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Ice Ray Academy: Magic Institution

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Posted 31 January 2015 - 11:40 PM

This series is purely fan fiction created by this rping forum member for the purposes of entertainment and fantasy only. I have copied it here from other websites I have accounts on and yes Ice Ray Academy is my own creation since approximately 1999. Enjoy.

Chapter 1

The war was drawing to its end but to the defenders still alive, only a few even remembered what a world without demons and warlocks was like. Since the day that the foul demon Jacob and his equally vile partner the demi goddess of the Dark Elves Lolth had escaped the Abyss, the world of Earth had been under siege.
Yes that is correct, our own planet under attack by actual characters that officially belonged on another plane of existence. "But don't dark elves appear only in the Forgotten Realms of Dungeons and Dragons?" I hear the question already being asked. Not according to the legendary author Ed Greenwood whose novel "Dark Warrior Rising," I invite everyone to read because it proves that every wold has a version of the dark elves.

Back to our story now. Yes this is still planet Earth where magic and technology have existed side by side but except for those who have been trusted with this secret, magic is unknown to most of the human race because should magic fall into the hands of evil humans the world would be devastated...again.

During the Middle Ages it was decided that all good magic users would be trained in secrecy under the ruling of Merlin himself. Under the guidance of the child goddess Aphrael ™ and the female human seer Sephrenia Darklighter ™, an institution for magic that would be home to thousands in later centuries was secretly constructed in Shangri-La. It was chosen even above Ireland and England because here at least for a time everyone lived in harmony.

Prologue Part 1 Chapter 2

Fire, lightning, and ice streaked through the sky. Earsplitting crashes echoed continuously in the night. The very ground trembled and strained in agony. The wind whipped dust, ash, and debris though the air. Screams of people mingled with the thunderous crashes of destruction. Peace and calm crumbled as fast as the structures all around. All was in chaos. People ran in all directions trying to find a way out of the devastation.
Mitoru grinned. It was all too easy. He surveyed the carnage around him. His legions of mages and swordsmen swept through the city, bringing buildings and people alike to the ground. Like an unstoppable wave they went, destroying anything in their path. Mitoru was swiftly reaching his goal. The mighty castle of SilverMoon stood before him.

Reiame SilverMoon watched in horror as the kingdom he put his whole heart into quickly crumbled about him. It was incredible to him that such a powerful nation could crumble so incredibly fast. His expression of fear and hate were instantly visible as blue light washed over his face as the lightning invaded the night sky. He forced himself away from the window and looked at his wife and new child. Tears ran down his elven face. If he had to give his life to save them, he would and it may be sooner than he wished. He wrapped his arms over them in a tender embrace. His beloved wife, Kintalee also cried, her tears staining her husband’s shoulder pad. The small babe simply slept in spite of the thunderous booms. It wasn’t until the Captain of the Guard entered that the Elven King and Queen let go of one another.

“He’s here.” Said the Captain. Without hesitation, Reiame left to confront who he once thought was his friend and ally, Mitoru PeaceGiver.

“Keep them safe.” Reiame ordered the Captain. As he descended the stairs, he never knew it would be the last time he would see his wife or child, the child that would later be known as Sabrina SilverMoon, one of the founders of Ice Ray Academy

Ice Ray Academy: Magical Institute Prologue End Chapter 3

Mitoru and Reiame met on the field of battle. “You knew this was going to happen eventually Reiame. Why don't you simply surrender and I'll make you one of my servants? Better that then dying in a fight you have no hopes of winning,” Mitoru said to the elf who was once his nearest friend but now many years later the only ruler in this world standing between him and conquest of Gaia.
“Mitoru no matter what evil has filled your heart I would rather die trying to save your soul then die without trying,” Reiame said in a voice, that though melodious, was still filled with sorrow. “You may have taken my kingdom, you may have killed our master but I prophecy that you will never rule this world for despite the evil wrought this day I foresee a group of champions rising up to defeat you. From whence they come I can not say for the mists of future sight prevent this knowledge from being said, but they will have a mastery of magic and weapons beyond anything you or I have ever known.”

“Ah yes you seemed to always believe good can defeat evil yet that did not prevent me from killing our master decades ago and starting my path of conquest that has brought me and my armies to laying waste to your once beautiful kingdom.” Scowling, Mitoru unsheathed his magical knightsword and looked into his foe's peaceful face one more time. “But before he could strike, a huge pulse of arcane energies was felt within the palace and suddenly a bright light flashed into the air and was gone almost as fast.

