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Sidekicks coins batteries teams donuts leveling league stats dueling Beginners Luck

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Posted 15 May 2015 - 04:29 AM

These are tutorials created by the heroes in Beginners Luck US2. Let us know if there's anything we should add/change. Hope you find them helpful!


Hero Zero Forum Tutorial

Leveling Tutorial

Sidekicks Tutorial

League Tutorial

Stats Tutorial

Donuts, Coins, and Batteries Tutorial

Teams Tutorial

Dueling Tutorial


Hero Zero Forum Tutorial


You can view the forum at any time, however you must create an account to post there. You do not automatically have an account because you have a hero. If possible you should use your hero name when creating an account to minimize confusion.  There are rules for the forum which can be found in the Hero Zero section under Questions & Problems. There are moderators to keep subjects on topic, and also to keep it respectful. Please be respectful.

Directly under the Hero Zero logo there are 5 tabs: Play Now, Forums, Members, Support, and FAQ.  The Play Now tab takes you to the game. The forum will be covered below. The Members tab is basically a contact list of the other players on the forum. You can private message them, friend them, and see their activity on the forum. The support tab is where you report any glitches or problems you are having with the game. FAQ is a single board which will answer many of the questions a hero starting out may have. It is not comprehensive and does not contain League information yet, but it is a good place to start.

The Forum: There are three main sections to the forum: Official Hero Zero News, Hero Zero, and Daily Grind Heroes. The Official Hero Zero News contains News and Patch Notes. The initial thread on everything here comes from the hero zero developers. Upcoming changes, brand new changes, possible changes,  and moderator information are all here.  Patch Notes contains the information on updates and maintenance. Every two weeks to a month Hero Zero will perform updates and maintenance on the system. This does everything from fix glitches some players have or introduce entire new sections (ex: sidekicks, The League).  You cannot reply to these topics as you can in the other sections. The Hero Zero Section is the largest section. It contains opinions and suggestions to make the game more fun, tips and tricks for other heroes, questions and problems, and much more. This is filled with information about how other heroes are doing in the game: what they like, what they are having trouble with, things they found have helped, etc. The Daily Grind Heroes Section is for anything off topic. If you would like to chat with other players but not about the game, this is where you would go.


Leveling Tutorial


Your hero levels up through experience. Experience is gained through missions, heroic deeds achieved, team fights, special missions, villain fights, and some daily rewards. The amount of experience needed to increase levels gradually increases. Every time you increase a level you get 2 skill points-this is a given. Some level achievements get you different things. Examples: At level 10 you can use throwing weapons, at level 25 you can go on your first special mission, at level 60 you get a sidekick, new locations in missions, and there are sometimes heroic deed rewards when you  level up. Leveling up also means that your assortment of accessories in the shop is better (by better I mean it correlates more to your new and improved level). There is a "soft cap" at level 249. This means there is a significant increase in the amount of experience needed to level up after that. From Level 249 you go from needing 90,578 to 318,725 experience to level up. This soft cap slows the leveling up so the point is for there to be less of gap between high ranking players and everyone else.


Sidekicks Tutorial


When your hero reaches Level 60 a sidekick will be automatically given to you. After that different sidekicks can be obtained through the shop (sometimes surprise boxes costing 15 or 20 donuts), in missions, in duels, team battles, and fighting villains. There is a lot of luck and patience involved in getting sidekicks. You can release a sidekick if you no longer want him-but you can never get him back. You can rename a sidekick once for free; after that it costs donuts.


Your sidekicks attributes are added to your stats. The level advancements for your sidekick work exactly as your hero's do. Experience in missions, achievements, etc. help your sidekick level up which will increase his stats. Your sidekick can only reach level 30. Your sidekicks attributes correlate to what level you are when you acquire him. So a sidekick attained when you are level 80 will have higher base stats than the sidekick you got at level 60. Each sidekick offers different stats. So one may offer only stamina and intuition, while another may have all four in varying amounts.


Sidekicks have 3 slots for special abilities. One is activated when it reaches level 10, another at level 20, and another at level 30. If you do not like one of the abilities your sidekick has it can be changed out-but at a price. One of your other sidekicks must have this skill activated and you can replace the ability you don't want for the one you do. The sidekick accepting the ability change does not have to be at the skill level of the ability being replaced. The sidekick with the new ability still cannot activate it until it reaches that level, though. Example: I have robot sidekick at level 20. I would like his level 10 ability of Me First(see below) for my cat sidekick who is level  1. IMPORTANT! Once you replace an ability(which costs 15 donuts) the sidekick who you took the ability from disappears. The sidekick receiving the ability is reset to level 1. As stated above, a sidekick's stats correlate to the level you got him at…so when your sidekick with a new skill resets to level 1 his base stats increase based on your level. Should you wish to reset your sidekick to level 1, but all of their abilities are set as you want them, you may change his/her name for 30 donuts.



