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Heroic Quest

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Posted 08 April 2013 - 03:24 PM


I have an idea to expand the game;


Heroic Quest


Only a holder of a 'Golden Donut' may participate in a Heroic quest. You must give up your 'golden donut' when you sign up for the quest.


The quest will be announced at various points as well as what the reward may be. My thoughts would be anything from unique items to 'heroic badge'.


Heroic Quest

Cross between Villains and Gang Fights. There will be an announcement of the start time and a time limit. Once you accept the quest you will be a part of it, Meaning, unlike missions/training/work you will not be able to cancel the event and regain your golden donut. Once you sign up for the quest, you have given your word. By doing this, you aviod people dropping out at the last minute.


You and a group of other strong heroes will then battle your way through the quest. This can open the door to introduce new villains to the game. The battle style is like gang fights where you and your fellow quest members take turn defeating 1 or many villains depending on the quest. The difficulty of the quest can vary depending on the reward/badge you could earn. There will be a description of what the quest is and some idea of how difficult it will be.


This will open the door to introducing a story line to the game. Creating rewards that are specific to the story, and help keep players fun level up.


Heroic Badge

Add a new "badge of honor" for heroes. These badges are limited 5 max per player, can be replaced, and are only obtained by completing a Heroic quest. The amount of badges a hero can have will be determined by level. I suggest 1 badge per 100 lvl. Example, once you reach lvl 100, you now have one badge slot open. Lvl 200 you get 2 slots and so on until you reach your max.


They will be like the trophy system for teams but for the individual hero. They will help by adding courage, energy, or training points for the hero.


Golden Donut

A special donut that will grant you access to the Heroic Quest. These can be attained by proving your might and winning in the tournaments. I also think it would be a good reward for top 20 players who defeat a villain.




This thought is still in motion but I think it will increase the fun of the game and might keep the long time players coming back.


Open to suggestions...



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Posted 04 July 2014 - 10:38 PM

I like this idea! Bit late! But I see no reason to not response... :P

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