“Now you will not kill my family either,” Reiame said and quickly unleashed the enchantment he had been silently casting in his mind. “They are no longer on this world but I have sent them far away so my wife and daughter will be able to live in a world untouched by your nightmarish evil. And with my dying breath, I cast the seal in place to prevent you from leaving this world!” With that final phrase spoken, a deathly pallor settled over Reiame and Mirotu both.

“What have you done?!” the enraged elf tyrant yelled as he watched in horror as his once fair skin began to age before his very eyes. He could instantly tell that this curse even if it did not kill him outright would forever leave him a shadow of his former self. But not willing to go so easily, he cast his own spell and the last sight Reiame beheld was his body slowly turning to stone.

“Men, this battle is over,” Mirotu said to his surviving followers. “This will make for our new capital. But you all bore witness that the cowardly Reiame Silvermoon would rather try to kill me with a spell at the cost of his own life then face me as a warrior in honorable combat. Therefor go throughout this world and scour the Silvermoon name from every tome and library. It shall be as if their dynasty never existed.”

Chapter 4

Presently year 1999

From its current location presently in the Canadian Rocky Mountains, only those fortunate enough to attend there have ever seen the glories of Ice Ray Academy. For the past thousand years since it was created by order of Merlin and under the guidance of the Child Goddess Aphrael and her human female long lived sister and high priestess Sephrenia Darlighter, there have been many periods of peace and tranquility in both the world of magic here on Earth and the outside world too. But there have also been countless periods of war in the outside world which made magic even tightly restricted then usual so that the wards protecting the school could not be breached accidentally by a misfired gun or heavier artillery during the fighting and conflicts since the academy settled in its then current location in Alberta, Canada in the 1800's approximately.

During the World Wars and the Cold War of this last century, there were many times that graduates were secretly sent undercover with instructions to use their learned magical abilities to undertake missions for the Canadian government and in rarer cases the American government ass Aphrael and Sephrenia saw fit in accordance with the power of future vision and prophecy both of them possessed. It was during one of these battles in Australia during World War 2 and the Japanese siege there following the occupation of Singapore and the Philippines that a meeting took place that would forever change the way the school conducted its affairs both magical and with the outside world.

Due to the fact this is even now a sensitive subject among the Japanese and those of the countries they invaded during that time, I have been granted permission to have one who witnessed the siege of Australia to make a live appearance and tell us in his words what took place. Ladies and Gentlemen, I present my drow associate of good Weaponsmaster Jayariel Drillowup.

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Name: Jayariel Drillowup
Age: 1000
Gender: Male
A good Drow who has rebelled against his evil race and his race's creator to help defend humans and the weapons master at Ice Ray Academy. Only known weakness is technology.

Combat skills or magic if applicable: Extremely powerful in combat with his magical scimitars he inherited from his more famous ancestor. Also has the ability to speed up in combat to the point only Martians, magic users or those with the proper technology can see him.

Background info: As a young child in Drow society, he watched the sacrifice of his dad as his wicked aunt performed it in service to the dread fallen
demi goddess Lloth. Being a high priestess, she was one of the more important leaders at the time and still is these many centuries later. Jayariel fled the city not too long afterwards and made his way to the Surface World.

For centuries he wandered the world until pure chance put him in Australia during what became known as the Second World War as mortal humans termed it. Seeing how the allies were being defeated by the evil Japanese (that is how he viewed them), Jayariel would use his combat skills at night to prevent Japanese spies and saboteurs from attacking Australia and New Zealand while General MacArthur was planning his campaign to eventually retake the Phillipines and other countries captured and seized by the Japanese forces. To date no actual records have ever been uncovered or revealed to verify the existence of "The Spirit That kills By Night," as those who survived while beseiging would come to call the unnatural entity that slew countless numbers of their countrymen.
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Aphrael the Child Goddess is back in a new reincarnation.

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Posted 19 February 2015 - 05:34 AM

Ice Ray Academy: Magical Institute Chapter 5

When we left off, my associate Weaponsmaster Jayariel Drillowup was explaining his secret role in World War 2 here on Earth. In brief summary, he aided the Allies' efforts at night by stopping and killing Japanese spies and saboteurs who would come into the guarded natural and man made harbors of Australia and New Zealand to try to capture Allied Intelligence agents, sabotage the Allied Pacific Fleet undergoing repairs there following the deadly battle of Singapore and at times attempt to even assassinate the Australian Prime Minister among other plots to cause chaos.

