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Rising Rogues Inc First Public Relations

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#1 Antoniella



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Posted 14 October 2015 - 02:36 AM

Antoniella the leader of Rising Rogues Inc. congratulated herself silently by achieving one of her biggest heists, she had managed to steal a nice sum of money from Switzerland Banks, all it took her was to use her looks and charm some of the big business men. Extract all the info she needed to hack into different bank accounts and use a virus on them, making them discharge quantity of money into a another account, and then to a company phantom account, using the fake info of land, supplies and several things being purchased, while the changes didn’t reflect into the original accounts she had hacked until it was too late. The red head had the necessary time to put on an elegant business suit, go into the bank with some of her members dressed as bodyguards and take the money passing all security measures with ease. To transport the money to her HQ, she divided it among several of her companions to transport it, also she gave the instructions to some to use the money and buy valuable thigs like jewelry that later could be sold to get the majority of the money back, also she is using the mail service, to drop some money at different addresses. She knew that along the transportation some of the money would be lost, but she doesn’t mind much, after all the only major sacrifice she had to do to get it was use uncomfortable high heels.


As for herself she decides to act as a bait, given that the bank had given the alarm of the robbery. What could be more tempting that throwing some meat for the hounds to follow? Or a fox to pursue? Chuckling the werewolf carries a bag strapped to her back, using a hoodie and comfortable combat boots, waiting to be found and make the chase start. Maybe she will get lucky and be able to eliminate several heroes on the way. Or maybe Hanzo and his villains and henchmen will find out about the heist and join in the fun, after all Hanzo had helped her in creating Rising Rogues Inc. Thought he had dared to steal some of her wine bottles, he owned her several dinners and a back massage to redeem himself completely, and most importantly buy her a lot of donuts. Oh yes glorious glazed chocolate donuts or coconut sprinkles ones, she could feel herself salivating at the idea of having some tasty donuts.


As she keeps on walking on the busy streets of Yokio, she smirks, noticing that some people were already following her. Antoniella decides to keep acting like she hasn’t noticed anything, even she stops at some street vendors looking at their wares, and buying a thing or two. With time she notices that more people were joining the following, their clothing didn’t help them blend in much, when she turns to see a giant television screen broadcasting about the robbery at the bank and her face is shown she knows game time had just started.


Ditching her hoodie she looks at the people that were following her before she starts to run. And she begins jumping over cars, trucks, piles of boxes, and escalating buildings using her sharp claws, or fire stairs, going from one roof to another. Antoniella wanted her pursuers to get some confidence on themselves and use that confidence against them, making the think that her main weapon was running away, but in reality her weapon is pure raw strength, all those years being experimented on had several effects on her body. Thought she had to be careful these heroes all had different powers and abilities.




Everyone can contribute to the story, so let's have some fun shall we.


Will the crafty Antoniella or her companions be stopped?

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#2 AngelicaSynn


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Posted 29 February 2016 - 01:21 AM

Angelica, having recently infiltrated the Henchmen, Inc. organization, has been sent on a mission to Yokio by their leadership.


She is to shadow, and where possible without breaking her cover, 'remove' the pursuers following their ally, the wily werewolf known as Antoniella.


Angelica will do what she must to secure her position in the H.I., hopefully without taking 'extreme measures'...

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