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How to win the three weekly Tournaments Tutorial

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Posted 07 May 2016 - 04:40 AM

Hello Guys, this time come with a hint topic, good what I've been talking about is how Winning the Three weekly tournaments, "Hours, experiences and Honors Time", I will explain one of each, I will try to explain as best as possible, I hope what you Like it:) ...

● -Honras: Well, for you can always keep in Top100, Top10, and the most High Tops "1,2,3," The tip is for those who want to stay only Top100 loses Honors on Sunday, after finishing a tournament you immediately take your equipment and give let the energy skills as low as possible, it is only attack other players what you lose to them with this you will lose an amount of Honours what the next tournament will be able Winning again and keep Top100 always try to put energy 50% skill that will you help a lot, this is the tip to Top100 and Top10, for those who want Search Tops higher as "Top1, Top2 and top3" the best tip is to try first find a hammer what he can give you the chance you take your Basic Skills, When you buy the Hammer See your Basic Skill before taking the points, the best options and take the "Condition" and "Force", So you can lose to any low level player, his condition and strength They were 20 If you are a player whose your level is high is best not to put points on power, just put the basic points of the condition, if you always want to ensure in top3, Top2 and top1, always leave the condition in 20 and only put condition items so you always will keep in a good place and can always lose Honors quietly, already if you want Fighting for Top1, Put all your Basic Skills, more is not very good to put as many force points, always try to reset your Honours forever will win the honors ++, always try to put Energy 50% skill that will give you an advantage with opponents sues, one last thing, Times trophies barb always give an advantage to ++ ...

● Times -Honra: For your team ever to win the tournament honors teams is a little complicated for more Ancient times and what are already a certain amount of Honors much higher, more the tip is always your team loses Honours, Extruding some stronger members and arrange for some gym and such, always what the team has already lost honors a week, Stop Attack on Saturday and check battle for Sunday the 22 Hours always will have an advantage other team, and will be a hour after the tournament began, for Beginners teams is easier First look strong members and assets, then on a Saturday, Mark combat for Sunday the 22 Hours, as I said it could give you a big advantage, always try to attack teams what give more "1,900 honors +" in attacks what you iRAM to win, if der try to make an alliance with a team what can you give some aid for defense what iRAM give a honors a ++, then what you earn honors and second only honors, so will not need to buy as many donuts to be able to expand his team, these are the necessary tips to win the tournament Honours Times!

● -Torneio experience: the "Xp Tournament Famous' whatever you want to talk, to always be able to keep your Top100 experience always try one or two refills on, if your server is not as disputed and a half players what stops always make 1 charge what ever will be able to keep in Top100, whether to keep Top10 Make 4 refills if you have ME (Special Mission) do all they give you a huge advantage in experience and always wants to start the tournament is good to make them, always try find teams with power trophies, if you have a team with 5 power trophies is Great! whoever Fighting for Top1, Top2 and top3 Tournament always try to have Acts heroic energy, experience, they give you an advantage and so you can do more experience and get more of them, with Times Energy trophies is always a help to ++, always have Energy 50% mission and his team can have 20% of energy mission will help you lot only will come missions excellent These are the tips to tournament "Xp" Experience ...

Thank you all saw what this topic, I have helped everyone, and I hope you enjoy, Have a good day and a great game ...

if any error as I am Brazilian Google translator poses to some misspellings, I hope to help :)


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