During certain stormy nights, Jayariel would not fight alone. You see, he had an old friend of his that could be called upon to assist him at times. When escaping his homeland of the Underworld long ago, he managed to acquire through means of bloody combat a magical relic in the shape of a black statue of extremely hard diamond in the shape of a cat. This relic was rumored to have been seized by the drow long ago from a human wizard of very great power during one of their infamous and gory surface raids. Whoever possessed this relic was able to call forth a nightmarish beast of great power and fury who showed no quarter but killed whoever it was commanded too. Very few drow who saw the beast in action would ever forget its evil scream and drow children were warned that if they did not think evil dreams, it would come upon them and drag them forever into the dark realm it resided in when not on this plane.

But for those who were like Jayariel, there was a different side to this animal. A side that longed for freedom from wicked owners, from being trapped in the statue unable to rest for fear of disobeying its current master and above all else a side that became eventually worn out by the never ending bloodshed it engaged in for the humor of those it served. While Jayariel was a student in the Drow warrior school known as Melee-Magthere, rumors abounded that this beast would appear to the most highly students in combat... and judge their worthiness to progress or die. But he knew it to be a rumor only for centuries earlier another drow more famous then he could have dreamed of someday being had stolen this relic and never been caught or killed. But if you do not know by now who this outlaw is, I will not give his name for a long time.

What very few knew except the female clergy at the Drow Academy Arach-Tinilith and the Matron Mothers themselves was that the stolen relic had a companion. This one was magically created by the Drow themselves after the first one was stolen by them to ensure if ever that was taken, they would have a way to track down and slay the culprit. Thus the evil nightmare was brought into being from its realm of eternal darkness to the Underworld. A being of flaming red fur and eyes the color of suns. A flame panther named Jaegarjumi.


Ice Ray Academy: Magical Institute Chapter 6

Earth is but one plane of existence. There are other planes each dedicated to a different element. We turn now to the planes of fire and shadow for this chapter of my neutral histories. The plane of shadow. A place where light is unheard of except in the eyes of the beasts thereof. Truly any mortal being from this world would immediately die there from lack of warmth for as we all know without light to warm there is cold in the shadowy darkness of eternity.

In opposite contrast to this plane there is the plane of fire. While one might think only of Fire Elementals when this comes to mind, there are also red dragons, salamandars which are fire breathing lizards, chimeras which here are three headed beasts that spout fiery doom and in the deepest corners nearest the demonic planes of Gehenna and The Abyss you find Balor, Succubi, Archdevils and Glabreazu among the extraplanar beings I am able to mention without fear of immediate doom befalling me.

When these two planes collide, the mortal surface and underworlds know great chaos. Earthquakes and eclipses and volcanic eruptions are but a few of the physical signs of these happenings, but there are more secretive ways to know if one truly is touched with mage sight. For there exists in all planes nekos. That is correct you have heard right, cats exist in all planes of existence. They swim as catfish in planes of water. In planes of forest, you might hear of the fabled Cat Warriors of Efrava and their incredible strength of combat. And, very curiously as it may seem, when planes collide nekos infiltrate into hostile realms and they hunt for nekos there to kill them and devour their magical abilities to thus become stronger and wiser too. This is the true reason nekos can never be fully trusted by mortal beings for inside every mortal neko is the immortal spirit of an ancestral neko yearning for freedom to create mischief and chaos in life and in death too which is why nekos are cursed with nine lives to make immortality seem like a never ending wish and mortality a never ending dream.

In the plane of fire during one such raid by the nekos of shadow, there was a great battle between the forces of shadow and cold versus those of fiery chaos and warmth. Two great families were almost wiped out this day in secret but for two tiny kittens and the rulers of these realms decided it would be best if they were separated fully for fear that upon reaching adultsize and cast into the mortal plane, they would continue their bloodfeud and not stop no matter the mighty magic against them until one of these cats was dead and its bloodline finally eradicated forever.

And thus were Jaegarjumi the fire panther and Guenwhyvar the panther of shadow fated to be bitter rivals from birth long before the figurines housing their magical essences were ever formed.


Ice Ray Academy: Magical Institute Chapter 7

There are places in the physical mortal world where great magic lays hidden and sometimes one can end up trapped if they are not careful. Ayer's Rock in Australia is one such location and the central setting for this newest chapter.

Following the end of World War 2 in the Pacific theatre, Jayariel Drillowup and his astral panther Jaegarjumi were assigned by the Academy to help cleanse Australia of evil magical beings the war had woken up and disturbed from centuries of slumber. Certain of these had been trapped deep within the Outback by good magic but the physical disturbances caused throughout the world by the dropping of the atomic bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki caused this arcane prison and others like it around the world to awaken. You see, magic users of long ago among those who were mortal in this area of the world could never have comprehended a physical and magical disturbance of such power from non magic users.