Special Abilities



1 - Head Butt -> Stuns your opponent for one round.

                You have 20% chance to stun     your opponent for one round.

                Can happen only once in a fight.

2 - Constant Dripping -> Cause damage to the opponent for several rounds.

                You have a 40% chance of dealing once additional total damage over 4 rounds equal to 45% of the triggering attack's damage. May occur several times in each fight.

3 - Constant Slimy Dripping -> Cause damage to the opponent for several rounds.

                You have a 40% chance in 4 rounds of any additional damages up to 50% of current hit.                  May occur several times in each fight.

4 - Not so Bad -> Reduces the incoming critical damage.

                You have a 20% chance to reduce the damage dealt by your opponent by 40%.

                Can happen only once in a fight.

5 - Not like This -> Allows counterattack after a critical hit.

                Allows a fast break after a critical hit.

                You have a 45% chance of receiving another blow after you have beaten your opponent              critically. May occur only once in each contest.

6 - Me First -> increases the opportunity of dealing out the first strike.

                You have a40% higher chance of dealing out the first strike.

7 - Intercepted -> decreases the received missile damage.

                You have a 15% chance to reduce the missile damage of your enemy by 75%. May occur               several times in each fight.



1 - Get the Stick -> Increases your missile damage.

                Damage caused by your missiles increased by 10%.

2 - The Strength of Two-> Increases your basic strength.

                Your basic strength increase 10%.

3 - Bodyguard -> Decreases chances of receiving critical hits.

                The probability that you receive a critical hit is reduced by 5%.

4 - Hard Shell -> Decreases chances of receiving critical hits.

                The probability that you receive a critical hit is reduced by 6%.

5 - Four eyes -> Increase your basic intuition.

                Your basic intuition will increase by 10%.

6 - Smart Guy -> Increase your basic intelligence.

                Your basic intelligence will increase by 10%.

7 - Jogging Partner -> Increase your basic stamina.

                Your basic stamina increased by 10%.

8 - Eagle Eye -> Increases your hit chances.

                Decreases your opponent's dodging chances by 5%

9 - Cockered Up -> Reduces the trophy minus points.

                Your trophy minus points will be reduced by 15%



1 -Revenge! -> You can return the critical damage received .

                You have 30 % chance of producing

                immediately 50% of the damage taken after a

                Critical hit. May Can happen only once in a fight.

2 -Take Cover! - > You manage to dodge an attack

                You have 20 % chance to dodge an actual hit. Can happen only once in a fight.

3 - Bulls Eye -> Your critical strikes cause more damage.

                You have a 30 % chance that your Critical strikes

                produce 50 % more damage. Can happen only once in a fight.

4 - Two are better than One - > it can attack twice .

                You have a 25% chance to attack twice consecutively . Can happen only once in a fight.

5 - Cheating Death -> you survive the last hit

                If your opponent actually deal out a winning blow your hit points will be set to 1, and      continue the fight. Can happen only once in a fight.

6 - Tit for Tat -> You can throw back damage

                You have a 15 % chance of throwing back 25 % of the damage received of a hit   immediately. Can happen multiple times during a fight.

7 - Well Padded -> Reduces the received damage

                You have a 10 % chance to reduce the damage from your enemy by 25% Can happen     multiple times during a fight.


Sidekicks (incomplete)

Gina the ferret

Rango the chameleon

Nielsson the one headed ape

Marvin the Robot

Jery the minion

Oscar the Cat

Watson the Cat

Emil the Cat

Colombo the Cat

Wuffie the pitbull

Odin the pitbull

Brutus the Dog

Rambo the Dog

Bandit the Dog

Alpha the Dog

Tweeny the Chick

Charlie the Dodo

Harley the Dodo

Rosie the Pig

Sepp the Goat

             the Owl

             the Penguin

             the Kangaroo

             the Toucan

Frosty the Snowman

Pumpkin the Pumpkin

Slimer from Ghost Busters


League Tutorial


League fights can be accessed in the "Duels and Leagues" button (previously titled "Leagues"). Any hero has access to the Leagues if they have earned at least 500 honor points. There are 10 Leagues-each of which is divided into groups containing no more than 100 heroes. Ex)  If there are 346 heroes in the Bronze II league those players will be split up into 4 groups. 3 groups containing 100 heroes and 1 group containing 46. The split is arbitrary and there is no bonus or penalty for being in one group over another. A League section has been added to the ranking list (note: this only shows the league group you are in-there are likely more heroes in your league than are displayed there)


3 heroes are offered for each League fight. You can refresh the players offered once a day for free-after that it costs 2 donuts each time. There is an hour wait between each fight, which batteries will not shorten for you. You can pay 4 donuts to attack a hero before that hour is up. You can only fight in 20 league fights per day.


