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[Universal Superheroes] READ FOR MORE INFO!

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Posted 10 February 2013 - 07:15 PM

Hello guys, Just some general info on me, I play habbohotel and as most of you know we can get play HZ through Habbo.


Basically i am wealthy on Habbo and decided to invest into 3k Donuts, I created my own team, I then met a friend whos an amazing and we decided to create our own team, we have a few level 90's, 80's 70's and are a team of 12 people currently, very friendly team, WE HAVE A GREAT DONUT SUPPLY, and have started only 2 days ago! In 2 days we have gone to roughly 30/50 in every stat for the team, we aim to get to 50/50. 


Currently only looking for coin donations within the team but more importantly than that looking for some users that are on often, we have now started building up honors, but the benefits you will get from the team are great! Not only this, but we are currently ranked 38th of all teams in expansion and still expanding rapidly, currently over 1k donuts in team box and 2k in my pouch, also when necessary, i can dig into more habbo credits for the help of the team..


To help gain some Honors we are currently looking for a few high level players, any levels are welcome but i would LOVE somebody who isnt greedy and generates good amounts of coins to help us expand rapidly! Somebody whos willing to help others, and get good Karma in return, It will only be a matter of time untill we are battling with the top teams for trophys! We WILL be maxxed out before you know it! 


Please contact Elz in game for more info! Remember we are more a family that love to sit and talk in the team shoutbox and help each other out! Come fight for Universal Superheros!

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