. I have worked in several retail businesses. I prefer to not to say them here. And currently I work for a business that lives and breathes sales of several lines of business and have to compete with other providers of the.same types of business. If we kept our prices hidden we would get swallowed up but our competitors and would lose our business. I'll site another good example. Fry's electronics puts out a newspaper ad. And they put out an advertisement on the internet. They have blogs about their deals. They have a Friday deal. You go into the store they have a wall with their printed ad posted with a stack of their ads so you can take one with you. On their big ticket items, flat screen TV, laptops, some appliances like refrigerators and dish washers etc they have some of their competitor prices next to theirs. Like best buy's prices etc. Why do they want to hide it? Why make it harder for the consumer to shop? Because it is fun? Because.it is challenging?

So you state:
If the company makes a good profit already, this loss from "hidden deal" is marginal to them.

How certain are you that the company will continue to maintain or make money if the game servers are losing players? And now just in another post you started bashing people who buy donuts?

I don't get it....? And I understand you don't buy donuts. So your comments on the donut sales are moot as it is. The ones who pay the developers to keep this game going is what is going to keep this game up and keep the development of the game growing. Not free to play players.

Oh and by the way, sales have nothing to do with being spoon fed. You still have to work to get the money to get it. You still have to process the order and go and get the item. There will be lots of black Friday sales going in sometime next week. And most of those sales are not hidden. People will line up outside certain stores a few hours to maybe even day or two to get those sales.


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Posted 18 November 2017 - 04:31 PM


I guess you would not have as you are a free player.

I am sorry, what does that mean? I bought 1K, put 600 donuts to the team that doesn't give a crap. Free player?? 


too many words about nothing.
If the company is OK, then they are OK. Done deal. You don't like it? quit. There are a lot of people that don't bother --- that is how they make money. Not of freeloaders like yourself, but from losers like me.
Enjoy F2P!

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Posted 18 November 2017 - 09:11 PM

Please dont double post or argue disrespectfully against each other here. If you wish to argue like that please do so in private and please dont be disrespectful to one of another. We all have feelings what you say affects the other person.
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Posted 19 November 2017 - 06:03 AM

Since this was topic was ostensibly about the event and associated donut sales, can someone verify what the "Storage Pack" does?


I think it just increases your maximum storage of unused energy/training units that you can carryover and use later. Is that correct?

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Posted 19 November 2017 - 08:51 AM

the storage package is a once offer open to everyone that doubles what you can store


instead of 50 energy it becomes 100 ( 4 times 1 donuts to get 25 energy )  and increases the training units max from 5 to 10 that you can store from amount left over


if you still have 100 energy left at end of day when storage is empty, that goes to it, but you can't store more than the max


same thing with training units, if there are 10 (or more ) left, and blue basket was empty, you get 10 stored for another day that can be released when you pay a certain amount of donuts

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