Each League offers Coin bonuses(only for league fights) and Skill bonuses. Higher Leagues offer higher bonuses.



Promotions and Demotions


Bronze III

Promote: 50 points

Demote: N/A

100% additional coin reward in league fights and

3% increase in basic skills

Bronze II

Promote: 100 points

Demote: N/A

120% additional coin reward in league fights and

6% increase in basic skills

Bronze I

Promote: 200 points

Demote: N/A

140% additional coin reward in league fights and

9% increase in basic skills

Silver III

Promote: 300 points

Demote: 50 points

160% additional coin reward in league fights and

12% increase in basic skills

Silver II

Promote: 400 points

Demote: 125 points

180% additional coin reward in league fights and

15% increase in basic skills

Silver I

Promote: 525 points

Demote: 250 points

200% additional coin reward in league fights and

18% increase in basic skills

Gold III

Promote: 650 points

Demote: 400 points

220% additional coin reward in league fights and

21% increase in basic skills

Gold II

Promote: 775 points

Demote: ? points

240% additional coin reward in league fights and

24% increase in basic skills

Gold I

Promote: 900 points

Demote: ? points

260% additional coin reward in league fights and

27% increase in basic skills


Promote: N/A

Demote: ? points

280% additional coin reward in league fights and

30% increase in basic skills



Each season begins at 3 am EST every Monday. During the season you can be promoted to higher and relegated to lower leagues as your points change. The league you are in at the end of the season will be the same league you are assigned to for the next season. You must enroll in each season, and if you skip one or more seasons, you lose league points.


Stats Tutorial



this stat determines your Hit Points.


this stat increases you chances of dodging an opponent's attacks.


this stat determines how often you inflict a critical hit on your opponent.


this stat determines how much damage you inflict on opponents.




you get 10 units a day. At first you can train up several stats. Each time they increase by 5 points. Eventually you'll max out training and have to use all 10 units just to increase one stat by 5 points. If you have the time it's worth it. If you don't, not so much. I use batteries to cut my training time down.

~~~~leveling up

Keep doing missions and joining in team fights and you'll get a handful of skill points every time you level.

~~~~heroic deeds

Many heroic deeds offer skill points as a reward.

~~~~wearing better items

This can really change your stats dramatically. But I wouldn't waste all your coin on items. Because:

~~~~buying skills

When you buy a skill point its yours forever. You don't lose it when you change items.

~~~~using skill boosters

I recommend spending the coin for the 25% skill booster. It's worth it even at my level now when its gone up in price.

~~~~joining a team/increasing the facilities of your team


The best layout for prioritizing how you increase your stats while under level 50.

1. Toughness

2. Intuition

3. Brain

4. Strength

Intuition and brain seem to be the most interchangeable. Strength can be quite a bit lower but I wouldn't let it drop lower than 100 points under the others while you're lower level. Toughness is important while you are an earlier level.


Keeping all your stats even doesn't make you a better fighter. It actually

seems easier to beat people with super even stats. But one of the easiest heroic deeds to accomplish early on is getting all yours stats up to certain levels . So they don't have to be perfectly even but it can be worth it to keep them within 100 points of each other.


Keep the top three strong and you'll do okay. Now once you get over level 50 its okay to let toughness drop a little but keep your intuition and brain strong.


Donuts, Coins and Batteries Tutorial


DONUTS are the special currency of HeroZero.


*Purchasing special items like Missiles (very useful in duels) Surprise boxes, or normal items that are seemingly stronger in stats.

*Shortening time on Missions and Training

*Expanding your team (you can only donate donuts purchased with real money to the team.)

*Expanding your item storage.

...How to get donuts:

*Login bonuses sometimes include donuts

*Missions, duels and team fights sometimes reward donuts.

*Heroic Deeds sometimes award donuts

*Leveling high enough to reach a new zone.

*Purchasing from the donuts shop with real money.

*Doing surveys and other offers available through "Earn Donuts" in the donut shop

*As a gift through a donut voucher.

...Tips To Spend Donuts?

*Don't waste them on shortening wait times. Its not worth it. Not even for an Event or Villain mission. Ever.

*Duels: If you like dueling spend them on Missiles.

*Surprise Boxes: they have special items you'll have a hard time finding anywhere else. But you cant control what you get.