In Australia many evil beings of magic had been imprisoned long ago by the ancient Maori shamans and by the Aborigine Tribal elders in response to a premonition that came upon the goodly magic users. According to the recorded legend, for a huge amount of undetermined years Australia and New Zealand had been plagued by evil goblins and other wicked fae outcasts. Unlike those on the other continents who had been banished into a deep sleep when the good and wicked fae divided into their warring camps and good overcame evil, here there were not enough of the good fae to resist and in a short time humans came to fear all of fairy kin. In the centuries that followed, while the outside world quieted from this war and the good fae again began to be outnumbered by humans, in the South Eastern Pacific Ocean the terror threatened to turn the islands here into places of the dead. Desperate for help as their magic proved useless, the natives called upon their gods for help and one fateful night a visitor was said to arrived at one of the remaining human settlements.

This being was very powerful, according to those who recorded these events, and it is said he spoke with an accent that seemed even more ancient then any known language spoken at the time. At first the humans thought he was an actual god and sought to worship him in their fear and naivety, but he slowly through the usage of magical images and communicating thought to thought mentally gradually broke through the language barrier through slowly and gently until they finally understood he was not from any part of the known and unknown parts of this planet at that time but from another galaxy or plane of existence as he explained it in their own terms. He was dressed like unto a traveler from far away but there seemed in his clothing to be an inner glow as though he had passed among many heated objects and yet not been burned as if his clothing had instead absorbed the light from without.

No name was ever given but he described to them a society far far away that used magic as well but not like any found here until the distant future and in time he was able to give them the required knowledge necessary to bind these evil beings deep underground that no more would they torment mortals. From far beneath the scarred grounds of the Outback, magical enchantments were set into place centered around Ayer's Rock and this knowledge was sealed away for thousands of years after his departure except in the tales told by tribal storytellers. According to the lore even now slowly being interpreted into English, this was the first non Earth human being to visit from the stars and the very first of what would be termed "The Great Teachers."


Ice Ray Academy: Magical Institute Chapter 8

The enemy was everywhere and yet nowhere at all when they attacked during their brutal and destructive raids. This was because their magical abilities rendered them physically invisible to those majority of humans who had no magic and thus saw this as unnatural weather conditions. Those few currently living descendants of the powerful elders and shaman from long ago were able to see through the different glamors that shrouded these beings but for the most part their good abilities had weakened over time as no use for them to fight against the supernatural evil.

At first Jayariel was stymied by the raids for he could see no logical explanation on how each individual target was chosen. It was a simple answer if one only remembers chaos is not logical for the wicked fae would attack settlements hundreds of miles apart and literally leave the buildings torn into their basic materials while those humans unlucky enough not to have been killed outright or taken away as slaves for dark purposes were often too confused to understand they had been left as living examples not to fight back.

But the weaponsmaster refused to be so easily outwitted. With Jaegarjumi by his side he set out to investigate every one of these attacks by either viewing the records of these events which the newspapers were more then eager to document, beginning after it began to occur to people that maybe just maybe there was something going on besides unusual weather patterns, or by using his glamor of an American traveling author to interview those who were known to have survived. Within a few months the two managed to narrow down the area the attacks originated from to Ayer's Rock.

However the evil fae had known for a very long time they were being tracked and this infuriated them greatly. Certain few of them you have to understand were, like the hunter, rogue Dark Elves and the knowledge that he was not evil in nature like them but good caused racial memories from among the oldest of them to recall the great bitter war that drove the evil ones forever underground deep into the planet. They made a dark vow to the dark powers they served that his good deeds would not go unpunished and in the end a plan was created whereby a human girl would be kidnapped and held hostage with her life vs his if he came to rescue her.


Ice Ray Academy: Magical Institute Chapter 9

The evil plan was slowly cultivated by the evil fae geniuses. One of their spies had taken note not too long ago that the drow hunter always seemed to return to one place of lodging. It seemed very odd as this was the residence of a minor human law official, so why would a drow reside there with the traditional surface enemy? Some magical scrying type investigation turned up some surprisingly unknown info that made their plan discussed last chapter even sweeter.

It seemed that this human had a tiny family, just him his wife and a beautiful (by human standards) daughter of almost the age of surface maturity in modern civilized times. But certain info overheard in the scrying suggested to the evil drow that this hunter might have lost his heart to...her? If true, it ran contrary to all drow laws of racial superiority and one ancient drow suggested that perhaps she might be the perfect bait.

