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"I sense something spooky" bonus weekend!

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Posted 04 November 2017 - 05:28 PM

It is a tough situation for the game right now. The developers appear to not see or are not addressing it. I feel they are sweeping the issue under the rug. And just saying who cares...just open a new server and people will go there and we will make our money/profits over there.

I hope that is not the case. I hope they remember that all of us are customers on every server. It is like going to a McDonald's in one town and having a great experience but then going to the one down the street or the next City or town you have a bad experience. Do you think McDonald's publicity team wants to only cares about one store or all of the stores or it's reputation?

Well sadly to say Playata may only be worried about the new servers and the up and coming servers because they know the popularity of starting a new server means people will jump to the new server to try to get going and stake a claim on it and getting to be the top of the top. And of course this is part of the downfall of these games. But can sort of be addressed as well but I don't have those answers. Part of it was taking away the honor tournament. The other part is the league. The rich get richer...the low stay interested for so long...And realize there isn't much you can do.

I don't know what else I can say...or do... But I think the game is dying as well. As fast as the updates are coming out they are only keeping the select few players at Bay and interested for a bit...but for how long? As stated, they need to find ways to bring back new players. New blood. Or hold the core/old players interest...
Or bring those players back.

Cuz game's almost over on US2 imo.


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Posted 05 November 2017 - 10:36 AM


Actually Centella is right. I play on US3 and if I had to sacrifice all the time I have already invested on that server to start over.. I would just quit and find another game.


You can't put one server as better than another. How about plans to fix content and the issues already prevalent across all the servers and then everyone would be better off?


When I make suggestions I try to take the "me" aspect out of it. What would work on a mass scale... what would everyone benefit from? These are the types of suggestions that will get real consideration. Sacrificing the masses for the good of some has never worked and will never work... Unless you are single handedly floating the economy of the entire game.. good luck with getting response to that.


Let's suggest ways to fix the foundation of the structure not just our own personal space.. because if the foundation crumble, your personal space goes with it.


WRONG. You are one. I know many that would make an account on US1 to fully experience the game.



Ansane.......... trying to "force" me to make another toon on US1 so that I may have that experience doesn't work for me. I play through the Steam platform and it allows me ONE toon. Making another toon would force me to unbind my current toon, play that one through the website, then make another one; either through Steam or the website. And I am quite happy with my account the way it is. No one will force me to unbind, though I do understand your underlying logic. Using your logice though, and centella's posts regarding US2, we should also be forced to make a toon on US2 to experience their playing environment.


well, sad for you. Then you would have to endure to lose some cool features every other week, or find another game. The world is not fair, but this is the best solution to save the collapsing US1-server. I am shocked that they have not done this yet.

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Posted 07 November 2017 - 07:56 AM

All 3 servers seem to be collapsing so how is it fair to force 2 and 3 to move to 1 to save it. fair because you get heroes flooding the server that know the game but have to start from scratch. while you sit pretty with your leveled and built hero. if they need to save the us server from collapsing. then the fair thing is to create us 4 and shut down the other 3. forcing all who still want to play the game to all start over at same time. they can slowly shut down the other 3 like you say if needed. but to only shut down 2 and force everyone to start over on a server that is filled with heroes that have been playing just as long as the players being moved is just unfair and crazy. despite living in an unfair world.  in my opinoin.







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