*Donate to your team only if you really want to. Donuts become necessary to expand the team beyond a certain point but its only worth it if you plan to stay with that team.

*If you have enough donuts it can be worth it to expand your item storage once. Doing it all three times...meh only if you really want to spend money on this game. It costs 100 donuts to open all your storage tabs.

COINS are the regular currency of HeroZero


*Buying Items from the second hand shop

*Buying stat points

*Donating to your team

...How to earn coins?

*Missions, duels, team fights, Heroic Deeds, daily rewards, Events, leveling etc. basically everything

...Tips for Coins

*Go for coin heavy missions over experience heavy missions. You'll gain more coins at a rate that is easier to maintain while you level.

*Don't buy all new items every time you level. Its really not worth the coin cause the stats don't improve that quickly from one level to the next.

*Invest in stats. Once you have them you never lose them.

BATTERIES help shorten the wait time on Missions and/or Training by half the time. You have eight slots for batteries but you can only use four a day.

...Where to find them

*Lower right hand corner of the wait time screen for Missions and Training.

...How to get more

*Request from your friends or post a link via facebook.


*When you get down to four send a request for more. That way every day you have four to shorten training or extra long missions.


Teams Tutorial


Any hero can start a team. Each team (generally) has a set of rules. These can be strict and include mandatory donations and leveling up of heroes, or they can be more lenient. To join a team you must typically send an application to the leader unless you are invited by the team leader or an advisor. Once you have joined a team you can participate in team chat, team fights, donate coins or donuts, send a message to the team, and benefit from the boosts and sometimes trophies teams have. Leaders and advisors chose the team fights, accept and kick-out members, choose team fighting tactics, choose when and how melons are used, maintain the notes and description of a team, and decide how the team coins and donuts are spent. Additional team games and rewards are at the discretion of the leader and advisors. Some teams do very little team building. This aspect of leading a team plays a big role in team loyalty.

The following expansions are leveled up at the discretion of the team leaders and advisors.

Quarter(Max Level 30)-the number of members allowed on a team

Facilities(Max Level 50)-boosts every member's basic skills

Popularity(Max Level 50)-boosts the experienced earned in missions for every member

Motivation(Max Level 50)-boosts the coins earned in missions and at work for every member


Dueling Tutorial


The main goal of dueling is to earn honor which will raise you in the rankings and coins which you can spend on whatever you want.

---To start a duel click on the clenched fist icon for “Duels.” After clicking on the icon you will see a randomly generated list of players ranked highest to lowest in honor. Highlight one of the players listed to see how much honor and coins you would win IF you won. Some duels could also win you items. Items won in duels tend to be higher in stats than items you purchase in the store. Click attack to initiate a duel with a highlighted player. Than sit back and watch a funny animation of your avatar and the other avatar exchanging blows while the computer tabulates your skills and other attributes to determine the winner.

So you probably already figured all that out fiddling around with the game.  If not, it’s now been explained.


1. It takes “courage” to duel. You get 100 courage to start. It costs 20 courage to attack another player. Your courage does refill over time. So you can attack dozens of times in one day.

2.  can only attack another player three times. However, if they counterattack you can attack them once for every time they counterattack you. It is possible to spend all day attacking and counter attacking the same person. I don’t recommend this. Every time you beat a person the honor you gain attacking them goes down two points.

3. Other players can and will attack you. Every time you click on “Duels” you will get a list of everyone who attacked you since you last looked at duels. You also will be given the ability to counterattack any of those people at that time.

Things you need to be successful at dueling: HIGH STATS, MISSILES, and eventually a SIDEKICK.

---STATS: The best order of strength on stats for players under level 50:

1.Toughness: determines your hit points

2.Intuition:  increases your chance of dodging and opponents attack

3.Brain: increases your chance of landing a critical hit on your opponent.

4.Strength:  determines how much damage you inflict on your opponent.

Above level  50 you can let toughness drop below intuition and brain so long as you keep all three pretty high. Intuition and Brain are a little interchangeable, so it’s a good idea to keep them pretty strong and about the same level. We do have a tutorial that gets more into Stats.


If you want to be great at dueling, don’t make your stats completely even. It’s actually easier to beat someone with mostly even stats.

---MISSILES:  Past level 10, you can start to equip Missiles. If you want to be good at dueling, you NEED to have missiles. Missiles typically cost 1 donut and have 100 in a package. You’ll notice that as you level higher the Missiles increase in strength.


1.Buy one missile package at a time and don’t buy another one until you’ve used it up.

2.Certain holiday/event themed missiles cost more donuts, but they aren’t worth it. The slight boost in strength they have might win you a few more fights while those missiles last, but once it’s gone you will realize you could have bought four or nine more slightly weaker in strength packages of missiles for the same amount of donuts.