More of the majority then ought be hissed and booed at this ridiculous idea. A drow and a human having feelings for each other? Preposterous! But some of those who remembered the ancient lore, reminded in non offensive tones that their great creator LLoth the Spider Goddess had oft taken mortal lovers among the gold elf and moon elf races and used them to bring about her plots of destruction when she once had an avatar created of magic above before being physically banished from Earth for her great evil by those who then drove the current fae rogues underground. What if a similar love enchantment could be used to snare this human so she would secretly fall in love with the drow when he came to rescue her? Would not this cause chaos in itself?

Slowly the idea grew root and not too long afterwards all the raids seemingly stopped. This struck Jayariel and Jaegarjumi as exceedingly peculiar even by fae standards. He contacted the academy by a unique form of telepathy only used by its faculty to thus prevent any non magical good beings or evil enemies from hearing their reports from alumni far away. "Sires," he said in human tongue. "These are very elusive members of my magical race. Neither I nor my familiar can understand why after so many months and attacks they have suddenly ceased their evilness?"

"Beware Jayariel," the headmaster of that decade slowly replied back. "Our oracle the Child Goddess Aphrael has recently informed us you have taken interest in a human female for her magical abilities only and not out of physical attraction. Beware for even though she could be trained by us, those you seek also have designs upon her, designs that could bring about changes to the world and the universe even. Tread cautiously or you will find yourself not only breaking the oath you told us about when you first came into our service as a teacher, warrior and friend of all good, but you may also find yourself facing the one you long ago swore to kill. But we can not dictate the path you must follow for only your heart can tell you of such things."

This left him utterly stunned as the communication pathway closed as simply as it had been created. The young witch was in danger and it was all his fault! The Drow and the panther ran on fleet footed winds of magic it seemed to the residence from the nearby forest where they had been communing in a warded location, but alas the cabin was in ruins and the girl's parents lay dead, both magically burned to ashes!!


Ice Ray Academy: Magical Institute Chapter 10

Jayariel knew he had failed in his duty, but even he had not been prepared for this type of brutality. In stoic silence, hiding a very deeply repressed anger, he took a shovel from the shed in the yard and buried the girl's parents. As he did, he made a personal promise to himself that no matter how far he had to travel or for how long all of the murders and kidnappers would perish by his scimitars.

He afterwards had Jaegarjumi try to track down evidence of how big the massacring party was but they had used magic to fully conceal their physical traces. But he refused to give up the search so easily. With bitter feelings, Jayariel for the first time in a very long while embraced his dark elf heritage and began using his ability to sense and track heat via his infrared vision. At the same time, he sent Jaegarjumi back into the Astral Plane so she could hunt them from there too. After a few hours she returned with their scent and off they went.

The magically concealed trail led them directly to Ayer's Rock. There they discovered there were magical wards in place preventing beings like Jaegarjumi from passing through no matter what so with a cold feeling beginning to grow inside him, Jayariel dismissed his faithful companion and friend. He was on his own now and was prepared for anything the evil fae were prepared to use against him. Or so he thought....

He had no idea that their plans had involved placing her in a deep enchanted sleep and that it could only be broken by the magic of true love. Furthermore, he did not know that she was also enchanted with a love spell that would make her fall in love entirely with whomever awoke her. Thus while he traveled inside the famous landmark, her captors were preparing to cast a dark summoning ritual to bring forth not only Lloth back to Earth after so long in the Abyss, but even worse to bring as well her evil demon general Jacob who was once distantly known as Mitoru Peacegiver before the evil demigodess had heard his oaths of vengeance and turned him into one of her servants thus releasing him from the magical seal that for three thousand years had kept him alive and yet trapped in a body with limbs of stone thanks to the curse Reiame Silvermoon had cast upon him with his dying breath so long ago on Gaia.

After so long as an elf, he fully welcomed the permanent physical transformation and with it also the new powers of shapeshifting and being able to travel the planes of existence. In time his name would become synonymous with demonic evil. Lloth also transformed the most evil female elf servant from all his generations of rule into a demoness and gave unto her the name of Alexis and the ultimate evil curse known as the Bloodcurse. "For you both shall be my heralds of destruction and only the most pure in heart will have the power to cause any of you harm. This universe we will bring to its knees that the masters I have served forever and you both now do will rule forever!"

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Aphrael the Child Goddess is back in a new reincarnation.

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