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Should HZ be a "pay to play" site?

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Posted 12 October 2017 - 02:25 AM

This is just my 2 cents but thought I would throw it out there.


Hero Zero started off as a fun game. The developers were involved in the game and cared what players wanted and suggested. Not all ideas made it but they did take advice and build on it to make the game fun.. in the last few updates they have gone the totally opposite direction.


They have added some nice features 


The Modification slot

The Hideout--- At least at the start was nice

Even Herocon---Started out nice


Now we get to the present....


The Hideout

Started as a fun idea and something different to do in the game rather than work when your away from the game. There were just a few rooms but the ones there were good additions... then they broke it heres how


Workshop--- With a good generator you could produce 5 or so modifications in a day.. now no matter what the type you can only produce 2 as 12 hours a day even if its 2 common items the generators no longer help this room so its become pretty worthless.


Fighting bots--- They had killed these when they removed the generators but thankfully they did reduce the time it takes to make bots to a reasonable time without a generator. 


Adding slots--- Even at max reduced time slots take way to long to open





Honor Tourney

There was nothing wrong with the honor rewards system--they claimed it was cheating by helping your teammates move up in the ranks by getting undressed.-- lets go to the truth of the matter-- everyone was getting 5 free donuts a week and that was 5 less they needed to buy so they took out the honor contest--no one was asking for this other than the game developers due to it not being a reason for people to waste money.



This also started off as a good idea was a long list of events that changed out every week then the magic happened of what they claim is a computer picking problem of us getting the same few herocons over and over again They know full well they are giving us the ones that make people spend donuts and it has nothing to do with a "computer programming problem" 


Edited to add---League--(thanks Centella) 

I did forget to mention the league and how the broke it.. It used to be most players could get 10-12 wins per day of the 20 that they get... now thanks to their changing the formula most people get opponents that was WAY out matched for them. Very few can manage to get to the top league and stay there and only those people get donuts so they grow stronger while the rest of us who can barely stay in Champion III or any other rank get nothing.. way to only give to the top and screw the lower people 


So why do we stay? 


Many are fed up with the game and ready to quit if it were not for the friends people have made in their teams many would be long gone.. each week we lose 1 or 2 people who get fed up with the lack of listening that Playata does.. When I started this game I gave it a 4 stars---its down to a 1 star and every blog I see I warn people not to play games by Playata games most developers will at least listen when you talk to them and while they may not take all ideas the players offer they do take some... Playata is a greedy company who only cares about how much money they can rip out of our wallets before the game dies... and at the rate its going its on life support and they are getting close to pulling the plug

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Posted 12 October 2017 - 02:35 AM

You forgot league


If server has enough people


the same top 35 or if lucky top 40 fight to be top 30 and get some skill points at ONLY the superhero level ( those who got at least 2500 league points )


and same 12 to 15 people fight for the top 10, which means they will always get further away from those not able to get those skill points, and ones who are top 30? over 90% of them would be from one of the top 5 teams, so that makes it even more unlikely that those players outside of those top 5 teams  will catch up to the top 30 EVER





A noble man aspires to be better today than yesterday, a mean man is never happy unless he is better than anyone else.


Bring back Honor Tournament with these changes http://forum.us.hero...nor-tournament/

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Posted 12 October 2017 - 05:09 PM

I think HZ is no longer a free game as it used to be. It is currently a pay-to-play site disguised as a free game. It is even more expensive than those games where you have to pay a fee per month or per year
Now, people can play, create a team and acquire objects, but that's a "demo" of the game. If you really want to progress you have to pay. Only in expanding the hideout and in your team is already a lot of money
My idea is: Make HZ a payment game. I think it is much more convenient for players to pay for a month, three months or a year to play, and that in this way they will have free access to all the functions of HZ. 
For example:
- Expand the hideout, equipment, multifunction, etc ... would cost coins instead of donuts.
- Bring back the tournaments of honor and teams, which would give skill points, and experience (or more items)
Would not it be more convenient for everyone? Both for the company and for the players
If Playata is so obsessed with getting money from players, they should consider this option instead of continuing with this agony of killing the game slowly and causing the players to leave
well, is just an idea... I would like know the opinion of the other players :)

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Posted 12 October 2017 - 05:41 PM

I will not pay a dime. I manage to scrape together 10 donuts a week from the experiment tourny and a random survey for my skill booster. That's good enough for me  (y)


Edit: but I have to admit I feel very poor. Back in the good old days I had 3000 donuts just from watching videos (commercials)  :X. I was swimming in donuts. Playata removed this option after a year or two though.  Now you only have those boring surveys to do. 

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Posted 12 October 2017 - 06:22 PM

[merged topic "why this game will soon die" with "should HZ be a "pay to play site?""]


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