3.Hoard donuts if you want to focus on dueling. In the beginning you get donuts for a lot of Heroic Deeds. Later on not so much. Unless you want to pay real money for donuts you need to save.

---SIDEKICK: Past level 60 you can equip a sidekick. You need to train a sidekick if you want to stay competitive in duels. We have a whole tutorial dedicated specifically to sidekicks.


1.Attack the strongest honor player on your duel list when you first start dueling. If you win, great! If you don’t, losing a certain number of times is a heroic deed. So you still win. Once that heroic deed is accomplished you should use my other tips.

2.Attack smart. Still look at the players towards the top of your duel list but take a second to look at their stats. If they beat you on more than three stats you could win, but it’s less likely. If they beat you by more than 300 (under level 50) or 600 (over level  50) on intuition OR brain, they will most likely win. Except if their other three stats are lower than your matching stats by a dramatic (several hundred points) amount you would most likely still win.  If they are even with you on intuition and brain but super strong on toughness or strength they are more likely to win.

3.If their sidekick is more than one level above yours in training (sidekicks only have three levels) they have a higher chance of beating you. BUT if your stats are all higher than their stats it’s much less likely and usually worth the risk.

4. Take advantage of higher honor naked players. Meaning players with nothing equipped. Yes, they tend to be naked because they have ridiculously high stats and no fear, but they don’t have a sidekick or missiles equipped. You will almost always win and because they are higher honor you typically win a lot of honor. Unless you’ve attacked them a lot.

5.Don’t attack anyone where you will lose more honor than you would gain. It’s rarely worth it because you can lose to lower stat and level players. The game seems to give the defending avatar an edge. And the small amount of honor you might gain is really not worth the waste of missiles i.e. donuts.

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Posted 15 May 2015 - 10:51 AM

It costs 30 donuts to change a sidekick's name after the 1st free change. A sidekick cannot be taught a skill it already knows. So resetting a sidekick will cost 30 donuts and need 2 teachers to have the same abilities it had before reset. There are 2 types of gift boxes, 10 and 15 donut gift boxes. Sidekicks do not appear in 10 donut gift boxes, ever..... but ALWAYS appear in 15 donut boxes.


I did not know about the ferret. I look forward to finding one. What holiday is it associated with, since I assume it isn't a normal, common one?


There is also a chocobo/dodobird x3 (1 is named Charlie), a chick (Tweeny), a toucan, a penguin, a pig, an owl and kangaroo. I don't recall all their names.


Just as "constant slimy drip" is an improved version of "constant drip" which is found on Slimer, "eagle eye" has an improved version found in the toucan called "penalty kick" and "bodyguard" has an improved version found in the chick (Tweeny) called "hardshell".

Edited by King of Thieves, 18 May 2015 - 07:45 AM.

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Posted 17 May 2015 - 08:29 PM

You guys did a really good job on these.  Thanks for doing all that work and then sharing them on the forum.  I posted this link in my teams notes.  

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Posted 18 July 2015 - 01:15 AM

It costs 30 donuts to change a sidekick's name after the 1st free change. A sidekick cannot be taught a skill it already knows. So resetting a sidekick will cost 30 donuts and need 2 teachers to have the same abilities it had before reset. There are 2 types of gift boxes, 10 and 15 donut gift boxes. Sidekicks do not appear in 10 donut gift boxes, ever..... but ALWAYS appear in 15 donut boxes.


I did not know about the ferret. I look forward to finding one. What holiday is it associated with, since I assume it isn't a normal, common one?


There is also a chocobo/dodobird x3 (1 is named Charlie), a chick (Tweeny), a toucan, a penguin, a pig, an owl and kangaroo. I don't recall all their names.


Just as "constant slimy drip" is an improved version of "constant drip" which is found on Slimer, "eagle eye" has an improved version found in the toucan called "penalty kick" and "bodyguard" has an improved version found in the chick (Tweeny) called "hardshell".

There are 3 types of surprise boxes. 10, 15, and 20 donut. The 15 donut boxes USUALLY have a sidekick, but more specifically the seasonal 15 donut surprise boxes (ie: Easter/ xmas/ Carnival) do not always contain a sidekick. 20 donut boxes are very rare, but they do occur (and should contain a mystery sidekick).

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Posted 19 July 2015 - 06:05 AM

Hello guys and gals,


I suggest you guys keep working on these kind of things, since the help others get from even some basic tips or tutorials might be a lot more valuable than expected. We are very glad to see these kind of posts popping up. Keep up the good work!



- Tomas

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